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Malta vehicle transport gives you plenty of options of how to travel around the islands. Here are Malta's road transport options: Car Rental, Public Transport, Hop-On Hop-Off, Taxi, Airport Transfers, Horse Drawn Carriage.

People waiting at Valletta bus terminus

Transport in Malta & Gozo

- Malta vehicle transport is the same both in Malta and Gozo. Same public transport buses are used to get around to see the main attractions and get to the beaches.

- Taxis are also available from near the Gozo ferry when arriving on the island of Gozo.

- You can go to Gozo also by rented car by the Gozo ferry.

- Although you would have come to Gozo either by rented car, an organized tour or with the public transport which are very efficient and provide a good service.

- The hop on hop off is another very good alternative for a small island like Gozo.

Car Rental in Malta

- There are various car hire companies in Malta. You can book your car rental by clicking here or when you arrive at Malta International Airport.

- Nowadays with Google maps it is very easy to find Malta on the map and use Google maps for directions on the Maltese islands. Here is a detailed map of Malta. Be sure to source either a hard copy of a Map of Malta or online before your arrival in order to familiarize yourself and have a bit of an idea of what to expect prior to your arrival here.

- Wondering what it is like to drive on the Maltese roads? With Malta having over 3000 km of roads, it can have its advantages and also disadvantages.

- Malta car rental deals are preferably done before you come to Malta as this usually affords you a better deal where you can check prices and conditions of rental.

- Although the Maltese islands are small, transport in Malta is essential to fully explore the beauties of the Maltese people.

- There are plenty of petrol service stations around Malta and Gozo, so it will be very easy to fill up your vehicle.

- Around Malta you find 23 speed cameras. Here are several facts about driving in Malta.

- Land transport is the most popular transport in Malta and Gozo.

Renatal cars parked at Malta International Airport

Malta Public Transport

- Malta offers a very good bus service both for Malta and Gozo.

- The old Malta bus before the present operator was introduced still remains one of the tourist attraction. Unfortunately they have been removed from service and many do miss them for their old body style, paintings and decorations. The new transport company is called Malta Public Transport.

Public transport is a very good alternative for those who do not wish to rent a car. The service is relatively cheap and covers all the important locations in Malta and Gozo, including historical locations, beaches, hotels, entertainment, restaurants, Gozo ferry service.

- If you intend to visit Malta for more than 3 days, we suggest to use the Tallinja cards.

- Malta public transport also offers night service for passengers travelling during the night or very early morning.

- When landing in Malta, you have plenty of buses to reach to your hotel. Here is a list of buses that go directly to hotels from the Malta International Airport.

- Travelling from one village to another in Malta is very easy and with this guide it has never been easier.

- In summer going to the beach is one of the most planned locations to visit. Getting to Malta and Gozo beaches are very easy by using this guide.

- Between the months of September and June, students all over Malta and Gozo go to school and use the public transport. Students can use this guide to get to school much easier.

Malta Hop-On Hop-Off

If you do not wish to rent a car you can easily use the public transport and the hop-on hop-off service offered by three local companies. It is an excellent service that offers different routes which include the main important aspects of all Maltese culture.

Booking is through the hotel reception desk or the hop-on hop-off company representatives. It is very easy to come across representatives in the main areas of the island where you will find them selling tickets. Main pick up areas can be St. Julian’s, Sliema and Gzira. There is no need for pre-booking.

There are four routes that hop-on hop-off services offer which are the north blue tour, south red tour, Gozo green tour and the night tour.

The North Sightseeing line travelling to Mdina

Karozzin (Horse Drawn Carriage)

Today the horse driven cab is only used to take tourists on tours outside Valletta and inside Mdina. It is one of the oldest traditions. A pretty sight when you visit Mdina and see tourists being horse driven through the beautiful narrow streets. A truly picturesque sight. Take a photo and it will remain as a wonderful memory of island.

The karozzin at the waterfront Valletta

Malta Shore Excursions

Various companies offer bus tours. These might be already included with your holiday package. You will find available booklets advertising tours which will enhance your holiday. They include local Maltese feasts, cultural tours, Malta by day and also one day tours to Gozo, and their historical locations.

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