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Seek Out The Best Suitable Area For Accommodation

We all find it difficult to choose our accommodation for our next holiday! In this guide, we will help you find the key location for the perfect accommodation where to stay in Malta. Choosing the right accommodation is our goal for you to captivate these islands to the full.

There are many options to choose from, and every place on the island has its special charms and attractions. Whether you want to explore the calm beaches of Mellieha, the vibrant energy of Valletta, or the unspoiled beauty of Gozo, our comprehensive guide will take you through the many lodging options available in each location.

Allow us to serve as your guide in locating the ideal lodging, suited to your tastes, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable trip to Malta from informed locals.

Where To Stay In Malta On A Map.Where To Stay In Malta On A Map

Table of Contents - Where To Stay In Malta

To help guide you through this page, here are the locations that are being mentioned:

Malta has lodging options, including self-catering and 5 to 2-star-rated hotels and guesthouses, for every traveller. Gozo offers a variety of profitable accommodations, including hotels, flats, and farmhouses that have been renovated quaintly. In addition, if you add a timeshare in Malta option to your stay, you have an even greater degree of flexibility.

Malta offers a wide variety of hotels, spanning many classifications. For those seeking luxury, we highlight the best 5-star hotels on the island, ensuring a refined and sumptuous stay.

The Capital City of Valletta

Where To Stay In Malta: Valletta, Floriana

A step street in Valletta with restaurants.St. Lucy's Street, Valletta

Valletta, the vibrant capital city of Malta holds the prestigious title of one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was declared the European Capital of Culture for 2018 by the European Union.

This historic gem boasts an incredible amount of history and architecture with stunning Baroque architecture, and grand fortifications surrounding the city built by the Knights of St. John.

When you visit Valletta, you may choose from a variety of affordable, lovely character hotels situated in the heart of the city's culture. The small size of Valletta, ease of access, and proximity to lodging, restaurants, and historical monuments make it an ideal starting point for exploring the island.

First-time visitors can explore and take day trips to neighbouring Malta beaches from this well-known tourist destination via buses and taxis.

With its extensive defences, Floriana was constructed in the late 17th century and stood next to Valletta, protecting the capital city. Experience the perfect blend of historical and scenic grandeur close to Valletta with its gardens, architecture, and breathtaking views of the Grand Harbour.

Floriana has a range of lodging options to suit different tastes and price ranges, guaranteeing guests a comfortable and customised stay. These options include boutique hotels, guesthouses, and serviced apartments.

why stay in valletta

The city has a wide range of things to do in such a small area.

The go-to place for shops, restaurants and bars for those who wish to splurge.

Malta's public transportation hub is just outside the capital's fortifications.

There is a good range of luxury accommodations such as boutique hotels.

Plenty of day tours are offered in the city as well as meeting points for other day trips.

why not stay in valletta

A limited number of budget-friendly hotels.

When renting a car, it is difficult to parking but there are a few car parks on the outside of the Valletta fortifications which is in Floriana.

For those wishing for a sandy beach a stone's throw away, it is not possible in Valletta.

Only built-up areas are found around the capital so no countryside nearby.

It may be challenging for people with walking difficulties to navigate parts of the capital's hilly streets, as some of them contain steps.

top hotels in valletta malta

Below are several popular and well-known hotels that are found in the heart of the capital city.

Check out the 14 best hotels in Valletta Malta.

best hotels To Stay In floriana

  • The highly rated Hotel Phoenicia Malta is just outside Valletta's fortification walls.
  • Indulge in luxury at Valletta Grand Hotel Excelsior 5 Star, offering breath-taking views of the capital and Sliema area

explore further hotel options in valletta

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Hotels In Malta's Nightlife Area

Villages: St. Julian's, Paceville and St. George's Bay

Paceville, St. Julian's Malta.Paceville Nightlife in St. Julian's

Excellent lodging along the scenic shoreline and a lively promenade characterize this energetic neighbourhood. It is well-known for having a vibrant nightlife, with plenty of pubs, clubs, men's clubs, and great places to go partying, discotheques, and beach clubs.

Upscale hotels with a variety of entertainment alternatives, including casinos, film theatres, bowling lanes, and gaming rooms, may also be found in the area. It is the perfect destination for anyone looking for longer vacations because there are enough things to do there to pack your schedule and make treasured memories.

why stay in st. julian's

A wide choice of accommodation options and home to Malta's popular 5-star Hotels.

Experience lively evenings with an abundance of entertainment options.

Enjoy picturesque views and seaside walks along Spinola Bay.

Savour a variety of cuisines, including both foreign and regional specialities.

Proximity to other areas on the island with public transport.

why not stay in st. julian's

Due to the nightlife scenery, an abundance of noise can be heard in the surrounding areas, especially at night.

Popular spots can get crowded, especially during peak seasons and especially evenings.

These areas experience a large amount of traffic.

Limited parking but several private carparks are available.

Very limited historical resources are found in this area.

best hotels in st. julian's malta

There are many hotels in St. Julian's, but the Hilton Hotel is considered to be one of the many luxury hotels in the area.

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Hotels along the Maltese Coast

Villages: Sliema, Balluta, Gzira and Ta'Xbiex

Sliema and Gzira in Malta.The Promenade In Sliema

Sliema and the surrounding towns are prime examples of vibrant coastal communities, with a significant expat population in addition to a broadened population of Maltese citizens. There are several lodging alternatives in this area, including luxurious resorts, hotels, apartments, and quaint B&Bs, giving guests a wide range of choices.

The area is dotted with a wide variety of eateries, retail stores, pubs, and swimming facilities. There are also many spots to swim along the rocky shoreline in this area. The vast promenades, which run almost 10 kilometres from St. Julian's to Ta' Xbiex, are a bustling centre of activity where both residents and tourists mingle. The promenades are alive with activity from early in the morning until dusk, with people jogging, cycling, strolling, and talking.

why stay in sliema

A vast selection of 3, 4 and 5-star hotels, B&B and apartments.

A good selection of restaurants and bars for all meals of the day.

The largest shopping mall is located here as well as many other shops.

Very well connected with public transport.

Comino, Gozo, harbour cruises and day trips leave from Sliema Ferries.

A fast connection to Valletta by ferry at the Sliema Ferries.

Why not Stay In Sliema

The area is all built up and does not enjoy any natural landscapes like other parts of Malta.

Finding parking in these areas can be challenging due to the high population and business.

The location is very busy due to high activity from locals and tourists.

Lack of sandy beaches but the coast is all rocky and people can still swim.

There is a lot of traffic constantly during certain times of the day.

best hotels to stay in sliema

The North Of Malta With The Most Beautiful Sandy Beaches

Where To Stay In Malta: Mellieha

With its stunning panoramic views along the island's northern border, the charming village of Mellieha stands tall on the cliffs. Encircled by an expansive and rural landscape, it offers a tranquil haven with a slower rhythm of life. Notably, the village is encircled by some of the best sandy beaches on the island, making it the perfect place to unwind on vacation.

In summer as well as winter, Mellieha's surrounding countryside is a beautiful place to stroll and explore. Its closeness to the ferry port also makes it an ideal starting point for boat trips to Comino's captivating Blue Lagoon and trips to Gozo. For those looking for peace and quiet as well as easy access to breathtaking natural scenery and surrounding island excursions, Mellieha is an excellent choice.

Check out which Mellieha Bay Hotels we recommend.

why stay in mellieha

A variety of villas and apartments for renting with beautiful panoramas or village feel.

Plenty of sandy beaches around Mellieha perfect for swimming.

There are several 4 and 5-star hotels in the Mellieha community.

It is easy to get a ferry to Gozo from the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal.

Take a boat to Comino and explore the Blue Lagoon; it's fairly close by.

A peaceful, green-surrounded rural community perfect for strolls and leisure.

Why not Stay In Mellieha

Mellieha is located on the north of the island making it more time-consuming to reach other localities with public transport.

It is not a shopping destination as there is an extremely limited amount of shops. In this scenario, Sliema, St. Julian's, or Valletta are the best places to stay.

For historic sites, the south of the island is more known for such attractions.

The village centre has some steep roads, some of them with steps that may not be suitable for those with limitations. Check the location of your lodging before booking.

several mellieha hotels malta

The Quieter Sister Islands

The Islands of Gozo and Comino

Mgarr ferry in Gozo.Mgarr Harbour, Gozo

Gozo and Comino islands, situated to the north of Malta, are essential components of the alluring Maltese archipelago.

Gozo provides a unique and fascinating experience. It has an enticing allure due to its tranquil atmosphere and beautiful, undeveloped surroundings. There are several hotels and apartments to select from, but the true attraction is the ancient farmhouses that may be rented out. Ensuring an exceptional vacation experience, these rural farmhouses rooted in history provide an unmatched respite.

Comino, a smaller island of three people, is home to the breathtaking Blue Lagoon, an enduring haven of peace and beauty. A hotel renovation is now underway.

These islands entice visitors looking for tranquil settings, genuine encounters, and times of total relaxation among stunning scenery.

why stay on the islands

The islands are less developed than Malta and have more rural areas all around it.

Gozo is renowned for its charming farmhouses available for vacation rentals.

All types of accommodations are found in Gozo such as hostels, guesthouses, hotels and apartments which offer quality service.

Restaurants are very popular on the island, especially the seaside ones.

The island has a wide range of rocky and sandy beaches, each with unique qualities that draw plenty of tourists.

Public transport also serves on the island of Gozo connecting you to all prime locations.

The perfect islands for all types of photography.

Why not Stay On The Islands

Gozo is more of a shorter stay holiday rather than an extended one. Most people visit for just a few days.

There is no airport on the island so you must travel to Malta.

Accommodation options are more limited than in Malta.

Most major historical sites are located in Malta.

There are no things to do in Comino except for swimming and walking around the island.

Gozo is not the ideal place for a shopping spree. Staying in Sliema, Valletta or St. Julian's is your best option for shopping.

If your extended stay is in Gozo, travelling to Malta frequently can be a waste of time.

why shouldn't you stay in gozo?

Hotels In The Bugibba Area

Villages: St. Paul's Bay, Bugibba, Qawra and Salini

Bugibba Square in Malta.Where To Stay In Malta - Bugibba Square

St. Paul's Bay, along the northern coast of Malta with Bugibba and Qawra, has become a popular tourist destination over the past fifty years. Visitors may choose from a wide variety of lodging options in the region thanks to its amazing selection of resorts, hotels, and rental flats. It is well known for its stunning coastline, promenades, restaurants, bars, shops and a combination of rocky and sandy beaches.

Its entertainment scene may not be as good as that of more upmarket locations, but its classic fish-and-chips bars with live football on TVs offer a certain charm of their own. Summertime offers a lively vitality to the neighbourhood as visitors and residents mingle, while winter brings a calmer, more contemplative atmosphere.

With such a wide selection of lodging options, tourists of different interests and price ranges will surely discover the perfect place to stay.

why stay here

A wide mix of quality 3 and 4-star hotels and apartments, several with great views.

These areas are great locations for cruises to Blue Lagoon and Gozo. The Sea Adventure Excursions is one we recommend.

Public transport is highly accessible with a main hub location in Bugibba.

During the summer months, these areas are considered to be very busy with tourists.

Why not Stay Here

Bugibba and surrounding areas are not suitable if you are looking for shopping. There are some small shops but mostly for souvenirs and knick-knacks.

There are no historic landmarks around the area.

Beaches are not a strong point here even though there is a seafront. Although, the best sandy beaches are not very far away.

hotels in bugibba malta and surrounding areas

The Three Fortified Cities

Towns: Birgu (Vittoriosa), L-Isla (Senglea), Cospicua (Bormla)

Birgu street in Malta.Birgu Street in Malta

The Three Cities, situated across Valletta and divided by the Grand Harbour, stand as resilient bastions of Malta's rich history. These fortified towns, having weathered numerous attacks, stand proudly preserved over centuries. Their enduring charm lies in a unique character that beckons visitors seeking a tranquil atmosphere.

Immerse yourself in the local culture, savour the serene ambience, and experience a peaceful holiday amid the rugged seascapes encircling these peninsulas. Accommodations here range from charming boutique hotels and waterfront guesthouses to cosy apartments, offering visitors a chance to stay immersed in the area's historic charm.

why stay at the three cities

If you love photography, these Three Cities are just right for you with very narrow streets, architecture and colour.

A variety of restaurants, cafes and wine bars can be found at the Three Cities in Malta.

There are three cities and a yacht marina to discover, so walking is the best transport for here.

A few historic locations can be found close by such as Neolithic temples at Paola, Tarxien and Qrendi.

Easy access to Valletta via a ferry from the yacht marina.

Why not Stay At The Three Cities

Travelling to Gozo or Comino will take more time as you need to travel to either the centre of the north of the island to catch a boat or ferry.

These areas are not suitable if you would like to spend more time near the beaches. Staying in the north of the island is more recommended.

The only available accommodations are boutique hotels and apartments. No luxury hotels are found here.

hotels around the three cities in malta

The Quite Areas Of The Island

The Silent City of Mdina, Rabat, Attard

Xara Palace, the one and only hotel in Mdina.The Xara Palace Mdina

Mdina, a historic fortified city that was formerly the capital of Malta during the Middle Ages, is extremely important historically. Its suburb, Rabat, is just next to it, while Attard is a few km downhill from there. These three locations still have a tranquil, vintage appeal, making them ideal for travellers looking for a relaxed lodging choice.

There are a few lovely, excellent accommodations in Mdina, as well as an immersive immersion experience into the city's past. The variety of guesthouses and flats available in Rabat is perfect for a tranquil stay close to the ancient city of Mdina. Attard offers a few peaceful lodging options that are close to nature and also within its surrounding villages of Lija and Balzan.

why stay here

Mdina city is very peaceful especially due to the very limited traffic that passes through.

With the exception of restaurants, cafes, and shops, all buildings are residential.

There are a few Museums and attractions to visit

A desired location for plenty of opportunities for photography both during the day and at night

You can spend a substantial amount of time exploring Rabat.

There is a lot of countryside surrounding these localities.

Why not Stay Here

This area does not have any beaches within a reasonable distance.

There are limited accommodations available in Mdina and Rabat. 

Shopping is also very limited except for a few souvenir shops.

There is a limited amount of parking available depending on the time of day.

several hotels in mdina and rabat to choose from

Hotels in Rabat Malta

Tips For Finding Your Ideal Accommodation on these islands

The Hilton Hotel Malta, where to stay in Malta.

Below we have listed down some tips you should take into consideration when choosing which area of the island you want to stay in.

  • Location: Discover Valletta/Sliema's vibrant urban atmosphere, Gozo's relaxed atmosphere, or St. Julian's/Bugibba's seaside appeal. Locate restaurants, transportation hubs, beaches, and attractions nearby.
  • Type of accommodation: Determine the kind of lodging you're looking for by considering the features you want, how much privacy you want, and the quality of service you want.
  • Budget: Set a budget and find accommodations within it. Take into account other expenses, such as resort fees, transportation prices, and distance to your plans.
  • Special Needs or Preferences: If you wish to explore the island, choose lodgings near major thoroughfares and public transportation. Ensure wheelchair accessibility. Before travelling, ask about pet-friendliness.
  • Gozo Vibe: Farmhouses are particularly recommended in Gozo as they provide a peaceful and genuine rural atmosphere surrounded by breathtaking scenery and historical charm.
  • Quality accommodation: Stay in opulent accommodations in St. Julian's, Valletta, Bugibba, and Mellieha for a relaxing vacation. They provide upmarket facilities and breathtaking views.

where to stay in malta - FAQ

What are the best places to stay in Malta without a car?

Malta's best places to be without a car are Sliema, St. Julian's, Valletta, and Bugibba. They all operate from 5:30 to 23:00 all week long and have a few night routes as well. Moreover, there are transportation hubs throughout the island. Valletta, Sliema, and the three cities are connected by ferry. Valletta Grand Harbour offers catamaran service to Gozo Island.

Are there any areas to avoid staying in Malta?

Malta is generally safe for visitors. Some tourists may prefer peaceful areas overcrowded or noisy ones. There might not be a quiet vacation in St. Julian's Paceville, known for its nightlife. St. Julian's, Valletta, and Sliema offer excellent transit, dining, and activities. St. Julian's offers lively entertainment, while Sliema has many facilities. Mellieha should be avoided by culture and history enthusiasts, and stay more central. Choose an area that fits your interests and preferences.

Where in Malta should I stay?

There is a wealth of historical sites in Valletta and a rich cultural heritage. Sliema offers shopping, dining, and lively promenades. There is a vibrant nightlife in St. Julian's. There are many family-friendly attractions in Mellieha, as well as a sandy coastline. These laid-back towns have waterfront promenades, water sports, and close access to attractions that will appeal to families. Your choice will depend on your taste in entertainment, leisure, or culture.

What is the best place to stay in Malta for families and beaches?

Family-friendly options in Malta include Mellieha and Mellieha Bay (Ghadira Bay), Golden Bay, and Paradise Bay. Beaches, water sports, and kid-friendly activities are all part of the family-friendly atmosphere. Relaxed vibes, a wide range of lodging options, dining options, and easy access to nearby beaches and attractions make these places popular.

What are the recommended locations to stay in Malta for couples?

For a romantic stroll and historical charm, consider Valletta. The Mediterranean views, food, and shopping are all available in Sliema. There is a thriving nightlife scene in St. Julian. Mellieha offers stunning beaches and a tranquil environment for a romantic holiday amidst breathtaking scenery. Couples may enjoy Bugibba, Qawra, and St. Paul's Bay, which offer waterfront views, coastal promenades, and food options.

Why should I choose the island of Gozo for my holiday?

Choose Gozo for a serene holiday experience amidst natural beauty. Enjoy pristine beaches, rural landscapes, and historical sites. Discover a slower pace of life, picturesque villages, and traditional culture. Perfect for relaxation, diving, hiking, and exploring ancient temples like Ġgantija.

Compared to Malta, Gozo has a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere, providing a peaceful retreat away from bustling city life.

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