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Visit the stunning island of Blue Lagoon Comino

Date Last Updated: 30th July 2020

The Sea Adventure Excursions is a company that organises the Blue Lagoon tours. Comino Island is an undeniable paradise on earth which is uninhabited and a getaway from the normal routine of life. All divers, windsurfers and snorkelers dream destination for the best spots around the globe.

Blue Lagoon is one of the most enchanting locations in all the Maltese islands. The clear turquoise shallow waters are what makes this beach so special.

Taking a cruise to the Blue Lagoon is the best recommendation as one of the top things to do in Malta. They have invited us to go on a cruise with the Sea Adventure Excursions and below is our wonderful experience.

What You Need to Know About the tour

Disclaimer: If you book this tour through the links on this page, we receive a small commission at no cost to you. We were not paid to write this review. We have tried this tour and loved it so much that we wrote a review about it.

Why Choose and Book This Tour

Sea Adventure Excursions Blue Lagoon Island
  • Comino is one of the smallest and most attractive islands in all the Maltese archipelago.
  • We guarantee you that with the Sea Adventure you will have an amazing time.
  • Visiting Comino is a must, and with this tour you also visit additional points of interest around the island.
  • Blue Lagoon is a very popular place, especially during the peak season, so having a chance to swim there is less likely to happen.
  • This tour is perfect for families with small childrenpeople with limited mobility (more below), who cannot swim, couples and even pensioners.
  • Get a glimpse and swim at the stunning Crystal Lagoon. This is the only tour that takes you there and gives you a chance to swim.
  • People who never snorkeled or dove and wish to spot underwater marine life through the underwater windows.
  • With all the amenities, locations you visit and length of the tour, the price is relatively cheap and highly recommended to go.
  • This is not just a regular ferry trip to Comino but an extended trip where you are also given the luxury to eat lunch and also swim at surrounding locations.
  • This tour is for those who like to explore beautiful new locations and relax at the same time.

When and How Shall I Book?

It is advisable to book early especially for summer, starting around April to October and for those who have a fixed date for your holiday.

Look at the refund policy below so you will know the conditions at the time of booking your tickets.

how to book your tour

The best and easiest way to book your tour is through the Sea Adventure Excursions website. Below are instructions on how to proceed with your booking.

  • First click Comino Only Tour to go the Sea Adventure Website.
  • Once you enter the website, choose Blue Lagoon With Sea Adventure (right-hand side).
  • Select the date and number of adultschildrentoddlers and infants you wish to take on the tour.
  • Enter 'maltainfoguide' in the promo code box for a 10% discount.
  • If you need a pickup transfer, tick the box beneath the promo code. Then select your location from the drop down menu. If you do not find your location in the drop-down menu, you need to email on [email protected] with clear details of yourself and from where to be collected.
  • Check that the information you entered is correct, then select Next.
  • Enter your personal data and click Book Now and a Paypal screen will appear.
  • Verify your payment and your booking is complete. You must pay for your tour immediately. There is no ‘Pay Later’. Secure payment guaranteed.
  • You will then receive an email with the tickets for the tour.
  • When you go to the tour, you can take a printed copy or show your tickets from your mobile phone.

Book Your Sea Adventure Tour Tickets to Comino

A full day cruise to Comino Blue Lagoon costs:

  • From 10 years upwards, €20.00 (discounted by 10% to €18.00 for each ticket).
  • From 2 to 9 years €15.00 (discounted by 10% to €13.50 for each ticket).
  • Toddler and infant from 0 to 23 months is free.

Sea Adventure Excursions promo code: Enter 'maltainfoguide' (small letters) for a 10% discount.

Enter 'maltainfoguide' in the coupon box to get a 10% discount

Payment and Cancellation policy

Below, we summarize the Sea Adventure Excursions Payment and Cancellation Policy Article 11.

  • In the case of a booking, you will receive an automatic confirmation for the booking.
  • The client may cancel the booking only in writing.
  • Cancelling 7 days before booking, you will receive 50% of the total price you already paid. 
  • Cancelling 3 days prior to the tour, you will get no refund.
  • In case of bad weather, they will contact you to set a new date within 60 days with no additional charge.
  • To change the number of people, you must make it within 3 day’s prior tour day. It may require additional charges.

Good Things To Know About

boat accessible to wheelchairs

People who use a wheelchair are allowed to go on the boat, but disembarking on Comino island is not possible as the areas around the boat and on the island are not adequate for wheelchairs.

local transfers are available

If you do not have a car and do not want to travel by public transport, you can easily book a transfer to and from your accommodation at an additional fee. More on local transfers below.

You can explore comino at your own leisure

Comino is a small island. Whether you visit in summer or winter, the island is very spectacular. Even though you are on a tour, you are free to explore the island as freely as you want. Remember, you only have four (4) hours, so make the most out of it. We give detailed options below.

How To Get To The Departures Area

public transport

The following two (2) bus stops are the closest to the departure point. They are only 2 minutes away on foot from the boat.

  • To 'Moll' Bus Stop (Direction to Bugibba): Direct routes 48, 186, 203, 212.
  • To 'Anthony' Bus Stop (Direction to Bugibba): Direct routes 31, 221, 280, X3.

Those who are coming from other areas around Malta can reach the departure point with the following routes:

  • St. Julian's route 212 to 'Moll' bus stop (Duration 25 minutes).
  • Sliema route 212 and 203 to 'Moll' bus stop (Duration 40 minutes).
  • Mellieha route 221 stop at 'Rizzi' bus stop (about 20 minutes).

getting to st. paul's bay from valletta

  • Route 31 to 'Anthony' bus stop (Duration 55 minutes) 2 minutes walk to Sea Adventure Excursions mooring point.
  • Route 48 to 'Moll' bus stop (Duration 55 minutes) 1 minute walk to Sea Adventure Excursions mooring point.
  • Route 45 to Bugibba Bus Terminus (Duration 55 minutes). 20 minutes walk to Sea Adventure Excursions mooring point.

Transfers From Your Accommodation

The organizers also offer a transfer, so if you are not interested in travelling by public transport, you can book individual transport for an additional fee.

The fee includes two-way transfers.

  • Local Area which includes Qawra, St. Paul's Bay, Bugibba, Xemxija and Salina - €2.00 per passenger.
  • Non-local Area which includes Valletta, Sliema, St. Julian’s, San Gwann, Mellieha and more. €20.00 for 1 to 4 passengers. For additional passengers (5th and others) are €5.00 extra per person.
  • The Three Cities: There is no collection from this area. You will need to catch a short ferry to Valletta, then you will be picked up at the port. €20.00 for 1 to 4 passengers. For additional passengers (5 and more) are €5.00 extra per person.

For other areas around Malta you must contact [email protected] to check for availability.

You can also book transfers on the Sea Adventure Excursions website while booking your tour.

sea adventure excursions blue lagoon comino malta map

practical things to take on your trip

We recommend the most basic things to take with you for anytime during the year:

  • Towels and swimwear to swim at Blue Lagoon. We recommend you wear your swimsuit before boarding the boat.
  • Sun block because of the high UV exposure especially during the summer months.
  • Camera or Go Pro to capture the beautiful scenes the island offers.
  • Light jacket for visitors taking the tour between October and May. Between January and March are the coldest months and you will need to wear warm clothes.
  • Medications in case you feel sea sick or important medication you need to take regularly. It is a must to keep them in a cooler bag due to the sun exposure.
  • Snorkeling gear if you wish to go underwater and explore the underwater marine life, all you need is a pair of goggles. If you wish to have snorkels, a mask and flippers, you can rent them from the boat at €5 and a €20 deposit.

The Sea Adventure Excursions offers safety deposit boxes on board at an additional fee.

Enter 'maltainfoguide' in the coupon box to get a 10% discount

What to expect on the Sea Adventure Tour

Sea Adventure Excursions Blue Lagoon Island
  • The trip to Comino is fast and short since departure is from Bugibba.
  • Food and drink served on board are all priced well.
  • There are three (3) decks on the boat where you can stay throughout the trip. There is comfortable seating, and it is very clean and tidy.
  • The top deck is outside with sun loungers to stay on. The lower deck is inside and air-conditioned. The bottom deck is a glass viewing area to watch the fish and view a shipwreck.
  • Inside the seating area, the young children can play in a dedicated play area.
  • The owners are always on board and they keep the passengers regularly informed of the current situation. This is a bonus for the excellent quality service offered.
  • Jonathan the captain makes himself known to all and is always happy to chat and ensure all guests are happy.

what to expect

  • The boat gives you a first class view into the caves for an excellent opportunity to take photos.
  • On arrival at the Blue Lagoon you have a four-hour stay.
  • The boat moors at the Blue Lagoon at the best spot available.
  • You can use all amenities on the boat.
  • A 1 hour stop at Crystal Lagoon for swimming.

On Board Facilities at a Glance

  • Live commentary from the captain and cordial staff.
  • 3 decks with an air-conditioned seating area and a sundeck with cushioned sun loungers
  • 3 slides and 2 swim ladders.
  • Diving platform.
  • 26 underwater viewing windows.
  • Ladies, gents and disabled access toilets.
  • Shower facilities, changing room and baby changing facilities.
  • Under 4's play area for children is on the lower deck.
  • Snack bar with two (2) a la carte menus at very reasonable prices.
  • Personal item lockers at an extra cost.
  • They provide life jackets for those who do not know how to swim.
  • Boat provides snorkeling gear under a small fee.

What is included and excluded


  • One (1) hour stop at Crystal Lagoon*
  • Four (4) hours Blue Lagoon
  • Caves
  • Use the Water slides
  • Have a glance underwater by using the underwater windows

*They only do The Crystal Lagoon stop between the months of June and September because of calm weather.


  • Food and drinks
  • Local transfers
  • Transfers

Enter 'maltainfoguide' in the coupon box to get a 10% discount

What To Do In Comino

The Comino Only tour, has a four (4) hour straight visit to the island of Comino.

How did we spend our 4 hours on Comino?

When we embarked on Comino, we first started walking around discovering the island and taking photographs. When we went, Blue Lagoon was full of people, so we did not swim there. We found another place to swim, so we walked to the Comino hotel where it was much quieter and had a pleasant swim. After that we had lunch at the Comino hotel and relaxed for some time.

What are the other alternatives?

You can switch between staying on the boat and going on the island whenever you want.

So lets say you want to go on the tour during a quiet season (Around October to March).

  • Comino will not be as busy as the prime season.
  • Blue lagoon will not be packed with people so it is the perfect place to have a swim.
  • It will be easy to find a sunbed at Blue Lagoon depending on the weather. Late months they are not available.
  • The weather will not be that hot so you can hike around the island, walk up to the Santa Maria tower and admire the beautiful views.
  • If you feel that Blue Lagoon is a little busy and prefer to swim elsewhere, you can walk to Santa Maria Sandy Beach or the Comino Hotel where there is an area safe to swim. They are both 15 minutes away from the disembarking point and they are not usually crowded. You can also rent sun-beds.

Now lets say you want to go during the high season (Around April to September).

  • Blue Lagoon will be crowded during peak summer months with tourists and Maltese, so finding a place to swim will be difficult.
  • The weather will be hot, so exploring the island will be tough.
  • Walking around Blue Lagoon will be even more crowded than normal.
  • The island will look more beautiful as there will be a lot of activity.
  • With a 15-minute walk you to the Comino hotel and a further 10-minute walk to arrive at the Santa Maria Beach. You can enjoy a swim at the small quiet bay beside the hotel. You can also go to the reception area and enjoy a snack in an air-conditioned environment.
  • If you love exploring and hiking, you must visit the Santa Maria tower and the view surrounding it. Be aware that it will be very hot so take a hat, plenty of water, sunblock and comfortable shoes.

Lets say that you would rather stay on the boat than explore the island. The boat offers various facilities such as:

  1. Swim, snorkel and enjoying the comforts of the boat.
  2. Sunbathing on comfortable soft mattresses.
  3. Inside the air-conditioned seating area there is a snack bar. A comfort not found on the island.

In this way, you can enjoy the surrounding unusual relaxing environment.

Trip Route to Blue Lagoon Cruise

The Sea Adventure Excursions takes on passengers at 08:30. It leaves at 10:00, so to get good seats you need to arrive early.

Departure times are normally at 10:30 but changes to 10:00 during peak time and also when the clocks changes to winter time.

After leaving Bugibba jetty, it sails along the coast with St. Paul’s islands on the right side. It is said that Saint Paul shipwrecked on these islands on his way to Rome in 60 A.D.

It continues sailing along the coast up to the far end tip of Mellieha passing close to the cave of the film ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ filmed in Malta in 2002.

The captain visits other interesting caves along the way, Smugglers, Coral and Santa Maria. It is an experience getting so close inside them. It is a moment where the captain steers the catamaran inside as much as possible.

In the meantime, many tourists and locals come out on the deck to take photos. Visiting the caves always evokes a lot of emotions.

Sailing further up midway of Malta and Comino, we pass by the Knights of Malta coastal battery known as the ‘Battery of Saint Mary’ and further up the imposing St. Mary’s tower. They are both on Comino Island.

The catamaran will then stop at the Crystal Lagoon for one hour. Many consider the visit of one hour to the Crystal Lagoon as the highlight of the trip. Surrounding the Crystal Lagoon is high rock faces, and the cave is very extraordinary.

Then again, it sails straight to the Blue Lagoon mooring at a very comfortable point for disembarking. From here your four-hour stay begins.

After a while, the sea adventure excursions sail to Mgarr harbour in Gozo, just a 15 minutes trip one way. This part of the trip was for those people who booked the Comino & Gozo Tour or booked the ticket for Gozo on the boat.

Then the boat returns to the Blue Lagoon and remains there till 16:00. At 16:00 it leaves again to Mgarr harbour to collect the passengers and sails back to Bugibba arriving at 17:15.

Enter 'maltainfoguide' in the coupon box to get a 10% discount

Questions and Answers

Cruises take place all year round, weather permitting. The main cruise season is from April to October.

They will contact you and give you a time period of 60 days to reschedule your tour.

Smoking inside the lower deck seating area is not permitted. One can smoke on the outside but one has to be aware of other passengers who are non-smokers.

Yes there is a snack bar. The snack bar on board the sea adventure excursions offers a variety of different foods. You can find the menu here. You can purchase food anytime during the trip. The food is very delicious, tasty and cheaper than those sold from the snack vans at Blue Lagoon area.

Since the Sea Adventure Excursions has become very popular with locals and tourists, it is important to book beforehand. Click here to book your tickets. Don't forget to get your 10% discount by entering the coupon 'maltainfoguide'.

You can contact us by filling up the form here.

our conclusion

Malta Info Guide highly recommends this full-day excursion with the Sea Adventure Excursions for a couple, family or a group of friends who wish to have a great day out at sea surrounding with the natural landscape Malta can offer. You will save money by booking through our discounted system and make the best of your time.

Have a marvelous time with the Sea Adventure Excursions.

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