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Comino island and Cominotto are two islands adjacent to each other separated by 100 meters of water. This area is named the Blue Lagoon.

Comino is the third largest island in size in the Maltese archipelago and is sandwiched between them. It is almost barren and bears no signs of any early civilization. The highest point rises up to 80 meters above sea level.

Cominotto is sometimes also referred to as Cominetto. Also in Maltese as Kemmunett. This little island is totally uninhabited and is very easily accessible by swimming over the very short distance from the shore of Comino to Cominotto sandy beach which is very small and the ideal location to land on this little island. 

At the Blue Lagoon the sea is transparent, cyan water, with a brilliant white sandy base. This picturesque bay is a must see. It is the place that is most advertised, and where the most photos are taken. At the same time since it is heavily visited during the peak summer months, it tends to be very overcrowded during this time of year. There is a small sandy beach on each side of the Blue lagoon.

Tour boat leaving Comino

It takes its name from the cummin herb, one of the few herbs that manage to survive on this uninhabitable island.

For many centuries, Comino Island and Cominotto remained uninhabited as people were probably afraid to live here due to the frequent attacks and hostile landings from pirates, smugglers and the enemies of the Knights of Malta. In many ways this has been a blessing as the island has retained its natural environment.

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There are no official roads, only tracks full of dust, and no cars except those used by the only family living here and the hotel staff.

It is probably one of the few places in the Mediterranean which is almost uninhabited. Away from the hotel it completely unspoilt, and the land is a wildlife sanctuary.

The most visited areas are the Santa Marija bay, adjacent to the hotel, and the Blue Lagoon. Between October and May the island is practically deserted except for those that prefer to take a quiet walk surrounded only by the sound of the sea and birds that live there.

But during the hot months the change is palpable and the pulse of this tiny island quickens considerably with the scores of people crowding on its shores and swimming in the surrounding sea. However it remains always the best gem in the archipelago.

People swimming between Comino & Blue Lagoon

To make the most of Comino Island and Cominotto, especially during the high season, it is advisable to arrive with an early boat. At this hour, the sun will still be fairly mild. One can wander around and visit the Santa Maria watch tower, the Knights of Malta battery on the seashore located facing Malta.

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The hotel and bungalows are both located on the other side of the island at St. Nicholas and St. Mary’s bays. Despite the compact size of the island, it is advisable to plan the timing of your walk as this could easily take you a couple of hours to complete.

One can enjoy some spectacular views of northern Malta and the island of Gozo with little or no chance of getting lost as the St. Mary’s watch tower is visible from most locations and remains a visible landmark will help guide you throughout your walk.

Walking along the shore of Comino

Due to its popularity there are many companies which cater for the vast number of tourists wishing to visit Comino. It is best to source and check what is available before making one’s choice.

Most of the tours arrive around 11.00 am at the Blue Lagoon side landing area. The central swimming area is closed for marine traffic with buoy lines on each sides for swimmers protection.

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All boat landings related to cruises are located at the Blue Lagoon side. There is also a small quay at Nicholas Bay which is mainly used by the hotel and its guests.

We strongly suggest that you do not try and visit Gozo and Comino on the same day as you will manage to enjoy neither satisfactorily. They both warrant a full day’s visit.

The marine life is very rich and both Comino island and Cominotto are ideal for snorkling and diving.

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