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Mellieha Bay Malta

Largest Sandy Beach In Malta

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The beach is a favorite because it offers...

Mellieha bay Malta tends to be very crowded on the weekend during the peak summer months from mid - June to beginning September.

Beach quality: Blue Flag Program.

Beach facilities: There are four kiosks which  serve a variety of snacks ranging from burgers, hot dogs and chips to  the traditional Maltese “ftira” – fresh Maltese bread filled with tuna, olives and tomatoes.

Getting there: It is important to get to Mellieha by bus and proceed all through until you reach the beach. I would reword: It is probably easier to get there on public transport as parking tends to be a problem especially on weekends and public holidays. Be sure to get a bus which goes to the beach rather than one which stops at the village center.

Public transport: It is served well with ongoing buses since the road is the route to the Gozo Ferry at Cirkewwa. During peak summer weekends the buses tend to be fairly full so you have to plan beforehand to catch the bus if you need to go somewhere else.

From Valletta: Buses  every 30 minutes from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.

From Bugibba: Buses every 20 minutes from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm (Winter till 7:10 pm).

From Sliema: Buses – every 30 minutes from 8:45 am till 6:15 pm.

General view of Mellieha Bay Malta also known as Ghadira.

Parking: The beach is along the main road from Mellieha bay to Cirkewwa Gozo Ferry Terminal. On both sides of this road there is ample parking along this stretch of road. It is free of charge. Though it will be important to arrive early to find parking especially during summer weekends. It is advisable to be careful to cross the road after having parked the car along the main road.

Persons with disabilityWheelchair ramps are provided along the beach. One has to look for them but they are usually located near the stairs leading from the promenade down to the beach.

Rest rooms: The beach facilities do offer toilet facilities. Apart from these there are two public toilets, one on the first section of the beach and the other at the far end beside the last beach facility.

Water Sports: A variety of water sports are available along the beach. One can book on the spot from the local beach facilities or mobile kiosks.

Warning: There are no underwater currents.

Beach furniture: You can bring your own umbrella and chairs to the beach.

Bar-b-ques: They are not allowed on the beach, only in designated areas. A permit has to be sought from the Mellieha local council days before. Bins are provided for the littering of charcoal.

Camps: Erection of tents is not permitted.

Shopping: There are several kiosks along the beach for renting of beach umbrellas and sunbeds.

Other kiosks sell drinks and locally flavored and international brand ice creams apart from locally made beach snacks.

At the far end of the beach, there is a mobile shop parked along the road where you can find the bare necessities like bottled water, fruit, canned food, and other essential things. This is ideal for those who are on holiday and not being aware of the local shops locations.

Closest village: Mellieha

Closest beaches: Paradise bay, Anchor Bay (Location of Popeye Village), Armier bay and beside it Little Armier bay. They are located further up the main road leading to the Gozo Ferry Terminal. Then there are signs were one can follow to the right beach you wish to visit.

Mellieha hotels:

  • Hotel Riu Seabank & Spa
  • Mellieha Bay Hotel Malta
  • Mellieha Holiday Centre

All three hotels are located along and close to the beach. They offer their own beach facilities apart from their food and drink services.

Surely you can choose a Mellieha hotel an apartment or a guesthouse at Mellieha village.

  • Maritim Antonine Hotel & Spa
  • Panorama Hotel
  • Pergola Club Hotel & Spa
  • Solana Hotel & Spa
  • Splendid Guesthouse
  • Bella Vista Apartments

Other hotels:

Leaving Ghadira Bay road to the Gozo Ferry Terminal there are three hotels enjoying fantastic views.

Paradise Bay Resort Hotel, Cirkewwa

Riviera Resort & Spa, Marfa

Ramla Bay Resort, Marfa

They all have a direct view of Gozo and Comino islands.

Area Food & drink

Various beach lidos and mobile food kiosks along the bay offer food and a variety of locally made ice creams.

Other Facilities Around the Mellieha bay Malta

Popeye Village Fun Park

It was developed for the Film Set of 1980 Musical Production Popeye to a major tourist attraction.

It is located on the other side of Mellieha Bay at Anchor bay.

Camping Site

Adventure Campsite, Ahrax, Limits of Melllieha. It is the only official campsite for camping, caravan and mobile home part in Malta.

Cultural Attractions

The Red Tower

The Red Tower or Fort St. Agatha was built by Grand Master Lascaris in 1648. It is located just up hill from Ghadira Bay and has a commanding view over a wide area up to Gozo and Comino up to Mdina.

Foresta 2000

The aim is to restore a large area of natural habitat providing more protection to birds, insects and other wildlife.  Many hundreds of trees have been planted by school children and through public donations.

Bird Sanctuary

A fresh water haven for migrating birds is located at Ghadira Bay beside the main road. It is of ecological importance as it encloses two types of habitats which are very rare in Malta: wetland and saltmarsh. Do not miss a visit to the Mellieha bay bird sanctuary.

Enjoy your time at Mellieha bay Malta.

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