Malta Info Guide -
Our Advice To Discover Malta

Malta Info Guide -
Our Advice To Discover

Sister Islands Gozo & Comino. The Gems In The Middle
Of The Mediterranean Sea - Come And Visit Malta

Malta, a small island. Why come here?

Malta Info Guide is here to explore our archipelago. 

Barely visible on the world map yet well known for the sun, sea and 5,000 years of history.

We have lived on this wonderful island since we were born... and we love it!

We feel we are fortunate to enjoy the beauty of these islands surrounded by the Mediterranean sea with plenty of sunshine all year round. One of the beautiful places we have to relish is the Grand Harbour in Valletta. So we invite you to come here and experience it for yourself.

Grand Harbour view from Valletta side street

Our hospitality will help you feel part of this island either while you are on holiday, working or studying at university or even at one of our English Language Schools.

Explore our three Islands, where once you discover what they are all about, you will truly fall in love with these gems. Since it is in the center of the Mediterranean it has been inhabited by many civilizations throughout the ages giving it its rich history. You will be amazed with the cultural heritage that we have and what you can you learn from it.

Once you know what Malta Info Guide can provide you with, you will be able to plan your stay to the smallest detail.

Enjoy the beauty of our sea and sun as well as the variety of entertainment which is provided in localities throughout the islands, including beaches, shops, cafes, sports, food and drink.

The Upper Barakka Gardens in Valletta from where you can see a panoramic beautiful view of the Grand Harbour. An experience not to be missed for one of the best locations to be visited during a holiday.

The Grand Harbour view from Barrakka gardens
View of the inner harbour area from Upper Barrakka Garden Valletta

There is no doubt that you can find luxurious hotels in Malta...

Flights to and from Malta are surely not a problem. They cover many European destinations. You can find various low cost flights to our island.

The Maltese culture is blended with the versatile European culture and Mediterranean culture.

What about food and wine? Maltese people certainly know how to enjoy their food. That is why you find a thousand restaurants on our islands offering a variety of cuisine from different nations including local food, as well as international fast food chains.

If you are here on business you should still make time to enjoy all that we offer. Everyone falls in love with the warmth and hospitality of our people and you will want to remain here or come back to find your new friends.

MaltaInfoGuide is an invaluable resource which will help you plan your stay to make it as pleasant as possible.

Mdina Malta main entrance gate

Suggesting location to visit during your holiday... The silent city of Mdina. The main gate was built by Grand Master Antonio Manoel de Vilhena in 1724.

ll-karozzin (a horse drawn carriage) was a popular means of transport in the olden times. Today it is used to take tourists around the old city narrow streets.

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