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Dwejra Bay

The Inland Sea, Fungus Rock, Azur Window,
Gozo Dive Sites, Most Visited Location In Gozo

Part One

Dwejra bay The Inland Sea, Azur WindowFungus Rock and the underwater blue hole which can only be seen by the many divers that come here every day from so many countries.

All the surrounding habitat is a blend of geology, fauna, habitats, shoreline sea scapes, archaeology, flora and history.

Not the least a formidable sunset can always be admired from the many vintage points, a place of relaxation, and a photographic location for special photos to show to your friends.

This location has long fascinated visitors, artists, geologists and naturalists for its rugged beauty, its scientific interest and its combination of unusual features.

The inland sea

An almost circular lagoon of sea water is formed behind a very high rock formation connected to the Mediterranean sea through an opening at sea level which is wide enough to allow the passage of boats. It was formed through a pattern of geological faulting has by time created a fantastic land forms.

The lagoon water is not so deep but on approaching the tunnel leading to the open Mediterranean sea, the water becomes deeper. On the outside it drops up to 35 meters. The lagoon is full of pebbles and stones but attracts so many for swimming both locals and foreigners. One other feature of this area is the tranquility, natural features that you will love it.

The lagoon is ideal for snorkeling and swimming. It is suggested to stay away from the small jetty and the cave entrance due to the flow of boats. After heavy rains the water visibility becomes nearly zero due to the silt carried by the rain into the lagoon.

Fishermen have always used the inland sea as a mooring point for their boats and their huts to store their fishing nets. Boat trips are available to go on the outer area of the rocks up to the Fungus rock, the Azur Window and the natural formation of the rocks along the coast.

Dwejra bay is part of your Gozo island visiting itinerary.


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