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Here are a list of Malta sports news sites that the Maltese use to find the latest sports in Malta. A fan of sports or finding live results of a favorite sports of yours, here are a list of sports sites that provide all the information you need. Whether it is locals sports or international sports you will find it all here. We provide a range of sports football, waterpolo, rugby, horse racing, boċċi and motorsports.

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International & Local Football News

Football is the most popular watched and played sport in Malta. Below you find the live score, international football news and local football news.

Sports On Local & International Newspapers

These Maltese news websites provide information on local and international sports. All links are directed to the sports section.

Popular Sports In Malta

Basketball Malta

Horse Racing Malta

Waterpolo Clubs Malta

Motorsports Malta

Boċċi Malta

Popular Sports In Malta Websites

Malta is home to many differnet types of sports. Here are a the links to the offical website to find latest news and updates. The most popular sports news websites the Maltese prefer to search for.

Best Sites For Live Sports

Malta TV Sports Live Schedules

These are the direct schedules of sports matches from these local TV stations.

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