Alla Mnezza' (Naked God?)

by Martin Gauci
(Gharghur, Malta)

Annually on Palm Sunday, the village of Gharghur is taken over by the theatre troupe, DWAL GODDA.
Take a look at what’s happening on the day:
* 4.30pm – make your way to the main square of #gharghur; a stage (design suggesting a collision of eras) takes over the pjazza & frames a cast of 70-strong actors from Dwal Godda for the ritualistic street play, this year entitled ALLA MNEZZA' (NAKED GOD?).

** 6pm – the 1st part is concluded with the commencement of the traditional Good Friday procession as it exits the church; relax, stroll around the Għargħur streets & visit the numerous exhibitions opening at this time:

*** 8pm – make your back to Għargħur’s main square: for the 2nd part of ALLA MNEZZA', the actors who formed part of the procession resume their role on stage, ‘breathing life’ into the statues. Then you will decide whether the cross will transform itself from being a mere prop, sign or ritual to become the tool for Jesus’ crucifixion, leading to ... 9.30pm, the end?

For more information, find Dwal Godda on Facebook or call/msg +35679092624

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