Island Gozo
What Makes It So Special

Its Features, Traditions And Language,
More Traditionally Oriented,
Gozo Churches

Throughout the ages the island of Gozo has always distinguished itself from Malta; its features, traditions, Maltese language variation in words meaning and interpretation. In fact the whole way of life that is still more traditionally oriented.

The population in Gozo is much less dense than that of Malta thus preserving the beauty of the island and the tradition that its people still highly treasure. However during these last thirty years or so these traditions have been greatly affected due to fast developments that are having an effect on all sectors of life.

Another thing which attracts the visitor to Gozo is the people themselves. They are very warm and friendly and go out of their way to be helpful. Gozitans live a less hectic life than local living in Malta, and indeed, one can observe old villagers sitting on their doorstep or on benches in the village squares where very little traffic goes by.

'Cittadella' meaning The Citadel - The Fortified Historic Old City Of Gozo

Villages are scattered around the island although some are in close proximity to each other. With just 430 inhabitants, the village of Ghasri is the least populated whilst Victoria has 6200 inhabitants.

For many centuries Gozitans have been fervently religious. The island is sprinkled with Roman Catholic churches, some larger than others, and some only chapels. The size of the village church does not reflect the size of the village population.

Although many of the villages have a small or medium size population, the beauty and grandeur of the churches boasting fine and ornate architectural features both inside and out, makes these structures precious architectural jewels on the island.

The imposing Xewkija Church in Gozo

The parish church is always found in the centre of the village usually located within a large square. Other smaller churches are spread around in the villages and  towns or in relatively uninhabited areas where peasants used to attend to pray during their working day.

Transport was rare then, and so these chapels were built to cater for everyone’s needs. To date, the Catholic church still plays a very important role in the island’s social and cultural life.

A visit to the island of Gozo should not be missed. The feeling of tranquility that you will experience during your few hours there will make the trip worthwhile.

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