Car Rental Malta

Advantages and Disadvantages of renting a car in Malta
Practical hints of what traffic is like

If this is your first time visiting the beautiful island of Malta it would be right to give you some basic hints about if you need to rent a car in Malta or not.

Although you can book a car before coming to Malta through our website or book one at the Malta International Airport at the Arrivals Lounge, first you should consider certain things.

So really, you have two questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you really need to rent a car in Malta for your entire holiday in Malta?
  • Can I get around as I would wish with public transport?

Then on the other hand if you wish to rent a car, Discover Car Hire can help you find the right car for your requirements and for the number of days needed.

Car Rental Malta Advantages

Malta and Gozo being such small islands makes it very easy to reach from one location to another. You can plan a variety of different things to do during the day making it economical to have a car and do them all.

It is relatively cheap compared to other European countries. Average cost is from €13.50 to €19 per day excluding Full Coverage and extras

If you hire a car in Malta you will be free to plan your own day's itinerary subject you intend using the car to explore the island. 

With a hired car you do not need to plan the times you have to leave and return. Public transport buses do have long routes and so you will be wasting a considerable amount of time on the buses.

With a car you can stay late in the evening at venues, say at Paceville bars, open air discothèques in summer, with the bus you are limited. 

The main arterial roads are very well marked with directional signage.

Petrol stations are frequently found around Malta and Gozo. They are all fully automated and so you can buy fuel 24 hours 7 days a week. Click to Petrol station locations

The main road leading to Valletta through Porte Des Bombes Floriana

Car Rental Malta Disadvantage

Traffic congestion has increased drastically and during peak hours of the day mostly 07:30 to 10:00 and 15:00 to 18:00 are to be avoided. This does not mean that all roads are traffic jammed. Only the main arterial road meaning Marsa, Qormi, St. Venera, Birkirkara and Luqa.

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Although signage has increased a lot through the years, if you happen to be driving in the country roads you might be a bit lost but on the other hand being such a small island you will meet someone along the way who will be willing to give you a hand to get to the main road again.

Going to Valletta during the day is a problem to park within the Valletta fortifications due to the number of commuters working within Valletta and the many people that visit the capital during the day for shopping and office errands. Most of the government departments are in Valletta.

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Driving with a GPS

To get around Malta you can also use Google Maps which you can find on your mobile phone or rent a GPS just as it is used in any other country. All streets in Malta are detailed with the address. All historical locations, bus stops, restaurants shops, are all detailed on the map, so planning your holiday here is not a problem. While at your home you can see the main activitles where you can drive on your holiday.

Coast road at Bahar Ic-Caghaq leading to St. Julian's

How to use Google Street View Malta and Gozo

For the Maltese islands it was launched in 2017. This free service allows anyone in the world to look for any location in Malta. Just type the location and see how it looks virtually to any spot on the islands from the comfort of your own home before deciding what to do on your holiday. You can use this service how the location of your accommodation looks like and the surrounding areas.

As a help we give you some simple guides how to use the Google Street View on a PC:

  • Go to maps on your computer or tablet and search for
  • In the search box at the top left type the location or address or historical location you wish to see.
  • A red pinpoint will the location you have searched for.
  • Zoom In
  • Drag the little orange man located at the bottom right of the location you searched for only over the blue marked roads.
  • Place the man where you want it then let go of the mouse.
  • When you are in Street View you can view the area 360 degrees and you can move forward or backwards with the mouse.
  • If you want to exit Street View and change position just press 'Esc' on the keyboard 

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