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Xlendi Malta Bay Gozo is located at the bottom of a very steep valley starting from the village of Kercem which is located very close to Victoria (Rabat), the capital city.

During the descent down to the Bay one can appreciate the greenery all around and the deeper one descends into the valley, one may also notice the abundance of cane growing in the valley, depending on the time of the year arriving at the car park soon after.

Xlendi Bay Gozo is a seaside resort located on the south west of the Island. This popular locality is regularly visited by tourists and Maltese alike, and not least by the inhabitants themselves. The beach is small but it is one of the best spot on the island.

Xlendi Bay village from the top of the cliff

- Due to its geological formation and the shallow sloping pebbly beach, the Bay used to be a sleepy fishing village where to date some fishermen still retain a few of the remaining boat houses.

- It was also popular as a summer residence where a number of locals kept a small house. They would use it during the hot summer months as people have always been attracted to the tranquility that this location offers.

- Nowadays Xlendi Malta has been transformed into a resort area where most of the properties have been transformed into restaurants, bars, shops, guest houses and hotels. It is an area very sought after due to its beauty.

- The promenade, although small, is very pretty especially in summer, when it is lined with tables close to the seashore where one can enjoy a relaxing meal close to the water’s edge.

- Although the area has grown in size due to commercial and residential developments, which offer many different types of accommodation, however the area still retains its natural tranquility. Apartments are numerous but here you have the location as a bonus.

- Upon arrival you will notice that the old traditional coloured fishing boats are still anchored in the bay alongside the modern pleasure boats, representing what this location is today – a mix of old and new setting happily next to each other.

- The bay is also great for swimming. All along the left side of the bay there is a walk way with stone benches set upon rocks where people can leave their belongings and jump into the sea for a refreshing swim.

- In this area a buoy line enclosing a long stretch of coast serves to indicate a swimmers zone whilst also serving as a protection to swimmers from the boats that move around in the bay. There are several ladders to aid swimmers to climb out of the water.

Xlendi Bay with stairs leading to the top of the hill

- Xlendi Malta Bay is also popular with visitors in the evening who come to enjoy a leisurely stroll along the promenade in the balmy summer evenings, with many stopping to have a quiet meal at one of the local restaurants sitting at the water’s edge.

- It is also popular with families who come along with their children for an ice-cream at a popular parlour which makes home-made ice-cream.

- This bay is wonderful all year round as spring and autumn are also lovely seasons during which to enjoy this lovely unique location.

- This location also offers great walks along the coast in various directions on rough terrain including an interesting walk towards the watch tower located at the mouth of the inlet.

How to get to Xlendi Malta
How to get to Xlendi Malta

How to get to Xlendi Malta

by car

Getting to Xlendi Malta from Mgarr Harbour is very easy.

  • - When leaving Mgarr Harbour take the main road all the way to Victoria.
  • - When you pass Duke Shopping Mall (Victoria) take the first exit on the small roundabout.
  • Go straight on until you reach another small roundabout and take the second exit.
  • - Go straight then take a right on Triq Kappillan G Hili then immediately turn left on Triq Santa Dminka.
  • Take a right on Triq L Isptar San Giljan and go straight to the intersection.
  • - When you arrive at the intersection take a left on Triq tal-Ghajn and go straight down to Xlendi.

- If you are travelling by rented car, one will find a car park at the bottom of the hill and a few meters away from the centre of the resort.

Find Cheap Rates
Find Cheap Rates

public transport

The bus routes operate every hour in each direction all days of the week all through  winter and summer.

  • To Bay: 306, 330
  • To Victoria, Rabat: 306, 330
  • To Mgarr Harbour: Go to Victoria, Rabat and catch 301, 303 or 323

Gozo Sightseeing City Tours:

Sightseeing buses operate around the island from 09:40 till 17:40 every 45 minutes, visiting all the major attractions of the island, of which this bay is one of them.

This also offers another way of arriving at this location, also leaving one the option of visiting the other localities time permitting

Things You Find And Things To Do
Things You Find And Things To Do

Xlendi Malta Beach Quality:

- It is cleaned by the local authorities.

Beach Facilities:

- There is not much space where to bring you own chairs and umbrellas.
- If you succeed you can grab a bench along the right rocky side.
- Due to the small pebbly beach sunbeds are not rented.
- Further up the beach as show in the photo sunbeds and umbrellas are available on the right side of the outer bay facing the beautiful cliffs and blue deep sea water.
- Rest Rooms are on the right side of the beach close to the restaurants.

People sunbathing during a hot summer day

Bank Service:

- HSBC ATM available beside the parking area.

Persons with Less Mobility:

- There might be some inconvenience to succeed to swim but with some help you might do it.

Xlendi Malta Water Sports:

- It is possible to rent pleasure boats for various activities you wish to do while you are in Gozo.
- Diving is possible by Moby Divers and St. Anthony’s Dives Cove. They are located close to the beach offering a service to those who wish to taste the beauty of the Maltese archipelago under water beauty.

Scuba diving at Xlendi bay


- The sea will sometimes be rough and can be dangerous to swim in.

Bar-b-ques and Camps:

- They are both prohibited around the beach area.

Hotels and Villages in the vicinity:

- Villages are Fontana and Rabat

Hotel Xlendi Resort & Spa:

- Address: St. Simon Street, Xlendi Bay, Gozo
- Phone: +356 27553719 | +356 79284514

St. Patrick’s Hotel

- Address: Xatt ix-Xlendi, Munxar
- Phone: +356 2156 2951
Check Rates

Hotel San Andrea

- Address: Xatt Ix Xlendi, Il-Munxar
- Phone: +356 2156 5555
- Check Rates

Ulysses Aparthotel

- Address: Gostra Street, Xlendi Bay
- Phone: +356 2156 2951
- Check Rates

San Antonio Guesthouse

- Address: Tower Street, San Antonio Guest House, Xlendi
- Phone: +356 9949 6807
- Check Rates

Apartments in Gozo are numerous at this seaside location.

Xlendi Bay during summer

Cultural Attractions:

- The watch tower overlooks the entrance to this bay guarding its entrance.

- It was built with a purpose since the bay is well secluded by surrounding the high cliffs.

- The tower was constructed by the Knights of St. John, under the reign of Grand Master Lascaris during 1650.


- Along the road before you arrive to this location, one can find La Grotta disco – a popular location heavily frequented especially during the summer months.

- It is particularly popular with Maltese youths As it is considered t he place to be for the young generation on a summer Saturday night.

Gozo Restaurants:

- Around 20 restaurants are located in this tiny fishing village. All compete with each other and the good service and food quality is not to be missed.

- One would need to make a table reservation for certain restaurants during peak season either by phoning in advance or by having a stroll upon arrival checking out the different menus and then booking your table by the water’s edge.

Ta' Karolina

- Address: Triq L-Ghar ta Karolina, Munxar
- Phone: +356 2155 9675
- Hours: 12:00  15:00 & 18:30–22:30

The Boat House

- Address: Xatt ix-Xlendi, Xlendi Bay, Gozo
- Phone: +356 2156 9153 | +356 2756 7207 | +356 2155 7661
- Hours:
1st Oct to 30th June Daily: 12.00 - 22.00 (Last orders)
1st July to 30th Sept Daily: 12.00 - 22.30 (Last orders)
Fridays & Saturdays (all year): 12.00 - 22.30 (Last orders)

The Diamond

- Address: 16 Triq Sant Andirja, Xlendi
- Hours: 09:30 - 23:00
- Phone: +365 7904 2720


- Address: Munxar
- Hours: 18:00 - 23:00
- Phone: +365 2156 2100


- Address: Xlendi
- Hours: 10:00 - 23:00
- Phone: +356 2156 9899

Moby Dick

- Address: 4 Marina street, Xlendi bay, Gozo
- Hours: Open 24 hours
- Phone: +356 2156 1518

Il-Kcina Ghawdxija

- Address: Munxar
- Hours: 10:30 - 23:30
- Phone: +356 2156 9118

C Seven

- Address: Xatt Ix Xlendi, Il-Munxar
- Hours: Open today · 11:00 - 23:00
- Phone: +356 9984 4462

Gelateria Granola

- Address: Xatt Ix-Xlendi, Xlendi
- Phone: +356 9983 2159

Sea Shells Bistro

- Address: Munxar
- Phone: +356 2156 2937

Antonette's Snack Bar
- Address: Munxar
- Hours: Open today · 16:00 - 02:00
- Phone: +356 7770 0147

Pirate's Galley

- Address: Marina Str C/W Rabat Road, Gozo, Il-Munxar
- Hours: 10:00 - 24:00
- Phone: +356 9997 2401


- Address: Triq San Xmun, Xlendi
- Hours: Open today · 10:00 - 22:30
- Phone: +356 2155 5614


- Address: San Xmun, Il-Munxar
- Hours: 12:00 - 14:30 & 18:30 - 22:30
- Phone: +356 2155 8407

Stone Crab

- Address: Triq L-Ghar ta Karolina, Munxar
- Hours: 10:30 - 23:00
- Phone: +356 2155 6400

It - Terrazzo

- Address: It Terrazzo Restaurant, Xlendi Bay, Gozo
- Phones: +356 9948 6978

Ta' Nona

- Phone: +356 2155 0869

Da Manuel Restaurant

- Address: Il Kantra, Il-Fontana
- Phone: +356 2156 1022

Enjoy your holiday at Xlendi bay.

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