Island Of Gozo
What We Love About Gozo

The Ideal Place For Those Seeking Total Relaxation,
The Island That You Will Surely Love

The island of Gozo is the place for those who really want to slow down from their hectic way of life. When you arrive in Gozo the difference is immediately visible. Upon docking at the Mgarr harbour, the sight is pleasing to the eye straight away.

We Maltese go there for a purpose, to spend some days relaxing. Although it is said that life in Malta is not as fast compared to other European countries, however Gozo is even more relaxed.

Gozo Mgarr harbour.

The island is a lot greener than Malta as it has remained relatively unspoilt. Even in summer, despite the scorching sun and lack of rain, the valleys still retain their lush greenery. This is due to the type of geology that retains more water within it and subsequently keeps the plants alive.

In fact it is a popular retirement destination with many foreigners, especially British, who choose to settle in Gozo. Furthermore, many Maltese residents have invested in a second property and makes it a point of going to Ghawdex (Gozo in Maltese) as often as possible especially during the weekends.

A view of Gozo from Comino

The island offers a wide range of cuisine from oriental to Gozitan and Mediterranean Italian food. Surprisingly it is also cheaper to eat out in Gozitan restaurants, whilst the quality is not undermined.

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On the island of Gozo there are many venues to choose from, and it would be a good idea to keep a list at hand if you intend staying there for a few days. For example, it is pleasant to enjoy a nice meal at the village of Nadur during the summer months. You will find that you are spoilt for choice with the various restaurants located in the main square of the village.

Gozo churches dominate the landscape

Locals enjoy visiting the island in winter for festivals, like Carnival, whilst the summer offers other events like village feasts. One could also come here on a late afternoon for a nice meal at a typical restaurant and return home late at night as the ferry runs continuously around the clock, slowing down its service after midnight.

One can also travel just for the day to unwind from the usual stresses of life. The island is less noisy, and offers a more relaxed way of life. The busiest areas are Mgarr harbour and Victoria (Rabat) the capital city. These places are hubs of activity, while the rest of the island is less noisy. The more one ventures outwards into the countryside and the many villages, the quieter it becomes.

Gozo countryside

All villagers and local people are very warm and helpful, and one finds that most are able to keep a conversation in English.

It is a lovely place to visit during spring time when all the hills and valleys are green and lush with vegetation and bright with wild flowers. In autumn the sun still shines, and the Maltese islands enjoys approximately 300 days of sunlight every year. You are therefore guaranteed to have several days of sunshine while you are here on holiday even during the winter months of January and February.

To travel to the island is very easy. Either by public transport every twenty minutes and takes you all the way to the ferry terminal. By car take the main arterial road leading to the terminal.

We love the island of Gozo and we invite you to experience it at first hand.

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