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getting from sicily to malta by ferry

The Sicily to Malta ferry does trips to both Sicily and Malta. They can both be reached by ferry and by plane. It is possible to bring your car down by ferry as well.

What You Need to Know About the sicily to malta ferry

Is it worth coming to Malta from Sicily by ferry?

  • When you aren't bringing your car, we would recommend you come by plane, as the flight only takes 20 minutes, as opposed to the ferry which takes between 1 hour 30 minutes and 3 hours.

What documents do I have to bring on the Sicily to Malta ferry?

  • It is best to have all your identification with you when traveling by ferry, which includes an I.D. card as well as a passport. Be sure your documents are valid.

The information contained in this page is also relevant to people travelling from Malta to Sicily.

Virtu Ferries Service

Ferry to Sicily from malta
Virtu Ferries is heading towards the Virtu Ferries terminal from Sicily to Malta.

Virtu Ferries is one of the companies that offer services from Pozzallo, Sicily to Valletta, Malta and vice versa.

How long does it take to cross to each island?

  • Each trip is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

What is the schedule of the Sicily to Malta ferry?

  • There are 16 trips weekly to and from Sicily and Malta. For the exact ferry departure timings you could check them by checking their availability.

purchase virtu ferries tickets

Using Direct Ferries you can purchase your tickets to and from Sicily or Malta.

All tickets are purchased on a secure and user-friendly website.

The following are the Sicily to Malta ferry ports.

malta port: virtu ferries terminal valletta

  • Virtu Ferries Terminal is located in Marsa around a kilometer from Valletta waterfront.
  • Address: Virtu Passenger Terminal, Xatt L-Ghassara Tal-Gheneb Marsa, MRS 1917 Malta

how to get to virtu ferries terminal

There is a bus stop near the terminal called 'Hatab'.

  • Route 130 - The circular route leaves from Valletta bus terminal.

Those arriving from other parts of the island can take the bus from their villages to Valletta and then take the 130 directly to the terminal.

  • There is always the option of taking a taxi to the terminal.
  • You can either drive down to Valletta and follow the signs to the port or enter 'Virtu Ferries Passenger Terminal' on your GPS.

sicily port: porto di pozzallo, sicily

  • Porto Di Pozzallo is the largest of the Free municipal consortium of Ragusa in Sicily.
  • It is located in the south of the island, about 90 kilometers from Malta. Daily catamaran connections connect the island to Malta. Catania is about 120 kilometers away from Pozzallo.
  • Address: Via, 97016 Pozzallo Ragusa, Italy

how to get to porto di pozzallo

  • There are no public transport buses that come to Pozzallo port.
  • The best way to come is by taxi unless you are coming with your personal vehicle.

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Ponte Ferries Service

Travelling From Sicily to Malta
Ponte Ferries coming in to the Grand Harbour.Credit: Ponte Ferries

Ponte ferries is another company that provides fast service trips to Sicily and Malta. This ferry does services between Valletta Cruise Port, Malta and Port of Augusta, Sicily. The trip takes around 3 hours each way.

tickets to take the ferry

Ticket purchases can be made through the Ponte Ferries website.

ponte ferries schedule

You can check the schedule to see when the ferries depart. For any further information, it is recommended that you visit the Facebook page.

  • Check out the Ponte ferry schedule here.
  • You can also visit their Facebook page by clicking here.

The Ponte ferries only berth in the following two ports.

malta port: Valletta cruise port, Malta

  • Valletta Cruise Port is located just outside Valletta, close to the Valletta Waterfront, and only a few minutes' walk from the Upper Barrakka Lift.
  • You can take the lift up the upper Barrakka Gardens, which are within Valletta's perimeter, from where you can walk to any part of the capital.
  • Address: Vault 1, Upper Floor, Pinto Wharf, Valletta Waterfront, Floriana FRN 1913, Malta

how to get to valletta cruise port

The bus stop closest to the terminal is called 'Waterfront'.

  • Route 130 - The circular route leaves from Valletta bus terminal.

You can take the bus from your village to Valletta then take the 130 directly to the terminal if you are coming from another part of the island.

  • You can always take a taxi which will stop you in front of the terminal.
  • To come here by car, enter 'Valletta Cruise Port' on your GPS or head down to Valletta and follow the signs to the port.

sicily port: Porto di Augusta, sicily

  • Porto Di August is one of the main harbours in Italy, located on the eastern coast of the island of Sicily. Catania is about 45 kilometers away.
  • Address: 96011 Augusta, Province of Syracuse, Italy

how to get to porto di augusta

  • There is no public transport near the port, so it is best if you take a taxi.
  • If you do take public transport, it will stop you in the town of Augusta where you will still have to take a taxi to the port.

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