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Investing in Malta Chinese culture was a wise decision back to the 70’s. Malta was the first European country to establish relations with China

The government of the time, decided to start relations with the Chinese government. It was mutual as China also showed an interest in Malta. Despite the vast distance between Malta and China, the government succeeded in attracting various investments and bilateral help to Malta. For the Chinese this was a possibility for them to get closer to European countries.

One such example was the construction of the Red China dock. This was negotiated through a large loan without interest and with a considerable number of Chinese workers and engineers to help in the construction. Malta was capable to handle the largest dry-dock in the Mediterranean.

Another project was the construction of a freeport at Marsaxlokk port in the South of Malta.

Malta Embassy at Beijing

The embassy in China is at Beijing and serves are as a link between our countries facilitating exchanges in various areas such as political, economic, commercial and cultural activities.

Geographical differences between China and Malta are significant in terms of size, climate, culture and population. But the warmth of these two nations has made it possible for these two nations to create a bond for many other European countries to look on.

40th Anniversary in 2012

Since 1972 forty years have passed. The European map has changed. Business in China has flourished and is becoming the strongest economic power in the world. The Malta industry climate has developed. Many Maltese have understood that business motivation towards investing in China has filled a gap that was missing both for local and international business.

During this time all successive governments in Malta have continued to strengthen relations with China. Just to mention a few fields: broadcasting, education, the promoting of the teaching of both languages in both countries. Malta as a film destination for film companies form China to use the incredible facilities Malta has to offer.

The Chinese cultural centre in Malta helped to facilitate and spread the culture of Malta and China so people are aware of the opportunities in both countries.

Investing in Malta Chinese culture has helped many people from China to experience what Malta has to offer in terms of tourism, education and business opportunities, and more of our compatriots to do the same in their country.

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