Pete Buttigieg

An American-Maltese Candidate Running for President

Date Uploaded: 23rd January 2020 | Date Updated: 9th November 2020

Pete Buttigieg, is one of the Democratic nominees running for the 2020 Presidential Election of the United States.

Buttigieg's slogan for the 2020 election is "It's time for a new generation of American leadership".

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On the 7th November 2020, Joe Biden won the election and will become the 46th President of the United States on 20th January 2021.

Pete Buttigieg was asked to join Bidens Transition Team and will eye the role as US Ambassador for United Nations.

Who is Pete Buttigieg

  • His full name is Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg.
  • He is an American citizen with a Maltese father.
  • Born on 19th January 1982.
  • Married to Chasten Glezman, and adopted two dogs Truman and Buddy and they both have a one Twitter account.
  • His mother J. Anne Montgomery is American and his father Joseph Buttigieg is Maltese.
  • He is a Christian, he also stated that faith has a big impact on his life.
  • Many people get confused how to pronounce his surname as it is a Maltese surname. 
  • He can speak 7 languages including Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, Maltese, Arabic, Dari, and French.
  • Peter Buttigieg Height: 5ft 8in (173cm)
  • He is worth $300 thousand (net worth)
  • Pete Buttigieg: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter
  • Since the beginning of his campaign the question people always ask is, how to pronounce his surname.

Here is how to pronounce his surname as suggested on his twitter account:

  • Boot-edge-edge
  • Buddha-judge
  • Boot-a-judge
  • Boo-tuh-judge

2020 Presidential Election

- The election will take place on the 3rd November 2020.

- On the 23rd January 2019 he announced that he would be running for President.

- Following this, on 14th April 2019 Pete Buttigieg officially launched his presidential campaign in South Bend.

- If elected as president of the United States, he will be the first openly gay president of the United States.

- The current president of the United States is Donald Trump. He has re-elected to run for president in 2020.

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Criminal Justice

- Capital Punishment / Death Penalty: Abolish it
- Cash Bail Reform: End it
- Mandatory Minimum Sentences Reform: Eliminate them
- Private Prisons: Eliminate them


- Affordable Housing: Combination of construction funding and rent subsidies
- Income Inequality: Invest in workers and rural America
- Minimum Wage: Raise the federal minimum wage to $15/hour
- Paid Leave: Support broad paid family and medical leave plans up to 12 weeks
- Reparations: Study reparations


- Charter Schools: Against for-profit charter schools
- Cost of College: Students shouldn’t have to take on debt
- Student Debt: Cancel some student debt
- Teacher Pay: Boost teacher pay


- Campaign Finance: Unlimited spending should not be allowed in politics
- Electoral College: The Electoral College should be eliminated
- Felon Voting: Restoring voting rights after prison

Energy, Environment & Climate Change

- Nuclear Power: Support nuclear power
- Oil and gas drilling: End new oil and gas leases on federal land and end offshore drilling
- Reducing carbon emissions: Tax carbon emissions

Food & Agriculture

- Farm Economy: Strengthen enforcement, but stop short of trust-busting
- Farming and Climate Change: Pay farmers to adopt climate-friendly practices
- Rights for Farm Owners and Workers: Expand farm worker protections, but no specific plans for USDA civil rights

Gun Control

- Assault Weapons: Support a voluntary buyback program
- Background Checks: In favor of universal background checks
- Weapon Registry: In favor of a gun licensing program

Health Care

- Abortion: Few limits, if any
- ACA / Coverage Expansion: Rethink the whole system
- Drug Costs: Importation and patent breaking
- Medicare For All: Opposes Medicare for All, but would expand coverage


- DACA: Citizenship for Dreamers
- Illegal Entry: Repeal the statute

Marijuana & Cannabis Legalization

- Legalizing Marijuana: Legalize it
- Marijuana Convictions: Scrapping past pot convictions


- Defense Spending: Boost the defense budget
- Overseas Deployments: Bring the troops home


- Corporate Income Taxes: Reverse the 2017 corporate cut
- Tax Credits: Expand the EITC
- Wealth Taxes: Increase existing taxes on upper-income Americans


- Rural Broadband: Dedicate open-ended federal funding to support rural broadband
- Tech Competition & Antitrust: We need to empower federal regulators first


- China: Support the goal, change the approach
- NAFTA / USMCA: Demand changes to USMCA
- Tariffs: Don’t use tariffs to pressure countries
- TPP 2.0: Oppose joining CPTPP or opposed TPP

Studies & Career

He studied history and literature at Harvard University and a first-class honours in politics, philosophy, and economics at Pembroke College, Oxford.

During John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign, Pete engaged himself as a policy and research specialist.

For a few months during 2006, in Arizona and New Mexico, Pete assisted Joe Donnelly's successful congressional campaign. Whilst taking this role, he had to decline working for Barack's Obama's 2004 US Senate campaign.

During 2008, Pete had a break from McKinsey, as he took the opportunity to work as a research director for Jill Long Thompson's campaign for Indiana governor which was unsuccessful. After a couple of years Pete left McKinsey to spend time on his own campaign for Indiana State Treasurer.

He was the 32nd Mayor of South Bend from January 1, 2012 – January 1, 2020.

On 3rd February 2021 he was sworn as the 19th United States Secretary of Transportation.

Pete Buttigieg Military

- Pete Buttigieg served part of the Military from 2009 up until 2017

- He was ranked as a Lieutenant in the United States Navy Reserve

- He was deployed in Afghanistan. While he was doing his service at Bagram Air Base, his role was as an armed driver where he was involved in over a 100 trips to Kabul.

- During his service he was honored the Joint Service Commendation Medal and Joint Meritorious Unit Award.

What does Pete think about Malta?

In one of his latest meetings, he encourages voters to visit Malta.

Here a few points on what he said about Malta.

- The smallest country in the world.

- He describes it as a beautiful island and encourages the people around the table to visit our island.

- The population of Malta is the same as St. Joseph County Indiana where he lives.

- His surname is one of the most common on the Maltese islands.

- When his family used to live in Malta they used to live next door to one of Malta's previous presidents with the surname Buttiġieġ and the funny thing is that their families were not related.

- He used to visit Malta every couple of years.

- He described the island as being similar to some countries close by such as Italy, Greece and the Middle East but at the same time Malta has its unique character.

- He mentioned the famous Game Of Thrones series which was filmed in Malta.

- He mentioned the film World War Z and how he ended up wandering on the set of the film while walking around the city.

You can watch his full interview about Malta by clicking here

Pete's Father - Who Is He?

- His full name was Joseph Anthony Buttigieg II.

- Born on 20th May 1947 in the village of Hamrun, Malta.

- Died on 27th January 2019.

- He immigrated to South Bend, Indiana, U.S with his family.

- He married Jennifer Anne Montgomery in 1980 whom he met at the New Mexico State University as Las Cruces, where they were both professors and taught at this university.

- Together with his wife they had one son.

- Joseph officially became a U.S citizen in 1979.

- The Buttigieg family lived in South Bend, Indiana U.S.

His father had studied in Malta to be a Jesuit priest then when emigrated he embarked on to lecturing as professor of literature.

General information about Maltese in America:

- Up to 2016 there were 40,820 Maltese people living in the United States.

- The majority are living in Metro Detroit Michagan with around 13,000 citizens.


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