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Date Last Updated: 27th June 2020

Hypogeum in Malta, also known as Hal Saflieni is one of Malta's oldest burial ground dating back to 4000 BCWhy not take the opportunity to visit the world's most fascinating underground burial site while on you holiday in Malta.

It is an unusual location were thousands of people visit each yearly. With only a limit of 10 people per tour (Maximum 8 tours per day) it is highly recommended that you book months due to high demand.

It is recognised as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites for its outstanding prehistoric importance. It is the only known subterranean structure of the Bronze Age with three levels underneath each other.


Tickets are not available at the moment. As the Hypogeum will open, tickets will commence.

What You Need To Know About Hypogeum in Malta

Admission to the Hypogeum Malta

For those who love history, Hypogeum is a must. So if you intend travelling to Malta you have to book much in advance, at last a couple of weeks or months before as you will find that they are booked well in advance. It depends on tourist summer peak times to low season winter times. 

We suggest that you consider booking the tickets from here. Often fully booked from weeks in advance.

opening hours

  • Monday to Sunday: 09:00 – 17:00
  • Last admission 16:00
  • Closed on 24th, 25th and 31st December, 1st January and Good Friday.

How To Book Hypogeum Malta Tour

  • Firstly select when you would like to attend this tour.
  • Secondly select the number of adults (€40), teens (€25), children (€20) and/or senior citizens (€25) which will be attending the tour.
  • Enter 'maltainfoguide' in the coupon box to get a 5% discount.
  • After you have selected the information, click book now.
  • The next step is to fill up a form with your necessary details.
  • Choose your payment method then click Confirm Booking.

Enter 'maltainfoguide' in the coupon box to get a 5% discount
Tickets purchased are not refundable or exchangeable.

Ticket Prices To Hypogeum Malta

  • Eight Guided tours each day.
  • Each tour can only allow up to 10 people.
  • Length of each tour is 50 minutes long.

Guided Tours Tickets

  • Adults: (18 - 59 years of age) - €40.00
  • Children: (6 - 11 years of age) - €20.00
  • Youth: (including aged 12 - 17) - €25.00
  • Seniors: (60 years and over) - €25.00
  • Infants: (1 – 5 years) – No admission 

Audio Visual Show Tickets

There is an option to buy tickets for the audio visual 20 minutes show about the site but with no access to the Hypogeum.

  • Adults: (18 – 59 years): €5.00
  • Youths: (including aged 12 - 17) - €3.50
  • Students, Concessions - €3.50
  • Seniors: (60 years and over) - €3.50
  • Infants: (1 – 5 years): No admission

Are there last Minute tickets?

  • Yes there are but we DO NOT recommend them.
  • They are €40 each for everyone including children.
  • Twice daily at 12:00 and 16:00 there are tours for last minute ticket buyers.
  • When buying these tickets they are valid for the day after and not for that current day.
  • The tickets are not available online but you will need to purchase them the day before from Fort St Elmo in Valletta or the Gozo Museum of Archaeology at Citadel, Gozo.

Are the last minute tickets worth it?

  • NO they are not. Why?
  • As it is a hassle while on holiday as you waste so much time in the queue and to get there, when you can pre-book your tickets from the comfort of your home by clicking this button and also you can also get a 5% discount on your total by entering 'maltainfoguide' in the coupon box.
  • People often start queuing at 06:00 am and the office opens at 09:00. At the same time you are not sure if you will get a ticket as they are also sold in Gozo.

Enter 'maltainfoguide' in the coupon box to get a 5% discount
Tickets purchased are not refundable or exchangeable.

What to expect in the tour

Your visit is split into two, first the audio-visual show and then the actual tour inside the underground site. They are located in the same premises.

audio-visual show

  • The beginning of the tours starts with an audio-visual show.
  • The immersive audio-visual show is powerfully compelling and sets the scene before being lead down to the incredibly impressive underground burial site.
  • The narration with a hand-held wand is very well done with articulate information and atmospheric sounds.
  • This is the only prehistoric burial site accessible to the public.....mind-blowing!

the underground tour

  • After, you will be led into the Hypogeum itself.
  • The tour will guide you through all levels of the site.
  • With lighting and music effects it really takes you into a mystic tour giving you an experience not to be missed.
  • A well worth experience not to be missed.

Practical Information About The Tour

  • Tours start exactly on time. You must arrive 15 minutes before. Late arrivals might be refused to enter.
  • Tours lasts for 50 minutes.
  • You are advised to wear comfortable closed shoes for safety reasons due to high humidity levels.
  • No sandals are permitted.
  • No filming and photography are permitted inside the premises even without the flash.
  • Any backpacks you carry they will be locked up in lockers before you enter.
  • Children under the age of 6 years are not permitted inside the premises due to health and safety reasons.
  • If there are persons who might be sensitive to claustrophobia they might have some discomfort.
  • The audio-visual presentation is accessible to wheelchairs within the Visitors Centre. 
  • The Hypogeum in Malta archaeological underground temple is NOT accessible to wheelchairs.
  • For visitors who will not be able to use the audio guide provided at the Visitor’s Centre may request a written copy of the script in English at least a week before their visit.
  • At the entrance there is a small souvenir shop where you can purchase a souvenir.

Hypogeum Malta How To Get There

Private Car

Hypogeum in Malta is located at Hal Saflieni Street, Paola. To find the exact location, see the map below. It is around 400 meters away from Paola church.

Getting to Hypogeum is quite easy. Parking close to the premises might be slightly difficult as it is situated in a residential area. A parking area is not available so you will have to go round the neighbouring streets to find.

Malta Public Transport

Follow the signs from the bus stop. It is around 5 minutes walk away from the Paola Parish church.

The two bus stops closest to Hypogeum in Malta are 'Ipogew' and 'Pjazza'.

  • To 'Pjazza' Bus Stop (Direction to Valletta): Direct routes 81, 82, 83, 84, 88, 206, X2, X3.
  • To 'Ipogew' Bus Stop (Direction to the South of Malta): Direct routes 81, 82, 84, 85, 88, 206.
  • To/From Valletta: Direct Routes 81, 82, 83, 84, 88.

Hop-On Hop-Off Routes:

  • The Red South Route for both sightseeing operators namely Malta Sightseeing & City Sightseeing Malta pass from here with a stop at the main road a minute walk to the visitors centre.

Since the tour will be with a group and a guide they all start on schedule so leave substantial time to get there in order to be on time.

Hypogeum Malta is a unique must see attraction.

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