Malta Public Holidays 2017-2020

Useful Help for your Holiday Calendar, Family Holiday, Some of Which are as Other International Holidays

The Malta Public Holidays list for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

A further list for the coming years of important dates celebrated in Malta connected to the festi Maltin (Maltese feasts), bank holidays, Pentecost, Advent, Halloween, Mother and Father's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Black Friday...

You can read further about all public holidays where they have a special significance for these islands. They commemorate specific events that marked dramatic change in our history either religious or historical events.

They are mostly linked to religious feasts dating back to several years of traditions.

At the end of the eighties the government of the time added various important dates to Malta public holidays.

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Dates for 2017 till 2020

New Year's Day - 1st January

Monday - 2018

Tuesday - 2019

Thursday - 2020

Saturday 2018

Sunday 2019

Monday - 2020

Public and religious holiday

Feast of St. Joseph - 19th March

Monday - 2018

Tuesday - 2019

Thursday - 2020

Public and religious holiday

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Saturday - 2018

Sunday -  2019

Tuesday - 2020

National holiday: Anniversary of the withdrawal of British Troops from Malta

Good Friday

30th March 2018

19th April  2019

10th April  2020

Labour Day - 1st May

Tuesday - 2018

Wednesday - 2019

Friday - 2020

Thursday - 2018

Friday - 2019

Sunday - 2020

- National Holiday - Commemorating the killing of four rioters by British troops in 1919

Feast of St. Peter & St. Paul - 29th June

Friday - 2018

Saturday - 2019

Monday - 2020

- Public and Religion feast

Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady - 15th August

Wednesday- 2018

Thursday - 2019

Saturday - 2020

In Malta also from as the feast of 'Santa Maria' is focused in all parishes especially with feasts celebrations.

Feast of Our Lady of Victories - 8th September

Saturday - 2018

Sunday - 2019

Tuesday - 2020

- National Holiday

Friday - 2018

Saturday - 2019

Monday - 2020

- National Holiday - Malta gained its independence from Britain in 1964

Friday - 2017

Saturday - 2018

Sunday - 2019

Tuesday - 2020

Wednesday - 2017

Thursday - 2018

Friday- 2019

Sunday - 2020

Republic Day (National holiday); Malta became a Republic in 1974

Monday - 2017

Tuesday - 2018

Wednesday - 2019

Friday - 2020

Other Important Dates During the Year

Epiphany, Christian Religious Feast

Saturday 6th January 2018

Sunday 6th January 2019


Friday 9 - 13th February 2018

Friday 1-5th March 2019

Valentines Day

Wednesday 14th February 2018

Thursday 14th February 2019

Ash Wednesday

Thursday 14th February 2018

Wednesday 6th March 2019

Palm Sunday

Sunday 25th March 2018

Sunday 14th April 2019

Easter Sunday

Sunday 1st April 2018

Sunday 21st April 2019

Bank Holiday

Monday 2nd April 2018

Monday 22nd April 2019

Mother's Day

Sunday 13th May 2018

Sunday 12th May 2019

Ascension Day

Thursday 10th May 2018

Thursday 30th May 2019

Pentecost Day

Sunday 20th April 2018

Sunday 9th June2019

Father's Day

Sunday 17th June 2018

Sunday 16th June 2019


Wednesday 31st October 2018

Thursday 31st October 2019

All Saints' Day

Thursday 1st November 2018

Friday 1st November 2019

All Souls' Day

Friday 2nd November 2018

Saturday 2nd November 2019

Black Friday

Thursday 23rd November 2018

Friday 29th November 2019

First Advent Week

Sunday 2nd December 2018

Sunday 1st December 2019

Second Advent Week

Sunday 10th December 2017

Sunday 9th December 2018

Third Advent Week

Sunday 17th December 2017

Sunday 23rd December 2018

Last Advent Week

Sunday 24th December 2017

Sunday 23rd December 2018

Bank Holiday

Tuesday 26th December 2017

Wednesday 26th December 2018

Read Further about Some of the Holidays

10th February - Feast of St. Paul

It is said and mentioned in the Catholic bible that St. Paul landed in Malta on his way to Rome during a heavy storm back to A.D. 60.

St. Paul's portrait at the entrance of Mdina Malta

The Roman vessel was shipwrecked on our islands shores due to a very heavy storm.

He remained here for three months through the winter where he met Publius the Romans’ chief man on the island. At the time the Maltese were pagan but Publius converted to Christianity and St. Paul made him the first bishop of the islands. 

The Maltese chose this day as a remembrance of his visit. After so many centuries St. Paul remained very much loved by the local people and has been part of Malta public holidays for many years.

31st March - Freedom day

This important milestone was achieved during 1979 when the complete withdrawal of the British troops and Royal Navy marines left the island.

This was an important milestone in the islands history. For so many centuries the islands were dominated by many foreign countries.

The Freedom Day monument is located at Birgu. It commemorates this event very close to the location where the last troops left the island.

7th June - Sette Giugno

A commemoration of the riots by the Maltese during the British rule that took place on 7th June 1919. After World War l there were price hikes which angered the workers. Many riots took place in Valletta against British departments, and against local food importers for their excessive prices on commodities on which they made excessive profits. 

The Maltese wanted to have some sort of representative government through which they could communicate their needs by starting to upgrade the living state of the population.

Four Maltese people were killed in Valletta by British troops. After this event the British started making further changes and letting the Maltese Assembly be responsible of local affairs.

Sette Guigno is an Italian words translated in 7th June since at the time the Italian language had a promenance.

This important day was considered as the first step towards the island’s independence process from the British rulers and included as one of Malta public holidays.

29th June - Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul

It is a religious feast dedicated and celebrated since before the time of the Knights of St. John meaning before 1530.

It is more of a pleasure feast than a religious one. It takes place at the Buskett gardens on the outskirts of Rabat close to Dingli where various activiites take place. From exhibitions by farmers and heardsmen, to competitions.

All starts from the early evening of the day before well into the night where many remain there and sleep under the trees. The Maltese love this feast and they go with enthusiasm.

Improvised restaurants around the various orchards within this garden attract many locals to eat rabbit stew which is one of the national dishes.

There are exhibitions by farmers where through a competition they exhibit their best fruits and vegetables apart from various animals like cows, pigs, hens, rabbits are brought over for the competition.

The feast extends through the night with local Ghana singing which is local folk music.

In the morning of the 29th many people flock again to the gardens to see the exhibits and the prices giving of the winners.

In the afternoon at Rabat, very close to Buskett gardens, at the Saqqajja Hill, there are the horse and donkey races where many people attend every year. 

15th August dedicated to the Assumption of Mary

It is officially the feast of the Assumption of Mary in the religious calendar. For the Maltese it is known as the Santa Maria feast. It is highly celebrated at the peak of the summer season. Eight village feasts celebrated together and also a public holiday culminating in many shutdowns during the days of August.

It is the time when the Maltese take leave for holidays both in Malta and abroad, not the least to Gozo where the feast is also celebrated in Victoria an opportunity for a weekend getaway and heast celebrations.

If you love feasts, fireworks, colourful decorated villages steeets, band marches, churches in their best vestments, here you can enjoy. The Maltese love celebrating. Lots of noise and rivalry between villages, so many things that makes it a special feast for every village which takes so much preparation all year round.

It is a religious feast where celebrations are held in all Maltese churches especially those who are celebrating the feast of their village patron saint.

21st September - Independence Day

The independence monument in front of the Mall Gardens Floriana

After so many centuries of domination, the Maltese succeeded to acquire with so much sacrifice the Independence from the British Empire.

The Maltese flag was raised for the first time as its national flag. The celebrations were held at the Independence Arena, Floriana very close to the nonument which commemorates this event.

From this day Malta became an independent state as a Constitutional Monarchy. The queen of England Elizabeth ll became the head of state. This changed when the next step.

8th December - Feast of the Immaculate Conception

It is a celebration for three specific victories.

When the Knights of St. John won the great battle, known as the Great Siege against the Turkish invaders in 1565.

The rebellion against the French occupation of Malta which ended on 4th September 1800.

Italy during World War ll surrendered at the end of 1943.

The traditional regatta (boat races) are held every year on this day where villages around the port area compete between them with in the Grand Harbour which is well attended.

13th December - Republic Day

13th December monument at the centre of Marsa road

In 1979 Malta became a Republic. The Queen of England which was up till then the Head of State for Malta. This was brought about by further negotiations with the British government, by the then Labour Party and Dom Mintoff as Prime Minister for a complete independence of the Maltese people.

From this day forward the first Maltese president was chosen by parliament from among the most distinguished person for a term of five years.

Gieh ir-Repubblika is the annual honouring ceremony at the President’s palace Valletta where important distinguished persons and even foreigner who have contributed and honoured the Maltese people.

25th December - Christmas day

It is the commemoration when Jesus Christ was born. Christmas is so special on these island. It is celebrate by everyone from young to old. Decorations, shopping, celebrations, processions carrying Baby Jesus and singing Christmas carols around the village streets. This is the time of family get together.

Sliema a village in Malta decorated for christmas

During this day, if you are here in Malta, you will notice that the streets are almost deserted as it is the time for the family to meet for Sunday Lunch at each other’s houses or our to restaurants and hotels. In the morning many go to church mass and afterwords join family or friends to celebrate.

It has become customary to go to local hotels for two nights during these days and join the celebrations with tourists and all.

All school children have their Christmas holidays from around the week before Christmas till the first week of January. Dates vary according to school.

Malta Public Holidays a useful information page about our Maltese feasts and other celebrated days.

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