Golden Bay Malta
The Golden Like Sandy Beach

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Golden Bay Malta is one of the most popular beaches on the Maltese Islands, both with Maltese and tourists alike. The bay is situated North West of Malta, very close to Ghajn Tuffieha Bay whilst further south there is Gnejna Bay.

The bay is bordered by high hills. On the left side of the bay lies a watch tower that dates back to the Knights of Malta. On the right side is a very popular 5-star hotel called Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta Golden Sands which has enhanced the location appearance.

Golden Bay Malta is also very popular during the evening, as once the sun sets, several families and groups of friends meet up at the beach, fire up a barbeque and enjoy the summer night by the sea.

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People sunbathing at Golden Bay Malta.

Getting to Golden Bay is easy, both by public transport and by car. There is ample parking although the areas beside the beach are mostly full during the peak summer months. Parking is also available further up from the bay along the main road.

Lifeguards and a flag system are used to help indicate the conditions of the sea and make sure it is safe for swimming. These are only available during the summer months between 15th June and 15th September. They are operated by the Malta Tourist Authority.

How To Get To Golden Bay Malta

by car

Getting to Golden bay by driving is easy as it is in a secluded area of Malta. Parking is easy as there are two parking areas, one at the top of the stairs near the Radisson Golden Sands hotel and another one uphill from the hotel. Parking is free however if there is a parker, they do expect to get tipped. Parking is also available further up from the bay along the main road.

A few hints of how to get to Golden Bay Malta

  • It is best to get the St. Paul’s bay bypass or Xemxija main road.
  • If you are coming from St. Paul's Bay bypass, at the roundabout take the first exit and keep on for a few kilometres until you reach the beach.
  • If you are coming from Xemxija, at the roundabout take the second exit and keep going for a few kilometres until you reach the beach.
  • It is the same road which takes you to Ghajn Tuffieha Bay too.

By Public Transport

  • From Valletta: Direct Bus 44, every 30 minutes from 05:45 to 21:15. The trip takes around 1 hour.
  • From Bugibba, Qawra and St. Paul's Bay: Direct Bus 223, every 60 minutes from 07:30 to 20:30. Trip duration around 20 minutes. Bus number 225 passes through the St. Paul's Bay main road.
  • From Sliema and St. Julian's: Bus 225, every 60 minutes from 05:50 till 20:50. Trip duration around 60 minutes.

Note: Duration of trips can vary depending on the traffic along the way. Before arriving at Golden Bay, the bus stops at Ghajn Tuffieħa Bay. The stop called 'Riviera'. After that it will then go to “Għajn Tuffieħa Bus Terminus”.

where is golden bay malta on the map?

Pros And Cons About Golden Bay Malta


  • Blue Flag Certified beach.
  • Wheelchair accessible.
  • Can be reached very easily both by car and public transport.
  • Restaurants and kiosks available around the beach.
  • Family-friendly beach.
  • There are swimming zones across the bay for safety.
  • A great beach for evening barbeques and stunning sunsets.
  • A hotel just by the beach.


  • A very busy bay during the summer season especially due to having a hotel just by the beach.

What You Find At The Beach

Beach Facilities/Amenities

  • You can easily rent sunbeds and umbrella from the beach club.
  • Wheelchair Accessibility - The beach is easily accessible for disabled persons through a ramp at the lower end of the car park down to the sand. Also on the beach there are walkways easily for wheelchair access.
  • Public Rest Rooms - There is a public restroom in the main car park beside the beach. Restaurants provide adequate rest rooms for the public.
  • Food and drinks - There are restaurants both near the beach and in the hotel.
  • Parking - There are parking areas near the beach for easy parking.
  • Bar-B-Ques and Camps not permitted unless you apply for a permit from the Mellieha local council. The permit is only applicable for Barbeques and not camps.

golden bay malta restaurants

Restaurants near the bay:

  • Spiaggia D'Oro also known as Munchies, Bar Pizzeria & Grill – Located directly on the sandy beach, is the perfect eating and meeting place for unwind and relax.
  • Apple’s Eye – serving international cuisines – Located at the far top end of the bay with a wonderful location and view.

Restaurants and bars offered by the Radission Hotel:

  • Flavours – Sunday lunch buffet from October through June.
  • Agliolio – An Italian style dining restaurant which is very popular with Maltese.
  • Pebbles Bar & Ice Cream Parlour – Located beside the beach in the Sands Tower.
  • Mokka Lobby Bar & Terrace – Located in the Sunrise Tower, offers green tea, coffee, snacks, desserts and appetisers.
  • Lagoon Bar & Restaurant – Dine alfresco overlooking the bay.
  • Swizzles Bar – Serves fine wines, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages in a relaxing environment.
  • Essence Bar – Overlooking Golden Bay offers spirits and wine in a romantic environment.
People eating at a restaurant at the 5 Star hotel.

Water Sports

Borg Water Sports runs the water sports at Golden Bay hotel private beach.

They provide rentals for everything you could imagine:

Jet skis, para-gliding behind a speedboat, water skiing, sausage rides, banana boat, paddle boats, kayaking, waterskiing, sofa riding, sailing boats, canoes and stand up boards.

Not the least exclusive daily speed boat trips to the Blue Lagoon in Comino, and trips along the rocky coast up to Popeye Village at Anchor bay. All speedboat rentals are accompanied with a driver.

Contact Borg Water Sports - +356 9949 4178 / 7952 4082

Tips About The Bay

  • The sea has strong undercurrents. These are not felt all the time and usually not felt at all. However if one decides to swim further out one should take due care.
  • Gorgeous sunsets can be admired from the bay.
  • If you wish to enjoy a beautiful breath taking sunset, this location is the place to come. These features make this locality very attractive. They also frequent it during the winter months, not for swimming but for the beauty this bay can offer.
  • Revellers come well prepared with chairs, picnic coolers and food, ready to enjoy the warm summer evenings with their family or friends by the sea playing soft guitar music or disco music for accompaniment. What a relaxing time!
  • For example, one can enjoy a walk in the countryside and later stop by at the Radisson Malta hotel for a relaxing coffee and some delicious pastries.
  • During the summer holidays, many families bring their children to enjoy themselves and playing in the sand. The sea by the beach is shallow and you can walk out for quite a distance till you find deeper waters.
  • Several swimmers enjoy playing with balls and free bees in the shallow waters. Children enjoy playing and building sand castles by the water’s edge.

What To Find Close To The Beach


Ghajn Tuffieha Beach which is also called Riviera Martinique is next to this bay. To get to the beach, one has to descend several stairs. Once there the descent is well worth it as it is such a beautiful bay. These two locations are very close to each other and are therefore accessible using the same route and/or bus.

Hotel located near the beach

The Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta Golden Sands, which was built very recently is on top of the cliff overlooking the bay. It has an attractive prominent design which gives the area an upmarket look.

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta Golden Sands

Cultural Attractions

Ghajn Tuffieha Tower

A watch tower called the Ghajn Tuffieha Tower, constructed under the reign of Grand Master Juan de Lascaris-Castellar. This is one of the seven towers built in the period 1637 to 1640.

Il-Majjistral Nature & History Park

Il-Majjistral Nature & History Park, Mellieha. It is Malta’s first natural national park. It contains more than 426 species of plants. Ten confirmed breeding birds use the park as their home.

British Services Barracks Premises

During the period of the British Services, 1800 to 1964, the military had a large area behind the Radisson Blue hotel used for training facilities of their servicemen. During that time the bay was called Military Bay. It was surely an incredible place where the servicemen used to enjoy, especially to the different weather of their country.

Closest Village

Manikata is the closest village although St. Paul’s Bay is about a few kilometres away offers more amenities and is on a more frequented bus route.

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