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Weather Malta – a question you are surely asking before you plan your Malta holidays.

Many tourists who plan their Malta holidays surely check about the weather or the best time to come to Malta depending on their personal commitments.

One fortunate thing in Malta is that we have a very good climate all year round.

Tourists who come to Malta say we are living in Heaven. Our warm/hot season starts in April to October and it rarely rains. The hottest months are June to September during which time the weather is very stable.

Malta is an ideal location for a winter sun holiday. It has already proven to be so for so many British retired couples who come here for the winter months away from their cold winter climates as well as for the couple of thousand foreigner from various countries who have settled on the Maltese islands.

This is also ideal as they tend to spend less money while here than in their country since the cost of living in Malta is much cheaper than northern European countries. Weather Malta is an attraction to mostly English citizens.

Peak summer time at St. Julian's bay Malta. Calm weather and clear sky

Relative humidity is high throughout the year. When the winds are from the North the weather is more enjoyable. In October the weather starts cooling down but is still warm enough that people are still wearing summer clothes. Even November could be so.

Winter starts in late December to March when the weather can be cold and windy with some bad storms. However on average, although colder, the weather remains moderate all throughout.

The beauty about Malta is that we have no tornadoes or heavy thunderstorms, and extreme weather is a rarity. We have strong winds with occasional sand dust coming from north Africa, but nothing like other countries experience. No flooding, except in low lying valley areas. Malta is described as a mild weather country.

Weather Malta yearly review - a short note about each month

January – Coldest month, rain; could be sunny but wind and bad weather are to be expected. Winter clothing however it is not unusual to see tourists  in t-shirts and shorts or light clothing.

February – Carnival season, still cold and rainy. Bad weather expected but always interspaced with some  very nice days. Windy days very possible. Still with winter clothes though the temperatures can vary.

March – Weather starts changing, longer, warmer days. We start shedding some layers clothes wise. Windy days very possible. Summer time starts.

April – Spring time, winter feels already past. Windy days, rain still with us but not much. Difficult what to wear either winter or spring clothes. Depending.

Farmers during spring collecting the fruit of their hard work

May – The weather changes, enjoyable weather. Hot days so sunbathing evident at sandy beaches especially foreigners. But it is the month of winds. Already summer clothes are worn but not all days.

June – The beauty of summer is with us. Long hot days. Schools end around third week, beaches start getting full. Daylight still stretching up late. The number of tourists increases drastically.

July – Sunbathing, swimming and very hot. Holiday at full swing. Enjoyable evening walks. Many Maltese take time off work to enjoy the holidays with family.

August – Peak of summer and very hot. Long days till evening. Early sunrise. Short first showers might occur by mid-month but these do not stop anyone from sunbathing.

Peak summer at Sliema Malta rocky beach

September – First showers but still summer. Some days with bad weather expected but mostly fantastic hot weather. Schools start last days of September. By now beaches are empty of locals but not of tourists.

October – Still warm but starts to be slightly fresh both mornings and evenings. During weekends sunbathing is still popular with the Maltese and no less with tourists. The sea still enjoys warm temperatures.

November – Weather becomes colder but the sun never forgets us. Start dressing a bit more warm but no need of thick clothing except for a few days of pre winter climates with wind and rain.

December – Christmas time – Cold weather, wind, rain but not always (sporadically). When the sun shines it is beautiful.

Weather Malta – The reason why we love living here.

Winter weather in Malta

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