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Coming To Malta?
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There are plenty of types of transport of how to get around Malta. Here we will give you a summary of every type of transport so that you will have an idea of how to get around.

Get a glance to all that is available and start making your plans.

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Transport is the same both in Malta and Gozo. Same public transport buses are used to get around to see the main attractions and get to the beaches. Although the Maltese islands are smalltransport in Malta is essential to fully explore the beauties of the Maltese island.

Although you would have come to Gozo either by rented car, an organized tour or with the public transport which are very efficient and provide a good service.

Getting Around Malta By Land

Renting A Car To Drive Around Malta

There are various car hire companies in Malta. You can book your car rental by clicking here which is the easiest solution or when you arrive at Malta International Airport. Here are the top tips about renting a car.

Malta car rental deals are preferably done before you come to Malta as this usually affords you a better deal where you can check prices and conditions of rental.

There are various car hire companies. You can book your car rental by clicking here or when you arrive at Malta International Airport.

If you intend to pick your car from somewhere else for example Bugibba, you can see how to do so here.

On arrival at the Malta International Airport, you can get keys and information from the vehicle rental desks in the arrivals lounge.

If you have made no arrangements but want to rent a car in Malta, you can still book it at the Arrivals Lounge. For departing from Malta leave the keys in a deposit box in the Departure Lounge next to the car-rental booths.

things about driving in malta

Wondering what it is like to drive on the Maltese roads? With Malta having over 3000 km of roads, here are several facts about driving in Malta. Here we drive on the left like the Australians, British and Irish.

There are plenty of petrol service stations around, so it will be very easy to fill up your gas tank. Round the island you find several speed cameras that you should be aware about.

Nowadays with Google Maps it is very easy to find Malta on the map and use Google maps for directions. Be sure to source either a hard copy of a Map of Malta or online before your arrival in order to familiarize yourself and have a bit of an idea of what to expect prior to your arrival here.

Although the Maltese islands are small, transport in Malta is essential to fully explore the beauties of the Maltese people. Land transport is the most popular transport in Malta and Gozo.

Malta Public Transport

Buses parked at Valletta bus terminus.

The old Malta bus before the present operator was introduced still remains one of the tourist attraction. Unfortunately they have been removed from service and many do miss them for their old body style, paintings and decorations. The new transport company is called Malta Public Transport.

Transport on the island through the public transport which is well set up and can take you to all corners of the islands, other options, renting a car, take a hop-on hop-of tour or by taxis.

Malta offers an excellent bus service. A great alternative for those who do not wish to rent a car. The service is relatively cheap and covers all the important locations in Malta and Gozo, including historical locations, beaches, hotels, entertainment, restaurants, Gozo ferry service.

The bus service is operated by Malta Public Transport. If you intend to visit Malta for more than 3 days, we suggest using the Tallinja cards.

When landing in Malta, you have plenty of buses to reach to your hotel. Here is a list of buses that go directly to hotels from the Malta International Airport.

Travelling from one village to another is very easy and with this guide it has never been easier.

Malta public transport also offers a night service for passengers travelling during the night or very early morning.

In summer, going to the beach is one of the most planned locations to visit. Getting to Malta and Gozo beaches is very easy by using this guide.

Between the months of September and June, students all over Malta and Gozo go to school and use the public transport. Students can use this guide to get to school much easier.

Malta Hop-On Hop-Off Buses

The sightseeing bus on its way to Mdina.

If you do not wish to rent a car, you can easily use the hop-on hop-off to visit the island. It is an excellent service that offers different routes, which includes the main important aspects of all Maltese history and cultural sites.

Booking is through the hotel reception desk or the hop-on hop-off company representatives. It is very easy to come across representatives in the main areas where you find them selling tickets. Main pick up areas can be St. Julian’s, Sliema and Gzira. There is no need for pre-booking.

There are four routes that hop-on hop-off services offer which are the North Blue TourSouth Red TourGozo Green Tour and the Night Tour.

Malta Taxi

Taxi cars parked at St. Julian's.

Taxis are not cheap but most of the companies have now established fixed rates for the most important locations. Wherever you are, you can call for a taxi which takes you where you wish.

Due to the many traffic and parking limitations taking a taxi has become more of a common aspect of everyday life.

Taxis are also available from near the Gozo ferry when arriving on the island of Gozo. You can go to Gozo also by rented car by the Gozo ferry.

If you are flying to Malta and you want a cheaper way of getting to the airport to your accommodation, you can book an airport transfer.

Getting Around Malta By Sea

From Malta To Gozo By Ferry

Gozo ferry moored at Cirkewwa Malta.

The Gozo channel takes 25 minutes leaving from the farthest point on our island Cirkewwa and arriving in Gozo at Mgarr natural harbour. These ferries only operate between these two posts.

There are four ferry boats for passengers and vehicle that offer a service from Malta to Gozo which operates daily all year round 24 hours a day with frequent trips, night trips with reduced rates.

While crossing you can stay in your car or go upstairs to see the beautiful views of the island from another perspective during the day.

Ferry - Sliema, Valletta & Birgu/Bormla/Isla

The Valletta ferry on its way to Valletta.

The service operates on a daily regular basis and is affordable to take you around saving your time from traffic congestion.

It operates between Sliema and Valletta and Valletta to the three cities, namely Birgu (Vittoriosa), Bormla (Cospicua) and Isla (Senglea).

It is a very convenient way to see the natural views of the harbours as the views are great. It is another way to tour the best historical capital and towns surrounding it.

More To See & Do in Malta

Other types of transport


NextBike bicycles parked for use.

If you are interested to rent a bike whilst in Malta, there is the international company NextBike. The localities you find this are Swieqi, St. Julian's, Sliema, San Gwann, Mater Dei Hospital, University of Malta and Pembroke.

Renting Of Bikes & Bicycles

The vast natural landscape on the island offers you the opportunity to experience time to cycle and bike around. You will be amazed what a variety of beautiful landscapes Malta can offer you.

We advice you to be careful while riding a bicycle as most of the roads does not have a bicycle lane.

Malta Shore Excursions

Boats moored at Blue Lagoon, Comino

Various companies offer bus tours. These might be already be included with your holiday package. You will find booklets advertising tours which will enhance your holiday. They include local Maltese feasts, cultural tours, d Malta by day and also one day tours to Gozo, and their historical location.

Horse Drawn Carriage

A Karozzin ride in Mdina

Today the horse drawn cab is only used to take tourists on on tours outside Valletta and inside Mdina. It is one of the oldest traditional mode of transport.

A pretty sight when you visit Mdina and see tourists riding going round the narrow streets. A picturesque sight.

Always ask for the price before you embark and make sure they don’t take any advantage as you being a tourist.

A pretty sight when you visit Mdina and see tourists being horse driven through the beautiful narrow streets. A truly picturesque sight. Take a photo and it will remain as a wonderful memory of island.

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