Malta Armier Bay

Small Sandy Beaches In Malta Away From The Crowds
Quietest Of All Malta Natural Beaches

Malta Armier Bay is located at the northern tip of Malta known as Bajjet l-Armier, further up by around three kilometers from Mellieha Bay. It is situated in a very green cultivated area of Mellieħa known as L-Ahrax.

It is made up of two bays adjacent to each other, one smaller than the other with the smaller bay called Little Armier. They are separated from one another by a small stretch of rocky coast.

The location is perfect for a relaxing day away from all noises of traffic and congestion. Exactly in front of the bays there is Comino and further to the right there is Gozo. The views are surely not lacking.

It is recommended to visit these bays for the quiet ambient, no passing traffic. In fact they are accessed through a separate road per bay and these are still narrow rough roads. Although the bays are very close to each other however it is better to walk the rough road between them.

The sea is very clear and is said that it is similarly clear to that of the Blue Lagoon in Comino and Hondoq ir-Rummien in Gozo. All three located in this area almost facing each other. There can be strong swells from the north since the bay is well exposed to the open sea and this is the reason why the sea is always so clean.

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The approaching roads leading to these bays are well indicated with signage and the separate roads leading to each bay still bumpy and narrow. Not many cars pass from here except those who come to these bays and the many Maltese that have their boat houses here.

All the area around these roads is cultivated with Maltese style rubble walls where the stone is of a different contour than that of other areas. One can observe the different structure of the rocks. In fact the rubble walls are built with this type of stone which gives a different characteristic to this area.

Armier Bay is an ideal beach away from the daily routine.

What do people say about this bay?

"Beautiful crystal clear waters and lovely golden sands on this amazing beach. one of my favourites in the resort"

"Amazing beach with clear water. Should be still better in the summer. Can't wait to go there again and swim."

How to get to Armier Bay

By Car:

- Proceed to the village of Mellieha, go to Ghadira Bay and straight on until you reach the top of the hill where there is a roundabout.
- Take the second exit on the roundabout towards Armier.
- Then follow the long straight road for about 2km then take the fourth turning on the left.
- Then go straight until you reach the car park.
Spacious parking areas are available for each bay and there should not be any problem to find parking areas are full.

By Public Transport:

- From Valletta: 41, 42 - Stop at Ahrax bus stop. Then walk for 1.5km to beach
- To Qammiegh Bus Stop: 101, 221, 222
It is recommended that if you aren't renting a car, you take a taxi to the beach since walking to Armier bay from the bus stop is too long especially since it will be very hot.

This Beach Offers
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Armier Bay Quality:

- The bay is kept clean all the time.

Beach Facilities:

- Public rest rooms are not available but the restaurants provide adequate rest rooms for the public.
- You can easily rent sunbeds and deckchairs from the two beach clubs or else bring your own.

Persons with less mobility:

- Since the beaches are adjacent to the narrow road arriving at the beach, there should be locations where one access the sandy beach with minimal help.


- No specific warnings except that there can be swells coming inwards to the sandy beach due to the open sea in front of the bays.

Armier Bay Malta Restaurants:

-  Ray's Lido which serves the smaller bay. It is open all year round and offers good food as well as beach facilities including sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports.

- The Baia Beach Club is located between the two bays at the sea's.

Find Your Hotel
Find Your Hotel

Bar-b-ques and Camps:

- They are allowed on the beach without the necessity of any permit. If there will be more than 15 persons a permit is to be sought from the Mellieha local council. It is recommended to book early.

- Camps are not permitted at Malta Armier bay

Closest Village:

Xaghra village is close by and slightly further up the village of Qala.

Cultural Attractions:

- Grand Master Martin de Redin built a watch tower in 1658 to improve the defense of the Maltese coast. It is also known as the White Tower which has a Pill Box dating back to the time of the British Services. It was used during World War ll for the defense of the Malta's airspace from Italian and German war plane attacks.

- The Vendome battery built by the Knights of Malta is located on the side of the larger bay.

Enjoy your time at Armier bay.