Malta Group Excursions

Here Is What You Need To Know About Malta Group Excursions

When you come over to Malta there is so much you can do and how to do it that might be difficulty to decide on.

We have combined together a group of tours that can help you select the ones that will suite you.

We also provide you with details of how we can help you and assist in your plans with the best itinerary.

We can organise for you a full day of activities even spread on two or three days where we can blend them with a mix of exciting things to do.

Valletta Fortifications and landscape

Since the islands are so small you can blend your activities with a cruise, cultural visits, tours, activities, concert, theater and a variety of restaurants in different locations and different cuisines.

We can help you make arrangements from small groups of only 4 or 5 person and goes to large groups of 300 or more. For larger groups (10+ persons) we can also include flights and hotel offers, any age group, to any taste, family or friends.

For cruise liner visitors to Malta’s Grand Harbour who wish to take tours during their one day in Malta we can organize customized tours to your specifications.

We can go according to your budget depending on a low cost or luxury tour.

History – Culture – Malta Group Excursions

The Maltese islands location were always in a strategic position in the centre of the Mediterranean where for many centuries was conquered by many civilizations. They all left an impact on the island and today there is so much to see. The advantage is that distances are so short that visiting a variety of cultural sites mixed up with other type of activities is very easy.

How can we help you?

Send us your request by clicking on this link and fill up the form on the Malta Excursions website or fill up the form at the end of this page which will be immediately forwarded to Malta Excursions.

They will contact you, listen to your requests and help you develop your itinerary.

Wardija valley during winter

You will be contacted by a representative of Malta Excursions who will be able to talk to you and discuss with you your requirements in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. They will remain in contact with you until you are satisfied with the complete package.

Once all is settled you will be forwarded to Malta operators..

Suggestions To Inspire Your Ideas

We do a lot of suggestions to help you stimulate ideas. Malta group excursions are very popular but organising a specific group program for yourself needs help. Write to us explaining what you wish to do and we will help you.

We can make arrangements for individuals, small groups, companies or for special occasions.

A full travel guide service in all major languages – English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Hungarian, Japanese, Russian and Polish. If there is any other request for a different language not mentioned Malta Excursions will check for you.

Entrance tickets can be pre-booked for museums, tours, Megalithic temples, re-enactments, shows, wine tasting, agri-tourism visits, sports activities, ferry tickets to the island of Gozo, cruises around the Maltese Islands.

Fernandes cruise to Blue Lagoon Comino

Local transport adapted to the number of persons within the group including transfers from and to your accommodation. Optional transport from limousine, jeeps, vintage public transport bus, car rentals, taxi, jet ski, quad, boat tours, charters of vessels, sailing tours, motor yacht tours, sightseeing buses and a driver service for a complete day or more

Private charters of boats or catamaran, sailing boat with a personalised tour, entertainment and cuisine.

Restaurant arrangements for different cuisines with set menus all over the islands.

Arrangements for tours to the island of Sicily by boat or by plane, either starting from Malta or from Sicily for instance visiting Taormina, Ragusa and Mount Etna. Sicily is the closest island to Malta just 100 kilometres away.

The day can be split up according to your needs and the itinerary can be varied according to the way it is going on during the day. For instance, if the group is having fun in a particular location it can remain longer subject that there are no other activities booked that time has to be adhered too.

We can help by suggesting these private tours

In order to help you we grouped together different choices of popular tours showing you what can be done on these islands.

A private tour is ideal to be flexible in your own time with the service of a driver. Recommended early booking especially during high tourist season.

Private Jeep Tours

Have your own jeep and travel your own route for a duration of up to 8 hours. You can start from a jeep of 4 persons. You will have the option to stop where you wish and staying there as much as you desire. It all includes the time for pickup and return from and to your accommodation.
The following links will show you details of the standard tours available.

private Tour of Malta

Explore the highlights of Malta by jeep or mini-van. This is ideal for persons arriving by cruise ship and have limited time to participate in the group tours. Or for groups of 4 persons or more but you have all the flexibility to plan and include your individual wishes. There is no extra charge compared to the regular group tour. You can plan with us the itinerary and you will be flexible to make change on the stop.

Private Quad Bike Tour

Visit some of the most beautiful highlights on a two-seater quad bike. You can be multiples of two on various quad bikes. The tour with a guide can be taken as a full day including lunch or a half day which both includes transfers to and from your accommodation. Visiting stunning view of the Mediterranean sea, landscapes typical villages passing from off-road routes.

Yacht Charter

A yacht charter is ideal to relax and enjoy for a small group. The skipper can navigate the yacht to beautiful locations drop anchor enjoy the sun, swimming unreachable spots from land quiet unspoilt areas. Early booking is highly recommended especially for the summer months even possibly months before.

Segway Tours

Take one of the three tours available in Malta. The most popular is the Guided City Tour in Valletta with breath taking scenery off the fortifications, buildings, scenery with the beautiful views of the Grand Harbour, Sliema and the Three fortified cities across the harbour. A cool way how to enjoy a two hour tour in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The other two guided tours start and finish from the village of Dingli, fantastic views of Dingli cliffs and surrounding area completely in the countryside.

Tourists visiting Mdina

 Groups / Team Building Segway Events

For groups we offer private tours.

These are also ideal for companies who wish to entertain their staff whilst increasing team communication, games, and gliding on a Segway. The most importantly HAVE FUN together!

Contact our team for more information on our large group discounts.

Jet Ski Safari

Experience a Jet Ski Safari as a group including a leader who will be experienced to take you for a safari water ride exploring the area and surrounding coastal landscape. You can see the coast and inland areas from a different perspective.

A Jet ski is also known as water scooters, personal watercraft or boater cycles, are incredibly great water sports devices to move relatively fast over water. Probably everybody has already seen.

Larger Groups

Up to 20 persons: small wooden boats or small catamaran for private charters 40+ persons: large catamaran or large wooden boats for private charters.

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When you will come to Malta – It is important to tell us the months or dates as for example what you do in March is not the same as what you do during June.

What kind of group you are – Family with children, seniors, group of friends,

What you expect to do and see – By the time you fill the form you will have an idea of what you want to do and see. You have to explain in your submission so that the Malta Excursions representative can understand well what you wish to do as they know the local Malta situations very well.

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