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Date Last Updated: 27th March 2020 - UPDATED WITH THE LATEST INFORMATION

What is the Coronavirus Malta situation? Following increasing awareness regarding the outbreak of a novel coronavirus COVID-19 we have put up this page with interesting information that can help you plan your visit to Malta, what you have to do and how to take care of yourself.

The page is updated according to:

- Government of Malta Websites
- Press conferences held by the Prime Minister of Malta
- Legal Notices
- World Health Organisation - WHO
- European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control – ECDC

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This page also provides information to the Maltese and foreigners presently living on the islands.

Through this page you can link to various sources with updated information with the government of Malta website.

Where can I contact for information about the coronavirus?

- New COVID-19 helpline 111 or 21324086

- It is important to avoid calling 112 number unless it is a real emergency.

- You can also call the local Health Authorities on 21324086.

Is Malta affected by the Coronavirus?

- Yes Malta is affected by this virus. We currently have 139 cases. 

What's the situation in Malta right now?
What's the situation in Malta right now?

Is Malta on lock down?

- No Malta currently is not on full lock down, but as from 13th March 2020 schools, child care centers and university will be closed for a week until further notice. 

- Flights from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France and Spain to Malta are currently suspended.

- MATSEC Examinations:  Orals, practicals and listening exams are officially postponed.

The following are effective as from 13th March 2020 until further notice

- Daily catholic church masses will not be held in all parishes but instead a mass at 09:30 and 17:30 will be transmitted live on TVM2, and This will be done from Monday to Friday. The 17:30 mas will be followed by a rosary recital.

- Weekend catholic church mass will be held on TVM2 as follows: Saturday at the Ta' Pinu Sanctuary at 18:30 and Sunday from a church in Malta at 09:00.

- Two Masses are being broadcast on the Gozo diocese Youtube channel daily at 08:30 and 18:30 (and on Sundays at 10:00 and 18:30).

- Mass celebrated at Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary is transmitted on Saturdays at 18:30.

- All external events have been cancelled by the government and private entities including weddings, St. Patrick's day and all other activities were people gather together.

- All old peoples homes both government and private are closed for visits during visiting hours. Only emergency visits are allowed and screening will be affected if you visit.

- The Malta Football Association has advised that all football matches will be played behind closed doors for all the Premier, First, Second and Third Divisions together with the U19 league.

Mandatory quarantine of 14 days to anyone who flies to Malta from any country.

What is the current situation in Malta regarding the coronavirus?

- The first three confirmed coronavirus case were announced on Saturday 7th March 2020. We currently have 139 cases.

Should I cancel my trip to Malta?

- In our opinion you should not come to Malta at the moment like many other countries around the world where they have imposed many regulations to control the spread of the virus.

- At the moment Malta is very quiet, museums are closed, streets are deserted, restaurant closed, you will surely not have a holiday apart upon arrival you have to do a self quarantine of 14 days which will be probably more days than what you would have planned to stay on the islands.

Can I walk around in Malta?

- Up to now you are free to roam around, but it is advisable if you do not need to go out, you must stay indoors.

If I still intend to come to Malta for a holiday what would I expect?

- At the moment it is best not to come to Malta.

- All travelling arriving on the island will have to do a 14 day quarantine immediately on arrival.

Coronavirus Malta - What's closed?

The following are completely closed until further notice:

- Cafes, bars and restaurants
- Schools and universities
- Gyms
- Cinemas
- Band clubs (Kazini)
- Child care centres
- School examinations - postponed
- Museum and Historical Sites

What is still open

- Mater Dei Hospital
- Health Centres in various villages
- Capua Hospital -Private hospital
- Petrol stations
- Gozo General Hospital


- Gozo Channel
- Ferry services
- Malta International Airport - To close for passenger traffic on Saturday 21st March 2020
- Freeport
- Grand Harbour for general shipping
- Catamaran from Grand Harbour to Sicily – operating only for transportation of goods only.
- Public Transport
- Taxi services

Necessary Facts About The COVID-19 Flu
Necessary Facts About The COVID-19 Flu


- Fever
- Cough
- Shortness of Breath

How long does it take to notice symptoms?

- It takes approximately 14 days.

COVID-19 Malta Emergency Number

- 111 or 21324086

If you traveled anywhere in the world and returned home you should do this:

- In Malta now it is a must to do self-quarantine for 14 days before having contact with other people.

Current Statistics: 27th March 2020 Statistics

- Current World case numbers: Over 549,147 cases
- Number of virus deaths: Over 24,863 deaths
- Number of recoveries: 128,623 recoveries
- Coronavirus Malta Total Cases: 139
- Coronavirus Malta Current Cases: 137
- Coronavirus Malta Recoveries: 2
- Coronavirus Malta Deaths: 0

To keep updated with current statistics click here

Top 8 Countries Effected by COVID-19 Virus: 21st March 2020 Statistics

- China: 81,008 Cases | 3,255 Deaths | 71,740 Recoveries

- Italy: 47,021 Cases | 4,032 Deaths | 5,129 Recoveries

- Spain: 24,926 Cases | 1,326 Deaths | 2,125 Recoveries

- Germany: 20,705 Cases | 72 Deaths | 209 Recoveries

- Iran: 20,610 Cases | 1,556 Deaths | 7,635 Recoveries 

- USA: 19,777 Cases | 276 Deaths | 147 Recoveries 

- France:12,612 Cases | 450 Deaths | 1,587 Recoveries 

- South Korea: 8,799 Cases | 102 Deaths | 2,612 Recoveries

- Switzerland: 6,186 Cases | 58 Deaths | 15 Recoveries 

- UK: 3,983 Cases | 177 Deaths | 65 Recoveries 

Coronavirus Malta

Coronavirus Cases in Malta
Coronavirus Cases in Malta

When was the first case in Malta?

First case was announced on Saturday 7th March 2020.

When was the first locally transmitted case in Malta?

On the 16th March 2020 and they were three.

Coronavirus Malta Cases:

- 7th March - The first 3 cases were confirmed in Malta.
- 8th March - No cases diagnosed.
- 9th March - 1 case confirmed.
- 10th March - 1 case confirmed.
- 11th March - 2 cases confirmed.
- 12th March - 2 cases confirmed.
- 13th March - 4 cases confirmed. The first patient has recovered from the virus.
- 14th March - 5 cases confirmed.
- 15th March - 3 cases confirmed. The second patient to have recovered from the virus.
- 16th March - 9 cases confirmed. 3 of them were locally transmitted cases.
- 17th March - 8 cases confirmed.
- 18th March - 10 cases confirmed.
- 19th March - 5 cases confirmed.
- 20th March - 11 cases confirmed.
- 21st March - 9 cases confirmed.
- 22nd March - 17 cases confirmed.
- 23rd March - 17 cases confirmed.
- 23rd March - 3 cases confirmed.
- 23rd March - 19 cases confirmed.
- 23rd March - 5 cases confirmed.
- 23rd March - 5 cases confirmed.

Total: 139 Cases

Travel Ban & Current Quarantine Rules
Travel Ban & Current Quarantine Rules

The Maltese government has announced that travel to any of the following countries  from Malta is banned as from midnight Wednesday 12th March 2020.

- Italy
- Switzerland
- Germany
- France
- Spain

Quarantine rules

- As from today (13th March 2020) Mandatory quarantine of 14 days to anyone who flies to Malta from any country around the globe.

- Foreigners who break this rule will recieve a €3000 fine, lose their permit to work and will be deported out of the country.

- Quarantine must be done for 14 days.

- If caught a penalty of €3,000 every time you are caught not at your residence

- The Malta Police will be doing spot checks on people who are supposed to be doing the quarantine.

- If you return from any of the countries mentioned above and you live with other people in the same residence, all residence are obliged to follow quarantine rules.

- Tourists visiting from the above countries must also do quarantine in their hotel rooms for 14 days.

- Unless you need to travel for a particular reason, the governments suggest you do not travel to any country.

Here you find other information about travel bans around the globe.
Malta Hospital Visiting Hours and Screening
Malta Hospital Home Visiting Hours and Screening

Mater Dei Hospital Visiting Hours from Wednesday 11th March

In order to control the COVID-19 spread, measures are being introduced as from Wednesday 11th March to reduce the visiting hours and the number of people entering the hospital.

The visiting hours are being revised as follows:

- Monday to Sunday​ - 11:30 to 12:00 - Strictly 1 visitor per visit
- Monday to Sunday - 17:00 to 18:00 - Strictly 1 visitor per visit

- All visitors shall be screened before entering the hospital. Due to this expect some waiting time.
- It is advised that anyone who is feeling unwell should not go.
- Others who returned from countries identified by the Maltese Public Health Department as being at risk should stay back from visiting.
- All entrances are being provided with sanitisers and everyone is advised to wash their hands before entering and before leaving.

Screening will be held at:

- Main Entrance Door
- Day-care Units
- Outpatients Department
- Accident & Emergency Department
- Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre

Helpful Information From The Government Of Malta
Helpful Information From The Government Of Malta

- The Maltese Health Department has set up a website: Click Here

- Here you find the basic information in the form of questions and answers all in English.
- They are all related about explaining what is this new virus, prevention, travelling, precautions and hygiene.

Myths and Facts about the Coronavirus COVID-19

It is important to read and inform yourself. Avoid talking about if you are not well informed.

Click Here to read more about myths and facts

Guide on Self-Quarantine: Click Here

Questions Related To The Coronavirus
Questions Related To The Coronavirus

If you have a fever, a cough or shortness of breath what should I do?

- Seek medical advice immediately - contact the helpline 111.

- If you wish to talk to your doctor do not go to the clinic, phone him up.

- In short - avoid going to GP clinics, Health Centres or the Emergency Department in order not to spread the sickness.

- Explain your situation and follow his recommendations.

What precautions should I take?

- Wash / clean your hand often with soap and water or with the use of alcohol hand rub.

- Why? – Because we use our hand in all circumstances and we touch so many things especially when we are outside with outer people. In this way our hands contain germs.

Is the airport and sea port closed due to the coronavirus?

- The Malta International Airport is operating normally.

- Screening at the Malta International Airport.

- At the arrivals walkway thermal scanning equipment is being used in order to detect any incoming travelers whose temperature is above the normal threshold. This is one of the precautions at curb the spread of the coronavirus.

What precautions are being taken at the sea port?

- Increasing health prevention has also been taken at the Valletta cruise liner terminal in the Grand Harbour and the catamaran terminals in Marsa.

Coronavirus Malta | Mater Dei Hospital

Mater Dei Hospital, the main hospital of Malta
Tips On How To Reduce The Spread Of Coronavirus
Tips On How To Reduce The Spread Of Coronavirus

It is good to learn and be aware how the coronavirus spreads.

There is one important thing to understand.

How does the virus spread?

The virus spreads when a sick person sneezes without using a protection in front of his mouth. The person drops droplets which spread out onto a healthy person or persons around him and come in touch with your eyes, nose or mouth.

So if you notice someone who is obviously coughing, sneezing / sick, you can do one of the following:

- Keep your distance from 0.5 metres to 2.0 metres will be safe.

- Give them a mask if you have one.

A mask has the potential to protect the people around a sick person when he coughs or sneezes.

People who are infected do not show any symptoms but still remain infected and can infect others.

Symptoms can start to come out between 2 and 14 days after exposure to the virus.

So points to remember

- Avoid crowds because you do not know who might be sick.

- A sick person who can be around you can get a variety of things around him and around you infected with his saliva through his hands or through sneezing.

- Carry around a hand sanitizer especially if you are going to touch the following things: door knobs, public transport buses, digital devices, telephones, tissues, pens, pencils, computer mouse, key pad, lift buttons, handrails and staircases, banisters.

- So one has to be careful and washes his hands as soon as possible after having touched or visited public places.

- The worst thing can be if you touch any of these things and then you touch your face, rub your eyes, or your loved ones face, it is very possible that you will fall sick.

- Viruses remain on objects for up to 24 hours, and the only way to get rid of them is through proper washing of hands.

There are four main precautions which you should follow:

1. Do not touch your face or anyone else’s face if your hands are dirty. If you need to do so first wash your hands very well.

2. You should not use a mouth mask for more than a day. Bacteria grows on the inner side of the mask if you wear them for too long.

3. Food should not be shared apart from utensils, glasses, plates, towels, sponges. Use a serving spoon.

4. The most important rule, always wash your hands as many times you feel it is required especially before touching food and utensils in your kitchen, before eating and after coming back from public places.

Coronavirus Malta | References and Further Reading
Coronavirus Malta | References and Further Reading

Health Promotion Disease | Prevention Directorate | Daily updated on the Novel Coronavirus: Click Here

Malta International Airport – Coronavirus FAQ’s: Click Here

CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Click Here

CNN health: What symptoms to be on the lookout for and how to protect yourself from coronavirusClick Here - Recommended for British People

Coronavirus Symptoms: Click Here


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