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A Simple Guide To Get To Sicily From Gozo

There is no direct ferry from Gozo to Sicily, but there are other alternatives for crossing from one island to the next.

As there is no direct ferry from Gozo to Sicily, you must first cross from Gozo to Malta via the ferry, then travel to the Virtu Ferries or Ponte Ferries Terminals in Grand Harbour, which are very close to one another.

The purpose of this page is to provide information to people who do not live on the Maltese islands on how to travel between the islands.

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A view of Gozo Mgarr Habour.Mgarr Harbour Gozo

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In addition to that, there are several ways to travel from Gozo to Malta. You can either travel via the Gozo Channel to Cirkewwa or via Gozo Fast Ferry to Valletta.

You should keep in mind that Virtu Ferries and Ponte Ferries operate two different ferries that travel from Sicily to Malta and vice-versa.

The following is an in-depth explanation of how to travel to Sicily from Gozo via two different Gozo Ferries. The Google map with all directions can be of great help in understanding where all the locations are.

The Ferry From Gozo To Sicily Via The Gozo Channel

Gozo Channel FerryGozo Channel Line

If you are travelling from Gozo to Sicily by car, then you must get the Gozo Channel, as it is the only ferry from Gozo that allows vehicles to board.

The boat leaves from Mgarr in Gozo and berths in Malta's Cirkewwa ferry terminal.

Once you arrive in Malta by ferry, you must drive to the Virtu Ferries or Ponte Ferries Terminal.

In case you don't have a car, you can take a taxi or the bus. Our recommendation is to take a taxi if you have lots of luggage to carry.

The direct bus routes from Cirkewwa to Valletta are 41, 42. These two routes go straight to Valletta Bus Terminus. 

Upon arrival at Virtu ferries or Ponte Ferries terminals, you'll board a Catamaran and head to Sicily.

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Things you should know about taking this route

  • If you are traveling early morning with a catamaran, you should know that the ferry from Gozo is less frequent and public transportation is not available between 2am and 5am. In this scenario, taxis are the most convenient way to travel from Gozo Ferry in Cirkewwa to Virtu/Ponte Ferries Terminal.
  • The Gozo channel is a 24/7 service but trips during the early hours of the morning are less frequent.
  • A trip on the Gozo Channel is not worth it if you do not have a car since it takes quite some time to travel from Cirkewwa to Valletta.
  • The trip from Gozo to the Sicily ferry terminals in Malta could take between 2 to 4 hours depending on what transport you take. This means leave ample time to travel.

Below is an overview of the trip from Gozo to Sicily via the Gozo Channel on Google Maps. There is a marker on each terminal, each island, and we also mark the route.

Getting To Sicily From Gozo Via The Gozo Fast Ferry

The Gozo Fast Ferry at the Grand Harbour.Gozo Fast Ferry

If you are travelling light and without a vehicle, we highly recommend you catch the Gozo Fast Ferry as it takes you directly to Valletta, just under 2km away from both the Virtu and Ponte Ferries Terminal.

The Fast Ferry in Mgarr Harbour is directly adjacent to the Gozo Channel in Gozo. Valletta can be reached by ferry in 45 minutes.

Once you dock at the Fast Ferry terminal in Malta, you can either walk (25 min) or get a taxi to the Virtu or Ponte Ferries terminal.

If you take the bus, you will end up going to the terminus where you have to wait until it leaves again since it is a circular bus. There is only one bus that passes in front of both terminals, number 130.

Once you get to the Terminal, hop onto the Catamaran and away you go to Sicily.

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Things You Should Know About Taking This Route

  • It is important to know that the Gozo Fast Ferry does not operate between the very early hours of the morning generally between 1am and 6am. See the ferry schedule here.
  • When traveling during the early hours of the morning, the Gozo Channel is your only option to cross to Malta.
  • This fast ferry is only a passenger ferry, so you cannot travel with your vehicle.

On the Google Maps below is a view of the Gozo Fast Ferry trip from Gozo to Sicily. To reach the Virtu or Ponte Ferries, we mark all the ferry terminals in Malta, Gozo and Sicily.

Tours That Go To Sicily from Malta

A day trip from Malta to Sicily is a great way to spend one day and if you are interested in traveling with a tour, you have three options to choose from.

The four tours include:

The Virtu ferries that completes your ferry from from Gozo to Sicily.Malta from Sicily Catamaran

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