Drinks Flow

Ordering Drinks Just Got Easier

What the app is: Ordering drinks at a nightclub sucks! You have to wait in line for 10 minutes, squish next to a crowd of people, fight your way to the bar, shout to order and deal with loose change running around. Flow is a drink ordering app that has now launched exclusively in Paceville, Malta which eliminates all the hassle out of your nightlife. Using the mobile app, it allows you to browse, order and pay for your favorite drinks all from the palm of your hands.

Download Drinks Flow App: drinksflow.com/download 

Drinks Flow Website: www.drinksflow.com

Drinks Flow Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/drinksflow/

Where It Came From

Mert Gulen, a passionate entrepreneur and freshman at UCLA, began developing the idea beginning of the year at his dorm. He carried out extensive market research, refined the idea, and contacted as many people in the industry as possible.

By the time April came around, together with his co-founders Jeremy Scalpello and Paul Kathmann, he had designed mockups for the app, gotten to the finals of 2 start-up competitions, had major nightclubs interested in joining the platform and 4 investors interested.

They had done this without a single line of code so upon this validation they brought together a team of passionate and focused individuals and began the development of the app.

How It Works

As Mert Gulen says “Our mission is to re-engineer the drink ordering process at nightclubs and bars to better serve phone dependent millennials, like ourselves, who value time and convenience”

With this vision in mind, they have made the app as easy as 1, 2, 3. You can browse the entire menu of drinks, add any special instructions, and have it delivered to your table or pick up at the designated flow station- all the whilst getting ahead of everyone. They also have special bar offers exclusively on Flow, list of popular drink recommendations, and a special option to craft one’s own drink.

The best part, they are live right now! So you can download the app and check it out. They have launched exclusively in Malta and will be looking to expand across all the bars and nightclubs in Paceville and beyond.  Let them know what you think are the best bars in Malta here.

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