Where Is Malta Located?

Geographical Location Of The Maltese Archipelago

Where is Malta located? This is a question asked by many as it is a known fact that Malta is still a relatively well kept secret!

It is our wish to provide you with the most informative and interesting features about this archipelago by way of introducing you to our country.

Malta is located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea and is the southernmost European country. We are halfway between Gibraltar and Alexandria and between Sicily and North Africa. The islands are closer to Europe than Africa. Malta is a member of the European Union.

Names of Islands

The archipelago is made up of seven islands. The largest three being MaltaGozo and Comino which are inhabited by a population totaling just over 434,403 at end of 2015.

The other much smaller uninhabited islands are Cominotto, St. Paul’s Islands, Fungus rock and Filfla.

Cominotto is adjacent to Comino and forms part of the Blue Lagoon, famous for its crystal clear waters.

A view of Comino and Gozo from the northern tip of Malta

St.Paul’s Islands are re known as the place where St. Paul’s ship struck when he was sailing on his way to Rome in the year 40AD. History books say that the ship got caught in a tempest and was shipwrecked on these islands, which heralded the start of Christianity on these islands.

Fungus Rock is a mass of limestone rock rising 60 meters above sea level. This rock creates an impressive effect on the surrounding bay and is home to protected flora.

Filfla island, as it is known in Maltese, is located just beyond the southwestern cliffs 8 km out at sea. Today it is regarded as a natural reserve. It is the home of the only known colony in the world of a large dark green and red spotted lizard. The Mediterranean Storm Petrel breeds on the island.

We are including a geological map of Malta to help you understand where Malta is.

Island Names in Maltese

- Gozo - Għawdex
- Comino - Kemmuna
- Cominotto – Kemmunett
- St.Paul’s Islands – Il-Gzejjer ta’ San Pawl (The Islands of St. Paul) or Selmunett Islands.
- Fungus Rock - General’s Rock and in Maltese Il-Hagra tal-General or Il-Gebla tal-General.

The name Filfla is pronounced the same both in Maltese and English.

St.Paul's Islands with the background view of Bugibba and Qawra

Areas of the Islands

The total land area is 316 square kilometers. Malta is the largest island of the archipelago with a total area of 245.7 square kilometers, barely visible on the Mediterranean map. It is one of Europe’s smallest and most densely populated countries.

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- Gozo covers 67.1 square kilometers with a resident population of approximately 31,000.
- Comino has an area of 2.8 square kilometers and is inhabited by one family made up of four members.
- St. Paul’s Islands have an area of 0.101 square kilometers.
- Cominotto 0.1 square kilometers.
- Filfla 0.02 square kilometers.
- Fungus Rock in Gozo 0.007 square kilometers.

The Fungus Rock Gozo

The Fungus Rock Gozo

Filfla Island Malta

Filfla Island Malta

Archipelago Distances

- The length of the whole archipelago is 45 km (27 miles)

- The distance from the North West to South West of Malta is about 28 kilometers (17 miles)

- The Width in an east-west direction is 14.5 kilometers (9 miles)

- Gozo is 14.5 kilometers (9 miles) long and Comino 2.5 kilometers (2 miles).

- The total shoreline for Malta is 196.8 kilometers (122 miles) and Gozo 56 kilometers (35 miles).

View of Cominotto from Comino

Position within the Mediterranean Sea

  • 93 kilometers (57 miles) south of Sicily.
  • 320 kilometers (198 miles) north of the Libyan coast.
  • 290 kilometers (180 miles) north of Libya.
  • Gibraltar in the far-western Mediterranean is 1,826 kilometers (1,134 miles) away.
  • Port Said in Egypt is 1,510 kilometers (1,926 miles) to the east.

Where is Malta in the World?

Malta Location with Geographic Coordinates.

At a latitude of 35º48’28” to 36º05’00” North.

A longitude of 14° 11’ 04” to 14° 34’ 37” East.

Where is Malta Located? We hope that we have helped you understand where we are situated in relation to the rest of Europe.

Sicily view from Gozo

Malta Info Guide is here to provide you with helpful information about our archipelago.

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