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The Blue Lagoon Malta is an attractive location with wonderful turquoise blue sea located at Comino, a grand getaway during your holiday in Malta. Close to some beach areas, families with young children can swim and wade safely as the sea is shallow.

The treasure of the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon attracts many tourists especially during the summer  months. One cannot miss an opportunity of a visit while in Malta.

If you can, it would be worthwhile swimming across the lagoon to the smaller, less crowded beach of Cominotto right across the lagoon. The swim is gorgeous, about 300 metres each way, but watch out for the occasional jellyfish.

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The Blue Lagoon Malta offers a great snorkeling experience in the shallow water where most of it is only a few meters deep. However there are deeper areas towards the centre of the lagoon so swimmers are advised to take all precautionary care.

For those visitors who prefer to keep their feet on terra ferma, one can explore  this small island and enjoy stunning views of the Blue Lagoon and the whole island from the top.

It is recommended that you also walk to Santa Maria bay, the other sandy beach located 20 minutes away from the Blue Lagoon. There you find the Comino Hotel where you can either have a meal or a drink at the hotel or enjoy the water sports offered by the hotel.

How to arrive

There are various boat trips operating from several locations in Malta. These are Sliema, Bugibba, Cirkewwa and Gozo. The most popular is Sliema.

Some boats offer a ferry service to and back. However there are also those departing from Sliema with the Captain Morgan or on the Fernandes which offer visitors the opportunity to stay on the boat all through the day including lunch.

Our suggestion is to take an inclusive  boat trip as it is the most convenient and comfortable way even though it is more expensive.

It is very easy to find a boat trip around the Blue Grotto beautiful caves either at an additional charge or as included in the price of your day trip. A trip into the caves is well worth it and remember to take the blue lagoon photos and all the surrounding areas.

All this area is a scenic location providing many opportunities to snap some lovely holiday photos.

Deckchairs and sunbeds

There are public toilets and a few kiosks selling cool drinks, ice creams and snacks. For added comfort, one is also able to hire deckchairs and umbrellas at the cost of €3.00 and €5.00 respectively per day.


The beach is rather small in size and only minimal shade is available.

During the weekend the beach tends to be overcrowded so if you have the chance to visit during the week, this would be recommended for a quieter visit. Keep in mind that July and August are peak season.

It is strongly advisable that you take a high protection sun cream with you and apply it often and at regular intervals throughout the day. It is also advisable to take bottles of water, sun-glasses and snorkeling gear if you have. Although all these are available from the kiosks on the beach, prices would be much more expensive.

Do not stop only to the Blue Lagoon, take a tour around the island and enjoy the beauty of the rocks and the colour of the sea. Every view is different and lovely for a different memory picture.

Other suggestions could be to come early with the different boat trips leaving from Marfa and Cirkewwa to enjoy the blue lagoon before everyone arrives.

Enjoy your day at the Blue Lagoon Malta, it is worth visiting while you are on your holiday in Malta.

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