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The Malta village feast is part of the Malta culture framework. All religious feasts in Malta are celebrated in style. Each parish has a patron saint and a feast is celebrated each year.

Msida Parish Church

The churches are decorated both from inside and outside to honor their patron saint where religious functions are celebrated during the week leading up to  the feast.

In every parish there are village bands. Indeed in most villages one finds one but two, where a lot of preparation goes into elaborate programs for the general public during the feast week.

Other village groups prepare the fireworks display and external street decorations with great enthusiasm, working throughout the year including the organisation of fund raising activities to fund these decorations. Since the olden times, the Maltese have been always very dedicated in celebrating their patron saint.

It is truly an unforgettable experience for the tourists who t go to see these feasts. There are specific tours by tour operators where you can ask and even book yourself a place on one.

We are listing all the feasts in Malta and Gozo so that you will be able to visit:

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