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Xlendi Bay Gozo

A Beautiful Inlet Bay 

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Part One

Xlendi Bay Gozo is located at the bottom of a very steep valley starting from the village of Kercem which is located very close to Victoria (Rabat), the capital city.

During the descent down to the Bay one can appreciate the greenery all around and the deeper one descends into the valley, one may also notice the abundance of cane growing in the valley, depending on the time of the year arriving at the car park soon after.

The abundant cane growing in the valley close to the bay

The approach road and the parking area on the side just before arriving at Xlendi Bay 

Xlendi Bay Gozo is a seaside resort located on the south west of the Island. This popular locality is regularly visited by tourists and Maltese alike, and not least by the inhabitants themselves. The beach is small but it is one of the best spot on the island.

During peak summer people enjoying a refreshing swim while the restaurants start to fill up for lunch along the surrounding water edge. 

Due to its geological formation and the shallow sloping pebbly beach, the Bay used to be a sleepy fishing village where to date some fishermen still retain a few of the remaining boat houses.

It was also popular as a summer residence where a number of locals kept a small house. They would use it during the hot summer months as people have always been attracted to the tranquility that this location offers.

Nowadays Xlendi Bay Gozo has been transformed into a resort area where most of the properties have been transformed into restaurants, bars, shops, guest houses and hotels. It is an area very sought after due to its beauty.

The promenade, although small, is very pretty especially in summer, when it is lined with tables close to the seashore where one can enjoy a relaxing meal close to the water’s edge.

Although the area has grown in size due to commercial and residential developments, which offer many different types of accommodation, however the area still retains its natural tranquility. Apartments are numerous but here you have the location as a bonus. The hotels located here are mentioned in Xlendi bay part two.  

Upon arrival you will notice that the old traditional coloured fishing boats are still anchored in the bay alongside the modern pleasure boats, representing what this location is today – a mix of old and new setting happily next to each other.

The bay is also great for swimming. All along the left side of the bay there is a walk way with stone benches set upon rocks where people can leave their belongings and jump into the sea for a refreshing swim.

In this area a buoy line enclosing a long stretch of coast serves to indicate a swimmers zone whilst also serving as a protection to swimmers from the boats that move around in the bay. There are several ladders to aid swimmers to climb out of the water.

People sunbathing in the hot summer sun 

On the outside of the Bay the sharp cliffs on the right side and the watch tower of the left guarding the entrance of the bay

Xlendi Bay is also popular with visitors in the evening who come to enjoy a leisurely stroll along the promenade in the balmy summer evenings, with many stopping to have a quiet meal at one of the local restaurants sitting at the water’s edge.

It is also popular with families who come along with their children for an ice-cream at a popular parlour which makes home-made ice-cream.

This bay is wonderful all year round as spring and autumn are also lovely seasons during which to enjoy this lovely unique location.

This location also offers great walks along the coast in various directions on rough terrain including an interesting walk towards the watch tower located at the mouth of the inlet.

Enjoy your holiday at Xlendi Bay Gozo.

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