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We share with you a few words about us and our website

In 2012 I had the inspiration and willingness to start my site Maltainfoguide.com. As my desire to express my knowledge and love about our islands.

My name is Albert, the person behind this website. After some time my son Benjamin got interested in what I was doing. I started explaining and discussing the software I was using and how I was implementing the various ideas about Malta. Since then we worked hand in hand.

Having found a very friendly software known as SiteSell, we were able to understand how to build this website more easily. We discuss a variety of details on which we build our pages together. Now we are on this journey together, building this site of love. We love sharing our knowledge to help travellers come to the islands. It is fun to help people who share your interest. Benjamin is very passionate about the Internet and all that is around it. As a young person he inspires me with many fresh and original ideas.

Since we live on these islands we have plenty of opportunity to review our information and to keep Malta Info Guide up to date. We love to go to take photos together and visit activities on which we write our pages and present some of the many photos we take. We are careful what we say and present taking into consideration those people who will be reading in order to give them the best impression of our islands.

My family supports us all the way. It is our motto that we support each other in what we do. My wife and myself, with two children of whom we are very proud.

All the site photographs are original and not copyright-free images. They are not to be used unless you send us your request.

We do not have any connection with any other site related to Malta. The material on this site reflects our personal experiences and opinions.

So MaltaInfoGuide.com contains a wide spectrum of information that you require to help you plan your trip to these islands. New information is included on a regular basis and if there is something which you do not find please drop us a question, we will happy to send you our reply.

You can find:

History related pages, sightseeing information, ongoing activities.

We have lots of beaches both sandy and rocky where you can swim and sunbath more than six months during the year.

Essential information about the construction of Valletta.

Visit famous attraction around the islands like Azur Window, Blue Grotto, Blue Lagoon

Visit Malta's old capital city Mdina

Several unique tips you will find on these islands and what we suggest for you to try, food, locations...

We thank you for visiting Malta Info Guide. We hope it helped you get the information you wish to find and hope to visit us again to Malta! – come back soon!

We appreciate that you found the time to read this and hope it gave you some insight who we are and why we are doing this website.

Best of All,

Albert and Benjamin

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