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A First Time Visitors Guide to Malta Tours

There is a lot to see and do in Malta and Gozo for just two small islands. We have said this many times and here we have grouped together the Malta Tours that one can take while here. Surely it is not possible for just a short while to take one or two tours during your stay and might be hard to decide what to choose. 

Sightseeing Malta Tour

But if later you decide to come for a second or third or more times this page will still be of help to you. We know that many visitors would like to return again. In this page we try and subdivide all the tours in sections to help you visualize what is on offer. Surely if one wishes to see the most important locations we suggest Valletta, Mdina and Gozo.

Malta Valletta - The Capital City

History & Culture

Blue Grotto Malta Tours

Megalithic Temples of Malta & Gozo

Gozo Travel Tours

Walking Tours in Malta

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