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Are you planning to attend one of Malta's summer music festivals this year? The island has become a yearly hotspot for international festivals. Explore a variety of fun and engaging festivals, and find helpful tips on planning your holiday, including where to stay, what to do, and how to stay safe while enjoying the festivities.

Last Updated 3rd May 2024

summer music festivals - what to find on this page

  1. AMP Presents Lost & Found 2024
  2. Days Like This (DLT): Malta 2024
  3. Earth Garden Festival 2024
  4. Summer Daze Malta 2024
  5. Glitch Festival 2024
  6. Isle Of MTV Festival Malta 2024
  7. Abode On The Rock 2024
  8. World Club Dome Island Edition Malta
  9. Triip Festival Malta 2024
  10. Sunny Side Festival 2024
  11. Defected Malta 2024
  12. Useful Tips When Attending A Festival
  13. Weather During June, July and August
  14. Where to stay in Malta
  15. Things to do in Malta

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1. AMP Presents Lost & Found 2024

With great success, The Lost & Found Festival in Malta will be back again. A great four-day line-up of international artists will entertain you to a fusion of different music styles attracting different people to the Maltese islands and dancing away to all sorts of electronic beats!

It is held at a sea view club along the seashore of the Bugibba/Qawra area with venues from day to night at the Café Del Mar being part of the Malta National Aquarium complex. The festival ticket will give you access to all other venue locations on the islands.

More details about Lost & Found festival

  • When: Saturday 29th June to Tuesday 2nd July 2024 (unconfirmed dates)
  • Where: Café Del Mar, St. Paul's Bay
  • Genre: Electronic / House / Techno
Read more about the Lost & Found Festival

2. Days Like This (DLT): Malta

Get ready for the biggest and most exciting music festival in Malta this year! DLT: Malta, returns to the beautiful island hosting a 4-day music festival featuring some of the best DJs and musicians from around the world, including rising afrobeat stars Asake and Ayra Starr, dancehall favourite Dexta Daps, homegrown talents Amaria BB, Tiana Major 9, Kendrick Lamar collaborator SiR and many more.

The festival promises to be a spectacular celebration of music and culture, bringing together people from different parts of the world to enjoy some of the best talent music has to offer.

The return to Malta promises an incredible four full days of non-stop music, dance, and entertainment! With an electrifying atmosphere and unforgettable performances to be expected, DLT: Malta promises 2024 to be another one for the record books.

Details About DLT Malta

  • VenueSt Pauls Bay, Malta
  • When: Thursday 6th June to Monday 10th June 2024 and Thursday 13th June to Monday 17th June 2024
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useful tips when attending a festival

Although having fun is your main priority when attending a festival, some useful tips that will help you also stay safe. 

Carry Water and Sun Cream: Since these festivals are held in summer, the weather will be very hot. Some festivals usually start in the afternoon and go on till the evening, however, in the hours of the afternoon, the sun will be very strong so it is highly recommended to carry water, sun cream, sunglasses and a hat.

Clothing: For these festivals, dress very lightly with breathable clothing and comfortable shoes for long-standing hours. Do not carry extra clothing (ex. jackets and coats). You might want to take a light jersey in case it is a very windy day.

Valuable Items: Only take with you what you need. No extra things are needed. For the festivals, the most important things to carry are your phone, ID card, cash and keys. With contactless payments, you can pay with your phone. You can always carry an extra credit card with you just in case. Be aware of pickpocketing in the crowds.

Transportation: It is very wise to plan your transportation to the venue and back home. Keep in mind that plenty of people will book their taxis beforehand, as taxis are usually limited at certain times. If you intend to drink, make sure you have a designated driver to get you home safely.

Try Not To Get Lost: If you are coming here from a different country, you might not know the surrounding area of the venue. It is important to stay close to the venue and if you are attending with friends do not break apart from the group.

Some other relevant tips include being careful about your alcohol intake and being mindful of the noise levels.

3. Earth Garden Festival 2024

The Earth Garden has been held in Malta since 2007 with continuous success. It is held at the National Park at Ta’ Qali, an ideal open space for this type of festival. Various music stages with international actors perform diverse music genre such as ska, dub, reggae, electronic music, hip-hop and blues also including workshops, fitness and art.

Two naturally shaded camps offer visitors to group and interact. It is not just a festival with music but incorporates diverse ideas where people can interact between them.

Earth Garden Festival 2024 details

  • When: Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th June 2024
  • Where: National Park, Ta’ Qali
  • Genre: World, Reggae & Electronic
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4. Summer Daze Malta 2024

People taking in the colourful Summer Daze Festival in Malta.Summer Malta Music Festival | Summer Daze in Malta

Summer Daze Malta a dance music festival takes place during the peak summer month on the island of Malta. The main line-up is drawn from the world's top EDM, pop and house music with international supporting DJs. Various venue splendid locations are selected on the island to enhance the dance festival.

Summer Daze is a fusion between the internationally distinguished clubbing brand Creamfields and BBC Radio One a favourite for its remarkable number of listeners.

summer daze malta 2024 - summer music festivals

  • When: Sunday 11th to Sunday 18th August 2024
  • Where: Ta’ Qali National Park & St Paul’s Bay
  • Genre: Electronic / House / Pop
Explore More About The Summer Daze

5. Glitch Festival 2024

The crowd revelling in the lively Glitch festival, which brings techno music to the islands of Malta.Summer Music Festivals | Glitch Festival In Malta

The Glitch Festival is Malta’s unmissable house and techno genre experience. Hosted at the Gianpula Village on the outskirts between Rabat and Siggiewi. With chaotic boat parties, rooftop pool parties, after-parties and any of the Glitch Club Series nights organized at Gianpula, showcasing international royalty such as Carl Cox, Bicep, Ben Klock and many others that will make your house and techno experience an unforgettable one.

It is a highly anticipated event where electronic music enthusiasts from many different countries gather in Malta during the peak summer hot month to celebrate, not missing the sunshine and

Details About Glitch Festival malta

  • When: Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th August 2024
  • Where: Gianpula Village, Rabat
  • Genre: Electronic, House and Techno
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the weather during june, july and august

The festivals in this article occur between the months of June, July and August. The weather during these months is perfect and ideal. However, being that it is the peak of summer, the temperatures will rise. In June, the temperatures will vary between 20°C and 30°C (68°F to 86°F), whilst in July they will be around 32°C (90°F) and during August they will usually remain the same as in July but sometimes also rise close to 40°C (104°F). The evenings are usually quite warm as well, ranging at a temperature of around 23°C (73°F) for the three months. Rain is quite rare, however you might never know.

6. Isle of MTV 2024 - Summer Music Festivals

An enthusiastic crowd during the electrifying Isle of MTV Festival in Malta.Malta Music Festival | Isle of MTV Festival Malta

The Isle of MTV a great hit for the Maltese islands since 2007 has brought internationally renowned music icons performing on the great stage set up at the Granaries massive square at Floriana. Great crowds have visited Malta and with locals have always packed the venue to the full.

Due to its success, Malta Music Week has been established with several parties across several club venues on the island to keep on entertaining the local visiting crowds with further exposure of several international artists.

isle of MTV details

  • When: Tuesday 16th July 2024
  • Where: The Granaries, Floriana

7. Abode on the Rock 2024

Popular London promoters ABODE is back again in Gozo on the captivating splendid island with wonderful landscapes that blend perfectly with the rhythms. Great sunshine days, splendid beaches with the blue Mediterranean Sea, wild boat parties, and exclusive night-time locations are all soundtracked by ABODE's perfectly curated sound.

Gozo and ABODE will bless you with their best treat of this island’s tranquillity, striking landscapes and rugged terrain.

Abode on the Rock details

  • When: Thursday 20th to Monday 24th June 2024
  • Where: Gozo sister island of Malta
  • Genre: Electronic & House
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Where to stay on this lovely island

Choosing the perfect place to stay is crucial for a thrilling experience. You can choose between staying in the busy areas of St. Julian's, Paceville and Sliema where the nightlife never ends, in Valletta for a rich cultural experience, in Bugibba and Qawra for beach lovers or Gozo for a tranquil stay in a charming farmhouse or hotel.

Here are some guides to help you find out all the possibilities of accommodations.

8. World Club Dome Island Edition - Malta 2024

World Club Dome Malta is an EDM festival held in the town of Floriana,  next to the capital of Malta, Valletta. 

After a two-year hiatus, the acclaimed EDM brand World Club Dome, illuminating the Mediterranean, returns to the magical island of Malta to showcase some of the best names in contemporary dance music.

As World Club Dome Malta expands from a one-day event to a three-day rave following its amazing opening in 2019, one of Europe's most beautiful venues provides a great backdrop for big beats and more audiovisual sights.

Details About World Club Dome Island Edition Malta 2024

  • When: Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th August 2024
  • Where: Gianpula Village, Haz-Zebbug, Malta
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9. Triip Festival Malta 2024

There are many reasons why you should not miss TRIIP Festival 2024, which promises to be an immersive music and arts festival featuring live performances, interactive art installations, and cultural experiences. There will be a variety of artists and performers from all over the world playing at this festival set in a picturesque location. To fully experience the festival experience, attendees can expect an exciting weekend that will see them immersed in creativity, community, and celebration. Festival enthusiasts should not miss this one-of-a-kind event.

Details About Trip festival 2024

  • When: Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June 2024
  • Where: Uno Main Room - Uno Malta, Crafts Village, Ta'Qali
  • Genre: Rave
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10. sunny side festival 2024

Sunny Side Up Festival going on in Malta.Malta Days Festivals | Sunny Side Up Festival

Sunny Side Festival in Malta, May 17-19, 2024, will feature over 30 performances in various genres including House, Techno, Electro, and Breaks. Attendees can also enjoy daytime parties at Tortuga Beach, embracing Malta's seaside lifestyle and picturesque sunsets. The festival is hosted at Uno Malta, a renowned open-air venue near Malta's national park.

Details About Sunny Side Festival 2024

  • When: Friday 17th to Sunday 19th May 2024
  • Where: Uno Malta Club, Crafts Village, Ta' Qali
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11. defected malta 2024 - Summer Music Festivals

A weekend-long celebration of dance music in the Mediterranean awaits the third edition of Defected Malta next October 4-6, 2024. Featuring house music talent in a variety of venues, including Café del Mar at St. Paul's Bay, a surprise unique location, and UNO, a multi-room event venue known for its outstanding sound system and outdoor and indoor party areas. In addition, the event features intimate boat parties amidst sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, offering attendees an unparalleled weekend experience.

Details About Defected Malta 2024

  • When: Friday 4th to Sunday 6th October 2024
  • Where: Uno Malta, Crafts Village, Ta'Qali and Café Del Mar, St. Paul's Bay
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things to do in malta while visiting the Summer Music Festivals

People sitting on benches at Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta.Valletta Malta | Upper Barrakka Gardens

Apart from just visiting the summer music festivals, you can make the most out of your stay in Malta by visiting the rest of the island. Here are a few locations to explore to get a taste of the island.

Mdina and Rabat: Get a glimpse into some of Malta's oldest locations. Mdina, Malta's old capital shows its impressive narrow streets and ancient walls. Rabat on the other hand is a more residential yet gorgeous town. Here you can visit both St. Agatha's Catacombs and the impressive Roman Villa.

Capital City Valletta: Listed as one of the UNESCO sites, Valletta is extremely rich in history and culture. Visit sites like St. John's Co-Cathedral, Fort St. Elmo, and the Lower Barrakka Gardens and Upper Barrakka Gardens. Also, for an audiovisual show about the history of Malta visit the Malta Experience.

The Megalithic Temples: Go around the island exploring another part of Malta's history going back thousands of years such as Tarxien Temples, Hagar Qim, Mnajdra, and the underground Hypogeum.

Beaches: Exploring and swimming at one of Malta's most popular beaches is a must. There are many to choose from, Golden Bay, Mellieha Bay, or the more secluded Paradise Bay. Malta's sister island, Gozo, also has lovely beaches namely Ramla l-Hamra and Xlendi Bay.

Island of Gozo and Comino: A visit to one of these islands is worth it. Check out our detailed guides about Gozo and Comino. Popular sites include Blue Lagoon Comino and Citadel Gozo.

Each moment and day in Malta must be filled with diverse activities. We have dedicated guides for people choosing to visit Malta for two, three or four days.

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