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Ghajn Tuffieha Bay

A Peaceful Natural Unspoilt Bay

Another Name For The bay Is Riviera Martinique,
Blue Flag Beach, Malta Swimming, Malta Beach

Part One

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay is located on the north western side of Malta. It is also referred to as Riviera Martinique or Riviera for short by many of its regular visitors. It is a very popular bay but less frequented  than Golden Bay.

This bay is flanked by Golden Bay on one side and Gnejna Bay on the other.

Enjoyable relaxing beach during the summer hot season.

However high rock peninsula formations create a complete separation between the three bays making each one separate and allowing it its own unique character.

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay is a secluded area where people go for tranquility. The sand has a reddish colour very similar to that of Golden Bay. Furthermore, the beach has a backdrop of greenery with acacia, samphire and tamarisk trees sloping up to the top of the hill.

The area is still unspoilt and protected by law. It is in fact under the care of the Gaia Foundation which is  also responsible for the upkeep of this Blue Flag bay.

A general view of the bay

Access to the beach is down a 200 steps. Climbing back up can be tiring for those not in the habit of engaging in physical exertion, and it would be advisable to avoid the long climb in the afternoon heat.

The surrounding environment makes the beach very attractive. There is nothing to interfere with the serenity of the area since it is enclosed with high rocks all around. Watching the sun set from the beach is highly recommended.

Ghajn Tuffieha Bay is also very popular with families as there is ample sand for children to play with. The sea depth is similar to that of Golden Bay. Initially it is low but then quickly gets deeper. The sandy beach area is expansive and there is plenty of space where one can enjoy a game of frisbee.

Riviera Martinique bay. A view from the side of the sandy beach showing part of the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa overlooking Golden Bay.
During the time of the Knights of St. John, a watch tower was built under the reign of Grand Master Juan de Lascaris-Castellar between 1637 - 1640.

One needs to be aware of under water currents. A life line is provided for safety, but one has to be careful. Being a Blue Flag beach there is the advantage of a life guard available every day during the peak summer months.

This area is also popular with para gliders and occasionally one can see them gliding out from the high ridges at the back of the bay.

In the afternoon the sun descending on the horizon leaves very impressive effects on the surrounding landscape.

The Malta English language schools bring their students for a late afternoon gathering at Riviera Martinique bay.

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