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ChinaInvest & Partners provides contract manufacturing in China allowing flexibility around the client needs. 

Integrate the company’s experience to fully understand the client’s requirements and manufacture the components to the client’s satisfaction.

They have been in this business for a number of years and we can help you in a way to save you the expenses of going to a China trade show or endless lists of Chinese suppliers lists.

A short list of manufactured parts

  • Trailer parts
  • Metal components
  • Precision CNC machining
  • Stamping and punching
  • Forge and cold forming
  • Die casting
  • Hydrolic parts, fittings and accessories

Services offered by the company

Customers designs or from samples

A wide range of designs can be manufactured with a variety of materials available for production until they fall within the company machinery production. Samples will be prepared for the client, sent anaylsis and confirmation. Further details are discussed up to final production of the product.

China Quality Control and Full Tracability

The company is geared for the high quality standards that each product has to achieve. A record system with appropriate inspections is effective at all stages of production to ensure that the standards are achieved at all levels.

The company is ISO Certified  and an SPC controlled quality control.

The company is a member of the IMDS 'International Material Data System’  and so fully qualified to manufacture the automobile parts. It is the automobile global industry's material data system almosy used by manufacturers all over the world.

Experienced engineers and staff

The company boasts of the high the level staff that has been employed and trained. The rich experience that these oworkers have achieved is continously utilised to achieve the highest level of accuracy each client requires and deserves for his products. The engineering department provides a complete technical service to the client from the first stages up to before finl production runs to enable the production results are of the highest standard.

Summary of manufactured products


Hose clamps, grip clamp, v clamp, radiator hose clamp, grip clamp, release hose clamp, blue head hose clamp, colored double wire clamps for cable, v band exhaust clamps.

V band Clamps

Heavy Pipe Coloured Clamp

Stainless Steel Screw Band

Metal Double Wire Hose Clamp


Ball sizes, hitch accessories, towing ball, all size hitch ball, hitch coupler, long shank trailer ball.


CNC machine spare parts, front drive shaft, hose clamps, high quality widely used auto spare parts.

Automobile Drive Shafts

Automobile Spare Parts

Transmission Shaft

CNC Machine Spare Parts


Oil pump parts, medical accessories, customized OEM sheet metal fabrication, iron pipe fittings, all kind of hydraulic pipe fittings, hydraulic pipe thread fitting, sleeve bushing, stainless steel pipe fittings, elbows, tee reducers, flanges, swivel connectors, stamping sheet metal, sewing machine spare parts.

All Kinds of Pipes and Fitting in Stainless Steel

Galvanized Steel Pipe Couplings

Metal Sleeve Bushing

OEM CNC High Precision Machining Parts

OEM High Quality Plumbing Fittings 

OEM Special Metal Parts

Male and Female Water Fittings

High Pressure Hose Clamps


Materials Used In Production

Steel alloys, stainless steel alloys, tool steel, carbon steel, aluminium alloys, brass, bronze and copper.

Production Processing Systems

CNC machining, turning, milling, grinding wirecutting, bending, stamping, forging, boring, broadching, etc

Product Finishes

Oxidation – black oxide, blasting – sand blasting, painting, chromate, heat treatments, tempering


CNC machining, wire-cut electrical dichage machines, semi-auto lathes(Swiss lathes), milling machines, grinding machines, etc.

Contract manufacturing in China is the way forward in today's business, providing you with better competitive prices and high quality products. 

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