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Numerous photos can be taken of Valletta with different aspects both for its heritage and surrounding areas and views across both harbours of Marsamxett and the Grand harbour.

Photos & Descriptions
Photos & Descriptions

Auberge De Castille in Valletta houses the office of the Prime Minister. It was built by the Knights of St. John as the Auberge for the Langue of Castile, Leon and Portugal. It is one of the finest architectural works in Malta. Today it is completely restored and flood lit. It is pleasant in the evening to go and see how beautiful it is all lit up and go to the upper barrkka and see the wonderful view overlooking the Grand Harbour.

An evening of music entertainment at the crossroad with Straight street. It is a narrow road close and parallel to Republic street. It was once the hub for American and British military men who were stationed in Malta. Now it has been revived with numerous bars and restaurants including music entertainment in the evening. 

Republic street is the main and most important street in the capital city. It is one kilometer long (0.6 mile) from the entrance of the fortifications down to fort St. Elmo at the far end of Valletta. Most of it is today a pedestrian area where it houses many shops, entertainment and offices apart from residential homes.

The Green Festival held around the months of April and May in one of the large squares of Valletta in front of the President's palace. The  infiorata, which is also an Italian word for the flower festival, is for 2018 using 110,000 plants to form a different design every year.

The knights of St. John introduced baroque architecture during the 17th and 18th century by an engineer from Bologna Italy called Bontadino de Bontadini. It became popular during the mid 17th century. Then it reached its peak during the 18th century when the Auberge de Castille was constructed. It is presently the most

A seven meter high glass Christmas tree at the entrance of Valletta. It is made by skilled glass bowers at Mdina Glass factory at Ta' Qali. On the right parliament house and further down the main road republic street. The Christmas tree is an attractive spot for selfies.

A view of the Sicilian restaurant also called Tony's Sicilia Bar. A formidable view from this vintage point overlooking the Grand Harbour ideal for walks to explore the city. It is one of the most beautiful locations to take beautiful pictures. The restaurant sits aside over the Victoria Gate one of the entry and exit points of Valletta. The restaurant offers great Italian food with an excellent service which is a family run business and makes it very popular with patrons and attractive for tourists passing from this area.

The ferry service crossing from Sliema to Valletta every day of the year. Due to traffic congestions it has become a good fast convenient crossing for many Maltese who live in the south of Malta. For tourist it is also an attraction as it will be easier to reach the capital from Sliema and almost admire the beauty and majestic fortifications of Valletta.

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