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The people of these islands are captivated and enchanted with fireworks. Enjoy while you are here

Maltese Fireworks is part of the Maltese culture traditions. We celebrate at least 120 feasts in our towns and village to the patron saint of each locality. It is a very old tradition linked with traditional religious ties over the last four centuries. It is also part of our character to expose our desire to celebrate and not the least with lots of noise.

We compete in all aspects between villages and band club with pyrotechnic capabilities. So much money is spent every year on fireworks displays with a spectacle of colours spread over various days of the week before the actual feast day.

Every year during April the Malta International Fireworks Festival is held with the participation of local and foreign pyrotechnic companies from all five continents. It is one of the main attractions in Malta with a spectacle of colours display in Malta’s magnificent Grand Harbour, Bugibba and Marsaxlokk bays.

The fireworks display goes back to the time of the Order of the knights of St. John. They specialized in this tradition as it was one of the times used in those days.

They used to fire canon shots and musketerija. These were called pyrotechnics at the time. They were used to be fired to celebrate the arrival of a Knight, or the arrival of a new born to an important European family, or when a new pope was elected and the celebration of St. John’s feast the patron saint of the Knights of Malta. 

By time this evolved into the fireworks of today, which are let out from rooftops together with the rotating wheel which let out rotating multi-colour fireworks. We call this jigjifogo.

Today many enthusiasts work in their village small factories manufacturing petards all year round for the village feasts. Unfortunately it is a dangerous hobby as many accidents and explosions have occurred but the enthusiasm remains.

The villagers will not enjoy their feast without fireworks. They are awesome to watch. See our calendar of feast days with exact days of the feast or an indicative calendar for the month when the feast occurs for each individual month.

Aerial fireworks at Imqabba August Feast

Fireworks Displays

We are including a list of all the feasts one after each other from June to September which are covered by tours. Anyone wishing not to miss these opportunities to go to one of them you can download the file and you will know which one is within your time frame of your holiday.

The Most Popular Tourist Attractions Malta Offers

Dinner & Show
Approx 3.5 Hours
Departs: From your Accommodation
Taste traditional Malta food including a Folklore show. More info

Harbour Cruise

Departs: Sliema Ferries
Crusie around the two main natural harbours and explore. More info

We are suggesting some of the localities where you can see these displays. We recommend them as they have become one of Malta’s tourist attractions.

Feast Day Tours

They are organized by many operators but here we bring you the Malta Sightseeing where you can get a lot of information and get your tickets through the various hotel receptions. In Bugibba, Gzira, Sliema to St. Julian’s area you will find ticket boots along the seafront including  various shops who sell tickets for all variety of excursions.

Tour details:

These tours are spread between April to October where most of the feasts are held.
 Since the best aerial fireworks are lit late in the evenings it is best to use a guided tour since public transport will not be available late in the evening.

- If you have a private car it is the best solution but surely parking will be at a distance from the parish church centre.
The tour will take you to the centre of the village where you will have the opportunity to see the decorated church, street decorations, band marches, nougat stalls and the villagers dressed at their best, gathered at the main squares.
Pickup time from Mellieha, Golden Bay Hotel, St. Paul’s Bay, Bugibba, St. Julian’s, Balluta, Sliema and Valletta at various times between 18:30 to 20:15.

-You will have to reserve your seat beforehand and so other details will be communicated at your booking point.
Return to your accommodation after ground fireworks.
Adults €17.00 and children €10.00.

9th April - St. Publius, Floriana

28th May – The Assumption, Tarxien

4th June – St. Joseph, Hal-Ghaxaq

11th June - St. Philip, Haz-Zebbug

18th June - Our Lady of the Lily, Mqabba

25th June – ST. Nicholas, Siggiewi

2nd July – St. Andrew, Hal-Luqa

9th July - St. Joseph, Hal-Kirkop

16th July – St. Sebastian, Hal-Qormi

23rd July – Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Zurrieq

30th July - St. Joseph, Zebbug

5th August – Christ Our Saviour, Zebbug

5th August – Christ Our Saviour, Zebbug

5th August – St. Peter in Chains, Birzebbugia

9th August – St. Lawrence, Vittoriosa

14th August – Assumption of Our Lady, Mqabba

20th August – St. Leonard, Hal-Kirkop

27th August – Conversation of St. Paul, Hal-safi

3rd September – St. Catherine, Zurrieq

7th September – nativity of Our Lady, Senglea

1st October - Our Lady of the Rosary, Gudja

29th October – Our Lady of Consolation, Gudja

The Day before Feast Day - Ground Fireworks

The tour operator repeats the same village tours the day before the feast day where there will be the same feast but with a different program and no procession. The villages are renowned to let off fantastic aerial and ground fireworks late in the evening after the local bands perform their musical programs at the main square of the village. An occasion not to miss this unique Maltese cultural and traditional way of celebrating their village saint feast.

Maltese fireworks at Zebbug village feast

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