Flights to Malta from Australia

Considerations And Ideas For Your Flight To Malta

Many search for flights to Malta from Australia. Whether you are Maltese or a foreigner coming here, this page will give you an overview of how to get here.

There are no direct flights to Malta from anywhere in Australia because of the distance that separates the two countries.

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You are travelling between two different continents, so for this you have to make one or two connection flights to Asia, Europe or the Middle East which then connects you to Malta.

Here we have only one international airport for the whole Maltese archipelago so all flights will be directed there.

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Important Note: This page is a summary of how you can travel to Malta from Australia. It is not all accurate due to a number of variables such as the time of year, airline you choose, delays due to weather conditions and flight paths and your budget. But you can use this page as an indication.

Several Connections From Australia

Connections through Asia

Connections with Asian airports is much more common, which at the same time takes you out of your straight line of travelling. This will make your travel distance longer.

We mention three of the best connection options Delhi (DEL), Seoul (ICN) and Tokyo (NRT and HND) with other possibilities of connections, as the region is very vast. In order not to stretch your distance, stick to an airport with cities in South East Asia region.

Singapore Changi (SIN) purposely built for stopovers with overall amenities well designed for the passenger comforts is one of the best options for your stopover.

Connections through the Middle East

There are three main options - Dubai (DXB), Abu Dhabi (AUH) and Doha (DOH) where it is recommended to choose Doha since this airport is an all-in-one terminal building making connections easier.

All this depends on your time available to travel, budget is an important factor and if you are in for an extra treat of stopping over in Asia or the Middle East to taste the beauty of these countries.

Connections through european countries

Malta being well connected to Europe, arriving with your flight from another continent you can get a flight from Germany, England, Switzerland, Australia for your last leg to the Maltese islands.

popular layover airports

Since well connected to European countries and beyond, it is easy to conclude your flight path to our island. The most popular airports in Europe are

  • Hong Kong International Airport - HKG
  • Frankfurt, Germany - FRA
  • Singapore Changi Airport - SIN
  • Heathrow Airport, London - LHR
  • Munich International Airport, Germany - MUC
  • Zurich Airport, Switzerland - ZRH
  • Vienna International Airport, Austria - VIE
  • Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand - BKK
  • Gatwick Airport, London - LGW
  • Istanbul Airport, Turkey - IST
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia - KUL

Flights to Malta From Australia

Flights to Malta from Sydney airport

The flights pattern to come to Malta follows an itinerary depending on which airline you chose and the amount of money you are ready to spend.

Either with 1 or 2 layovers, the total time required to arrive in Malta is always near 25 to even up to 40 hours. The biggest difference in time is mostly to the layover duration.

The cost of a flight can start from $1,000 per person up to $4,000 with a return flight. This depends on the airline and airports you stop at.

Facts about the Sydney airport:

  • IATA Code – SYD
  • The biggest international airport in Australia with around 44.4 million (2018) passengers.
  • The center for major airlines such as Jetstar airlines, Virgin Australia and Qantas.
  • The airport is often known as Kingsford Smith Airport and Mascot Airport.
  • Located about 8 kilometres south of Sydney CBD.
  • Convenient transport by both road and rail.
  • Qantas, Virgin, Jetstar and Tigerair have regular flights to and from the airport.
  • Regular flights to New Zealand.

Flights to malta from Melbourne airport

The same like at Sydney airport, there are no direct flights to Malta but you must make a couple of layovers before reaching Malta. There might also be an instance where you have to fly to Sydney before leaving the country.

Quick facts about the airport Melbourne Airport:

  • IATA Code - MEL
  • The second most active airport with 37 million passengers.
  • The main airport for the city of Melbourne.
  • If travelling to Victoria state this airport is the best choice.
  • A hub for Jetstar, Qantas, Rex Airlines and Virgin Australia Airlines.
  • Also known locally as Tullamarine Airport.
  • The airport is about 20 kilometres northwest of the city center.

Transport options on arriving at Malta airport

Public Transport Buses

You can buy optional cards from the office directly as you exit the arrivals terminal. Tickets for the bus are bought directly from the bus driver. Thought if you gave substantial luggage this might not be a good option for you. A taxi or a pre-arranged transfer might be better. If you arrive late at night or during early hours of the morning, the public transport routes are not operational. In that case we recommend you book a taxi.

There are these routes that cover the

  • Routes of every locality
  • Hotel bus routes

It is best to plan if the public transport is ideal for you or not depending where you have to go and the number of luggages you have brought with you. You might have relative ready to pick you up from the arrivals lounge upon your arrival.

Airport transfers

Booking a pre-arranged transfer that can pick you up from the airport to your destination in Malta without having to think about it upon arrival.


Taxis are well organized at the airport. There is a taxi boot just before you exit the terminal where you will see a complete list of rates to all towns and villages across the island. It is fast and reliable. You can pre book a taxi by calling.

car rental

Car rental is another option which needs planning. It is not right to book your car upon arrival as you might be tired and at the same time you might not be able to find the car you wish. It is best to plan and book before leaving Australia in the comfort of your home.

Other Airports In Australia

Brisbane Airport

  • IATA Code - BNE
  • A major international Australia airports with approximately 22.7 million (2016) passengers.
  • The primary serving Brisbane and South East Queensland region.
  • Brisbane takes around 20 minutes to arrive either by bus, car or train.

Perth Airport

  • IATA Code – PER
  • An international airport with 12 million passengers yearly.
  • The airport is around 15 kilometers to the east of the city center.
  • Alliance Airlines, Qantas and Virgin with daily flights form the here.
  • A couple of close by cities are Mandurah and Rockingham which can be easily reached.

Adelaide Airport

  • IATA Code: ADL
  • The biggest in the South Australia state with around 8 million passengers annually.
  • Airlines such as Jetstar, Virgin and Regional Express all have routine flights.
  • Located close to the city around 7 kilometers from Adelaide downtown.
  • Adequate public transport to connect the airport to the city.
  • It is the fifth busiest among all Australian airports.

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maltese in australia

There are many who live in Australia who are Maltese citizens who had emigrated a long time ago to this faraway continent. They are always eager to return and see their families. Today, many are also Australian citizens born through their Maltese parents or Maltese who married to Australians.

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