Ramla il-hamra beach Gozo

The Largest Beach On The Island

Ramla Bay Gozo is situated at the bottom of the valley in the north of Gozo beneath the villages of Xaghra and Nadur. You can reach it through the main road of Nadur.

It is the biggest sandy beach in Gozo and its unique reddish/golden coloured sand together with its surrounding features makes it stand apart from all the other beaches in Malta and Gozo.

This bay is wonderful! One can truly relax here and feel removed from the daily grind. Here life stops for a breather and relaxation is surely guaranteed!

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Many Maltese, Gozitans and tourists never miss an opportunity to come here for a swim or a glimspe of the vista from the viewing gallery during their holidays in Malta.

In the middle of the sandy beach there is an eye-catching statue of the Holy Mary with baby Jesus in her arms, a testimony to the strong religious faith of the Gozitans.

People sunbathing at Ramla Bay Gozo

Although the bay is very popular, there is ample space for everyone and the beach is never overly crowded. Parts of the shoreline are more pebbly than others making these areas a bit difficult to go out at sea but after a few meters it clears out.

At the far side of the beach, there are no pebbles and entry into the sea is easier.

Ramla Bay Gozo and Golden Bay have a particular characteristic about the sand colour which attracts so many people to these beaches.

How to get to Ramla Il-Hamra Beach

by car

Getting to Ramla Il-Hamra by driving can be tricky if you do not know how to get around Gozo. But although it can be tricky, using a GPS will make life easier to get there. Parking is available just by the bay. Parking is also available further up from the bay along the main road.

by public transport

  • To 'Ramla' Bus Stop (Direction to Victoria): Direct routes 302, 322
  • To 'Ramla' Bus Stop (Direction to the Marsalforn): Direct routes 322
  • To/From Victoria: Direct Routes 302

What you find at the beach

  • Beach Quality - The bay is included in our blue flag beach list.
  • You can easily rent deckchairs and umbrellas from mobile vans situated beside the beach entry point or you can bring your own.
  • Wheelchair Accessibility - The beach is accessible for wheelchairs. There is a timber walkway over the sand which facilities walking over the sand.
  • Public Rest Rooms - There are public restrooms beside the car park.
  • Food and Drinks - There is a restaurant at the entrance of the bay.
  • Parking - There are parking areas near the beach for easy parking.
  • Bar-B-Ques and Camps are not permitted on the beach.
  • There are swimming zones for the months of May to September.


  • No specific warnings unless the sea is rough that one should be careful.
  • This is mostly during the winter time and does not affect much of the swimming period.
People playing sports at Ramla Il-Hamra Beach

Interesting Things about The Beach

closest village

The closest village is Xaghra and slightly further up is the village of Qala.

beaches around the island

cultural attractions

  • Mixta Cave, is a hidden gem on the hills of Ramla Bay.
A view of Ramla L-Hamra from Mixta cave.

calypso cave

  • Calypso Cave used to be open to the public, but due to it collapsing, it is not open anymore.
  • The viewing gallery is situated at the top of the hill on the right side of the bay just beside the famous Calypso Cave. Everyday tourists visit this location to see this beauty. During the rainy season the water washes out at the end of the valley creating a water channel across the sandy beach out to sea.

knights of malta construction remains

  • Submerged wall constructions across the bay to obstruct vessels trying to reach the shore.
  • Three batteries were constructed one on each side of the bay and one in the middle traces of which can still be seen behind the white statue.
  • A cannon cut out of rock known as fougasse with a barrel of around two metres. If fired against the enemy this would have caused havoc.

remains dating to the romans

  • The Romans had built public baths at this location during the fourth and fifth century. They were built on the side of the bay very close to the fortifications built by the Knights of Malta.
  • They were discovered in 1910 and were buried again after the required studies were completed.

Special Area Of Conservation

Ramla Bay Gozo has been declared a special area of conservation. The Gaia Foundation, a non profit organisation, has been entrusted as a Coast Zone Manager for the site since 2005.

Their main objectives of conservation of indigenous plants and animals and their habitats; regeneration of native vegetation communities; and promoting recreational activities.

The view of Ramla L-Hamra Bay

Sand Dunes

At the back part of the beach one finds intact sand dunes which are a rarity for the Maltese islands. Through their formation they support rare species of flora, fauna that are only found in Malta. Due to their ecological importance these sand dunes have been protected under Maltese Law.

Enjoy your time at Ramla l-Hamra Gozo. The best of Malta and Gozo beaches.

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