Activities In Malta October 2024

Your Guide To The Best Stuff To Do And See During October

Date Last Updated: 30th January 2024

There are some exciting activities in Malta for October! Starting with Notte Bianca, then the Rolex Middle Sea Race, the Malta Classic Car and ending with Halloween. During this month the weather starts to get cooler but we still have sunny days which are exceptionally warm.

This guide provides insights into the best activities, attractions, and events for an enjoyable October visit.

Discover the festive spirit, cultural richness, and autumnal charm that Malta has to offer throughout this captivating month!

Activities in Malta October.Malta Autumn Countryside - Activities in Malta October

What To Do Whilst Here In malta in october

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october Events In Malta

Enjoy all that makes the Maltese experience so intriguing throughout October. Go month by month through the calendar to find a range of events that suit different preferences.

1. Notte Bianca 2024

Notte Bianca festival in VallettaThe Notte Bianca in the capital city Valletta, Malta

The Notte Bianca art and cultural festival light up the capital city Valletta for one night. It is the biggest festival that the capital experiences during the year one special night when many people visit the capital to music performed at different locations, dances in squares and streets, theatres open their doors for short performances, visual arts and all museums open their doors to everyone to see.

Various other historical buildings and state palaces open their doors for exhibitions and theatre performances.

Restaurants and bars open their doors to the public, attracting visitors to dine apart from being entertained by several varied street performances spread along the way.

Entrance is free of charge. It is advised to take public transport which service will be extended to accommodate everyone.

notte bianca details

  • Organizer: Malta Council for Culture and the Arts
  • LocationValletta Streets, museums, palaces, gardens and restaurants.
  • When: Saturday 4th October 2024
  • Phone+356 2339 7000

2. Malta Classic 2024

The Malta Classic attracts car enthusiasts from Malta and foreigners who come purposely for this event. It is organized in the old capital city Mdina. Three main competitions are held in the hill climb classified by the speed, power of the car and age.

The display of elegance entails the finest historic and collector automobiles. The grand prix is set in the most picturesque country streets beneath the Mdina fortifications.

malta classic details

  • Organizer: Malta Classic
  • Location: Mdina
  • When: Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th October 2024
  • Phone: +356 2133 9165

3. Rolex Middle Sea Race 2024

Boats racing in the Rolex Middle Sea RaceThe Rolex Middle Sea Race starting point from the Grand Harbour Valletta

The Rolex Middle Sea Race is one of the world’s most exciting and demanding offshore races have been labelled on the international scene as “one the most attractive routes in the world” bringing together some of the best sailing crews in the world. It is organised by the Royal Malta Yacht Club (RMYC).

Since 2021 Rolex has sponsored the race, the first race was in 1968 when slowly it grew in popularity becoming world famous. The 606-nautical mile race circumstances the island of Sicily.

The race starts and finishes from the spectacular Grand Harbour in Valletta seeing the yachts navigate the fortifications surrounding the harbour from all flanks is something to be witnessed.

rolex middle sea race details

  • Organiser: Rolex Middle Sea Race
  • Venue: Valletta
  • When: Saturday 19th October 2024
Click here for Rolex Middle Sea details

4. The Hamrun Chocolate Festival

The streets of Hamrun will once again host the chocolate festival. Many stalls will be on display where chocolate will be the ingredient of innovation and display in food and art. You will be able to buy various products made from chocolate and taste recipes created for this festival

Other attractions are centred on painting on canvas, sculptures, tattoos least body painting. It is an opportunity for families to take their children to be entertained at this festival.

hamrun chocolate festival details

  • Organizer: Hamrun Local Council
  • Venue: Hamrun
  • When: To be Announced
  • Contact: +356 2122 2020

5. Birgufest 2024

Birgufest celebrates its rich history and the beautiful architecture within its fortifications. The festival is celebrated at Birgu also known as Vittoriosa which is one of the oldest historical cities on the island.

It is a celebration on three days including historic re-enactments, reduced entrance fees for museums, exhibitions, and entertainment and the most popular is the Birgu by Candlelight event where the old narrow winding roads including the house facades are illuminated with candles create a magical romantic charming atmosphere.

If you intend to go you have to plan much before as the city is invaded by locals and tourists and parking might be difficult but it will be an unforgettable experience with several photos for your memories.

Birgufest details

  • Organizer: Birgu Local Councils
  • Venue: Vittoriosa
  • When: To be Announced

7. Malta Maritime Summit 2024

The Malta Maritime Summit was launched in 2018 as an international conference held every year bringing together the various stakeholders. The summit already had a great response with participants coming from 21 different countries.
It aims to draw the most important maritime collaborators and specialists from various countries around the world to share their views on the most hottest topics in the industry and the way forward in this industry.

Over the years Malta was classified at the top of the European Maritime League and sixth in the world, Malta has become a major flag player but has also consolidated its position in other aspects of the maritime industry.

Malta Maritime Summit details

  • Organiser: Malta Maritime Summit
  • When: Monday 7th to Friday 11th October 2024

8. malta village feasts for october

Take part in the colourful Maltese village feasts, where both culture and religion mix. There will be processions, liturgies, band marches, fireworks, and an array of vivid street decorations to captivate your senses. Enjoy a fully immersive cultural encounter that you won't be able to find anywhere else by taking part in the festivities dedicated to the patron saints of the village parish church.

Malta Village Feasts are scheduled for October and all other months.

9. halloween in malta

Discover a unique Maltese Halloween with spooky festivities and themed parties across Malta and Gozo. Enjoy haunted house experiences and costumed celebrations at iconic locations. Something is enchanting about Halloween in Malta for tourists searching for a hint of mystery.

Date: Thursday 31st October 2024

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Weather In Malta In october

Throughout October, Malta has a pleasant temperature that fluctuates throughout the month, making it a great month for outdoor activities. While it is still hot outside, it is refreshingly cooler in the mornings and evenings. If it doesn't rain or storm, it is still possible to sunbathe. Enjoy the mild weather that makes for fun outdoor activities and autumnal discoveries.

See our full summary of the weather in Malta during October.

Mdina in Malta.Piazza Del Bastione, Mdina in Malta

What To Do In Malta On Your Holiday In october

Explore the delights of October in Malta by browsing our comprehensive selection of varied activities designed to provide a memorable vacation. Take in the charming fall atmosphere, with delicious alternatives carefully divided into three categories: Malta, Gozo, and Valletta.

Things To Do In Malta in october

  • Take a relaxing walk alongside the imposing Dingli Cliffs and enjoy the most amazing sweeping vistas imaginable.
  • An interactive experience is provided by Malta's 5D theatre as part of the fascinating historical tour that it offers.
  • Spend an entire day in Mdina strolling through the streets and exploring the past of the city.
  • Visit the Domus Romana in Rabat, where you can see ancient Roman artefacts that have been preserved.
  • Malta boasts seven remarkable megalithic temples, each offering a captivating glimpse into the island's ancient history and architectural prowess.

Things To Do In Gozo In october

  • Explore the fascinating traditions of the Folklore Museum in Gharb and become fully immersed in the cultural fabric of Gozo.
  • Explore Ta' Dbiegi, the oldest crafts village, for handcrafted treasures, demonstrations, and distinctive, reasonably priced mementoes.
  • At Xlendi Bay relax on the beach, dine at one of the many restaurants, and admire the stunning Gozitan coastline.
  • Explore the famous Azure Window ruins and the breathtaking coastline landscapes of the 'Dwejra Bay' that are renowned for their beauty.
  • Take an all-inclusive Tuk-Tuk trip to see the island of Gozo, stopping at famous locations including Citadella, Marsalforn Bay, and Xlendi Bay. Experience the adventure.

Things To Do In Valletta In october

  • Discover the history of Casa Rocca Piccola through a guided tour.
  • Discover Lascaris War Rooms, a fascinating underground complex preserving the legacy of World War II.
  • The Malta Postal Museum in Archbishop Street has an interesting history of mail, which you can learn about.
  • Experience Valletta's forts and defences on a fascinating walking tour.
  • Check out the wealth of the Knights of St. John at the Grandmaster’s Palace including a visit to the Palace State Rooms And Armoury

suggestions tours in malta

tourist attractions in malta

Come explore the charms of this fascinating archipelago with us. We promise that with our carefully crafted list of attractions, you won't miss any of the island's must-see spots, resulting in lifelong experiences.

Mosta Village

Mosta Dome in Malta.

With a bustling town centre, traditional architecture, and a distinct cultural character, Mosta is a popular tourist destination with the neoclassical Mosta Rotunda.

Blue Lagoon Beach Malta

Blue Lagoon Beach Malta in Comino Island.

There is no doubt that the Blue Lagoon in Comino, Malta, is renowned for the tranquillity, the clear waters and the safety that it offers to snorkelers. A lot is going on, but it's serene, especially during the summer.

Gozo Heritage Day Pass

With The Gozo Heritage Day Pass, explore Gozo's past and culture at your own pace. It covers open-top bus tours, boat transfers, and admission to seven cultural sites, including the well-known Ġgantija Temples. A seamless tour of Gozo's rich history and culture is guaranteed with this one-day pass.

At a glance:

  • Take open-top buses, go on boat trips, and see seven heritage sites.
  • Get discounts on admissions, ferries, and buses with the combined one-day pass.
  • Catamaran sail to Gozo from Sliema or Bugibba, including return transport.
  • Take a 12-language audio tour on a hop-on-hop-off bus to see Gozo.
  • Explore the Citadel and get a taste of Victoria's capital.
  • Explore seven historical sites and museums to learn about the rich history of Gozo.

uNESCO world heritage sites

Discover the Neolithic story of Malta at the Megalithic Temples, ruins that reflect the architectural and cultural variety of this fascinating country. Check out all of Malta's UNESCO heritage sites.

Mnajdra Temples

The Mnajdra Temples in Malta.

With their star-shaped constructions, the UNESCO-designated Mnajdra Temples provide a glimpse into Malta's prehistoric wonders and limestone sanctuaries.


Valletta buildings in Malta.

Valletta, Malta's UNESCO-listed capital and Europe's smallest was constructed by the Knights of St. John in 1566, showcasing remarkable fortifications after their victory at the Great Siege.

Where To Stay In Malta during october

With their Mediterranean beauty and ancient charm, Malta and Gozo make a beautiful combination. Whether you're looking for a quiet getaway on Gozo, a coastal landscape in St. Julian's, or a lively metropolitan experience in Valletta, there are plenty of lodging options available. Offering accommodations ranging from opulent hotels tucked away in ancient towns to boutique guesthouses overlooking the sea, the islands offer the ideal combination of leisure and discovery.

Make intelligent choices about your stay by looking for reasonable rates and numerous accommodation choices on

Our detailed guide to Malta's events and activities in October will help you make the most of your stay. Whether you're looking for outdoor activities or cultural festivals, we have everything you need for a memorable holiday. There is still a lot to do in Malta if you decide to travel in September or November. Our goal is to ensure that your holiday is enjoyable and personalized.

Frequently Asked Questions For Activities In Malta october

Is October in Malta a good time to visit?

With somewhat cooler temperatures but still pleasant weather, October in Malta is an ideal month for outdoor activities and swimming. The locals drop off and the beaches become more peaceful, creating a laid-back atmosphere to be enjoyed on the beautiful sand beaches. Furthermore, the surrounding area is painted a vivid green colour when fresh rains arrive, further enhancing the beauty of the islands.

What are the main elements of the village feast celebrations, and are outsiders invited to participate?

The village feasts of Malta are joyful occasions open to all, including visitors. The festivities offer a captivating glimpse into Maltese and Gozitan traditions, from colourful processions to tantalizing dishes, melodious marching bands, and dazzling fireworks. This is a unique opportunity for tourists to create lasting memories amid the warm hospitality of the locals.

How much does Malta cost in October?

Because of the continued good weather, prices may stay high even with a decline in the number of visitors. The costs of tourist attractions, however, never change. Meal, shopping, and travel expenses usually don't change over the year.

How packed is Malta in October?

Malta experiences fewer tourists in October than it does throughout the summer, which creates a calm environment. Tourists may still enjoy great weather, many activities, and cultural events even in the absence of large people. It's the perfect time of year for outdoor recreation and touring in a more sedate atmosphere at a lower cost.

more upcoming events in malta

Apart from these events mentioned on this page, you can find more activities in Malta for September from the following links.

If you would like to add an event to our page, kindly contact us.

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