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Business etiquette in China has to be taken seriously if one wants to succeed.

Chinese business etiquette practices differ from those of other countries.

Starting a business or wanting to expand your company’s operations Business ethics in China are of great importance to a successful working relation.

John Zerafa of ChinaInvest & Partners, an advisory firm specializing in Chinese commerce, is a Maltese citizen living and operating in China. He states that European customs completely differ from the business culture in China and one learns this by living and operating there for several years.

This is where John Zerafa can be of help to you.

John Zerafa the Managing Director of ChinaInvest & Partners points out that business is not an easy process to start off with but with many sacrifices and endless patience in the end you are rewarded with profitable business ventures. 

Chinese people are intelligent and within their culture it reflects how they do business. One might find it strange or weird but John who has lived their and studied their language and culture knows how to deal with their customs and way of doing things.

Chinese people believe in strong relationships and once dealing with businessmen and companies have to have the strength and trust in each other. Once they believe that foreigners are being honest then they learn how to trust.

They are strong people who want to have a strong reputation and social status. They never say no but if they say they will contact you in future then this means a definite no and they are just being polite.

Business etiquette in China is essential so why not trust John Zerafa. He can provide you with contract manufacturing in China for...

  • Trailer parts
  • Metal components
  • Precision CNC machining
  • Stamping and punching
  • Forge and cold forming
  • Die casting
  • Hydrolic parts, fittings and accessories

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