Dwejra Tower

Knights of Malta, Guarding The Coastline,
Dwejra Bay Most Visited Area In Gozo

The Dwejra tower was built during the reign of Grand Master Lascaris in 1652. It was funded by the Gozo Municipality who also provided it with guns and ammunition.

Dwejra Tower

Located not far off from the narrow road leading to the inland sea. It was built at high grounds overlooking the surrounding area to guard this strategic location very prone to pirate landings many hundred years ago. The watch tower although small but built on a vintage high point could communicate with other towers and fortifications with fire during the night and smoke during the day.

After 1746 the tower was used to guard the Fungus Rock and it had or supposed to have medicinal fungus that grew on it to cure the sick.

Between 1839 and 1873 soldiers from the Royal Malta Fencible Artillery were assigned to the Dwejra watch tower which was equipped with three 6-pounder cannons and two swivel guns. Little is known of what happened afterwards.

Dwejra Tower

In the year 1914, during World War l, Maltese troops from the King’s Own Malta Regiment and the Royal Malta Artillery were allocated to guard the coastline. During the Second World War the Tower was used as an observation post.

It has recently been restored by the Maltese Heritage Trust and is open daily except Saturdays. Look for the flag flying when it is open.

In 1652 to secure the bay and also to prevent unauthorized access to Fungus Rock.

View of the Dwejra Inland Sea from the Watch Tower

Recent times

The tower was in complete decay. It was handed over to Din l-Art Helwa a Maltese voluntary organisation purposely established to safeguard the historic, artistic and natural heritage of Malta. It was completely restored and now it is open to the general public for free. It is a must to see. From the roof there are splendid views of the Fungus rock, and all the surrounding areas.

At one time external steps were added leading up to the first floor entrance which was the guard room and living area with a well. On the roof there is a small gun powder store.

The Dwejra tower remains as a landmark which merits a visit. 

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