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Santa Clause website is very popular with children throughout the world not least with the children of the islands of Malta. They too ask for presents and interact with the many games and information about him through the many websites on the internet. 

Children want to chat with Santa Claus and have a deep wish of finding happiness in their heart. This is Christmas: finding happiness in one’s heart and everyone has this beautiful instinct in himself. This is also our wish in writing these words to fill your heart with happiness.

Santa Clause is the person whom children look to when asking for presents. It is the time when the desire to have nice things, to play, to dress, appreciate and share with others impels them to contact him through a website or by sending a letter with their wishes.

Different names different countries

Santa Clause in the Western world is also somehow interchangeable with Saint Nicholas, and Christking, St. Nikolaus, Sinterklaas, Kris Kringle, Joulupukki, Weihnachtsmann, Saint Basil and Father Frost. They are the figure associated with the exchange of gifts to friends, children and family members all over the world. The names vary by different country all meaning “the father of giving”. For children they all bring gifts.

Baby Jesus and Santa Clause

All the beauty of Christmas has its roots in the time when baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem. By time the celebration became associated with old, ancient customs of various countries. There is a mix of pagan, pre-Christian, and secular themes and origins. The figure of Santa Clause has become a known symbol of kindness, generosity and friendship synonymous with  giving, loving and the faith of children who believe so much in him.

Santa Clause and Maltese villages

Now-a-days there are organisations and shops who offer the  service of delivering presents to houses to make children happy.

When I was young, I do remember,  in the village I used to live the local youth centre used to organize a sledge built on top of a trailer driven with a tractor. A local person from the village used to dress as Father Christmas and used to come to houses to deliver presents to many children.

I too remember my deliveries which I anticipated with much anxiety and trepidation. Twice I received a present in this way. I used to wait hours for Santa Clause to come and to this day I still treasure those vivid memories of my childhood days.

Many Maltese children have been captivated by the persona of Santa Clause and participate by writing to Santa Clause website. Internet has flourished and changed the way children communicate with Santa.

When my children were young they used to do so. Since the internet has flourished so much children now-a-days participate and use these sites.

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