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Weather In Malta– a question you are surely asking before you plan your Malta holidays.

Many tourists who plan their holiday in Malta surely check about the weather or the best time to come to Malta depending on their personal commitements.

One fortunate thing in Malta is that we have a very good climate all year round.

Find out what to expect when you visit Malta and clothes to wear.

Find out what to expect when you visit Malta and clothes to wear.

Tourists who come to Malta say we are living in Heaven. Our warm / hot season starts in April to October and it rarely rains although weather patterns have changed there could be rainy occasions. The hottest months are June to September during which time the weather is very stable.

A holiday in Malta is an ideal location for a winter sun holiday. It has already proven to be so for many British retired couples who come here for the winter months away from their cold winter climates as well as for the couple of thousands foreigner from various countries who have settled on the Maltese islands.

This is also ideal as they tend to spend less money while here than in their country since the cost of living in Malta is much cheaper than northern European countries.

Peak summer time at St. Julian's bay Malta. Calm weather and clear sky

Relative humidity is high throughout the year. When the winds are from the North the weather is more enjoyable. In October the weather starts cooling down but is still warm enough that people are still wearing summer clothes. Even November could be so.

Winter starts in late December to March when the weather can be cold and windy with some bad storms. However on average, although colder, the weather remains moderate all throughout.

The beauty about Malta is that we have no tornadoes or heavy thunderstorms, and extreme weather is a rarity. We have strong winds with occasional sand dust coming from north Africa, but nothing like other countries experience. No flooding, except in low lying valley areas. Malta is described as a mild weather country.

What is the weather like in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter?

Weather Malta yearly review - a short note about each month

January – It is usually the Coldest month of the year, rain; but there could be sunny days too. Wind is another aspect and could be grigal too, meaning bad weather. On the other hand you see tourists  in t-shirts and shorts or light clothing. At the same time it can be very beautiful sunny days

What should I pack for Malta during January?

It is important to pack winter clothes and a jacket together with a sturdy umbrella. Warm clothes are recommended, but we observe tourists with t-shirts in the sun.

February – Carnival season, still cold and rainy. Bad weather expected but always inter-spaced with some very nice days. Windy days very possible. Still with winter clothes though the temperatures can vary.

What should I pack for Malta during February?

Very similar to January to wear warm clothes. The temperature will be around 14-17 degrees during the day and for the evening the temperature drops further so warm clothes are recommended.

March – Weather starts changing, longer, warmer days. We start shedding some layers clothes wise. Windy days very possible. Summertime starts.

What should I prepare to bring with me for Malta?

The weather starts being warmer so lighter clothes and a light jacket will be useful and always carry an umbrella. We still recommend to get warm clothes like January and February. If the wind will be strong and cloudy you will surely need good warm clothes. A good pair of water proof shoes is always much better for these months than sandles.

April Weather – Spring time, winter feels already past. Windy days, rain still with us but not much. Difficult what to wear either winter or spring clothes. Depending.

What should I pack for Malta during April?

April is much warmer light clothers such as a good warm jacket. Long cotton tops and some cardigans will be useful for that tie of the moth.  Evenings will still be chilly and wearing warm clotes will be preferred. Still bring with you protective clothing as weather might be ugly.

Farmers during spring collecting the fruit of their hard work

May Weather – The weather changes, enjoyable weather. Hot days so sunbathing evident at sandy beaches especially foreigners. But it is the month of winds. Already summer clothes are worn but not all days. At this time the sea will still be cold to swim.

What to bring with me for a May Malta holiday?

Summer and winter clothes are advisable. Sweaters, T-shirts and a light jacket. Raincoat and portable umbrella are advisable. You will have the possibility of sunbathing surely in direct sunlight.

June – The beauty of summer is with us. Long hot days. Schools end around third week, beaches start getting full with locals. Daylight still stretching up late. The number of tourists increases drastically. Summer is on.

What to bring with me for a June Malta holiday?

From June to September mainly summer light clothes, dresses, light shirts and shorts. Beach wear, including shorts/bermudas and beach wear. Do not bring with you anything that will make you hot. Light clothes are recommended.

There is no need to bring any light winter clothes. The evening will be warm but might be slightly fresh. If you are one who usually need a bit of cover do bring a light sweatshirt or a cardigan.

July Weather – Sunbathing, swimming and very hot. Holidays at full swing. Enjoyable evening walks. Many Maltese take time off work to enjoy the holidays with family.

What should I pack and wear in Malta during July?

Ideally only  summer clothes. No need of any cardigans or jackets. More important to have hats, good creams as protection from the UV. If you are not acquainted to the intense heat and you are  sunbathing , bring a light long sleeve for the beach to protect yourself.

What is the best time to sunbathe in Malta?

Peak summer is from end May to end September also during October. It is not unusual to see tourists sunbathing during March to April and October to late November. Surely you will not sunbath under an umbrella as the breeze or wind could be too fresh. It will be enjoyable in direct sunlight as the UV factor will be low.

But the best times is surely when the UV is low so try not to sunbath from July to August if you think it will does you harm. Use as much as possible umbrellas or stay in the shade to sunbath. You will still see that you get sunburnt just the same but not that much. Still you have to use creams

August Weather – Peak of summer and very hot. Long days till evening. Early sunrise. Short first showers might occur by mid-month but these do not stop anyone from sunbathing.

What should I wear in Malta during August?

Clothing same as mentioned in July.

Peak summer at Sliema Malta rocky beach

September Weather – First showers but still very hot summer. A bad storm could be with us maybe in the first two weeks but mostly fantastic hot weather. Schools start last days of September. By now beaches are empty of locals but not of tourists.

What should I wear in Malta during September?

Same clothing for all the summer period.

Weather for Malta in October – Still warm but starts to be slightly fresh both mornings and evenings. During weekends sunbathing is still popular with the Maltese and no less with tourists. The sea you can still enjoy warm temperatures.

What should I wear in Malta during October?

A mixture of summer and mild winter clothes. Very light clothes perhaps with a light cardigan for the evening if the weather is slightly chilly. Clothing mentioned in the first months of the year will do for this month.

November Weather – Weather becomes colder but the sun is still shining. Some days of the month will be like spring days very hot during the day with deep blue sky, no winds and clouds, but you can get the odd day of wind and rain. You will still see people sunbathing. During the winter months while days can be clear sky blue, the evenings tend to be very damp and chilly.

What clothes to wear in Malta during November?

Same much like December

Start dressing a bit more warm but no need of thick clothing except for a few days of pre winter climates with wind and rain. As the weather can be unpredictable so always carry a light cardigan or light jacket. Clothing mentioned prior and after this month will help you prepare your luggage.

December Weather – Christmas time – Cold weather, wind, rain but not always (sporadically). When the sun shines it is beautiful and very hot but in the shade you will be amazed how fresh it will be.

What should I pack for Malta during December?

December can be cold and rainy.  Always pack a sweater, warm jacket, water tight shoes. It can be very rainy and windy too, but also beautiful days which can be warm and sometimes hot. So a portable rain cover and umbrella might be necessary.  

Winter weather in Malta

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be amazed when visiting the island. That is why we have included the information about the weather and dress code. When friends and family visit our island they always wonder what type of clothing to bring and what the weather will bring, if they will be coming from the colder areas of the world. That is why we have included all this for you to be more relaxed and your mind is at rest with what you carry in your luggage.

What to wear in Malta during Christmas?

We recommend the same clothing we have mentioned for the winter months.

If you intend going for special occasions or have been invited for a doo, or any of the many organized activities during December, follow the next reply…

What to wear for special evenings or dining out?

When packing for any parties, engagements or weddings that you might be invited to, it is important that the women wear a smart dress or suit whereas the men packs a suit to have handy. We like to dress very much Italian style so always have heels and men ties to compliment the outfit. When entering churches in summer the shoulders have to be covered, but obviously in winter wearing a coat or scarf is enough.

Do you need a hat in winter and what sort of clothes?

A hat is always recommended. It depends on each individual person and habits. When it is very cold, windy and rainy it is surely handy. Actually it does not take a lot of space in any luggage or haversack

What are the clothes suitable for Malta climate?

Depending on the month you intend coming. Further up the page we have tried to give you basic guidelines for each month what to bring and wear. Hope you find them helpful.

What is the sea like in winter?

The average sea temperature for Malta in January is around 16°C, which is generally considered too cold to go swimming. If you’re determined to go for a dip during your holiday, you’re best off sticking to indoor and heated swimming pools. There are Maltese who do swim during winter months.

Since the sea will be rough we recommend that you ask about the location you intend swimming in as you will be a stranger to any current or swells.

Weather In Malta – the reason why we love living here. The weather varies all through the seasons.  But mainly Malta has a lovely climate.

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