Blue Lagoon Malta Cruise

lovely day cruise to the Blue Lagoon Comino

Blue Lagoon Malta cruise is a lovely day cruise to the Blue Lagoon in Comino. It is ideal to give you the opportunity to spend most of the day at the unforgettable crystal-clear water of the lagoon, a beautiful wonderful natural location.

An ideal day out during your holiday on the island of Malta.

Anchoring just at the lagoon to help you mix with the environment around you.

You will have the opportunity to swim in this water, snorkel around the local fish, see the beautiful surrounding island landscape and see the caves close by. 

As an extra to the lagoon trip you will see the capital city Valletta's formidable fortifications while cruising out of Sliema marina. Sail along the shores of Malta up to St. Paul's Islands to Comino.

Along the way you see the coastal watch towers built by the Knights of Malta and the imposing historical Santa Maria Tower at Comino.

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What to expect on your Blue Lagoon Cruise
What to expect on your Blue Lagoon Cruise

- An unforgettable experience cut-off from all the world around you.

- Beautiful environment with the formation of the islands, fortifications and dark blue sea.

- A great diving and snorkeling location.

- You can walk around the area see the variety of rock formations, different sea colours and landscape.

- You can swim across the channel to the small island of Cominotto and sunbathe on the small sandy beach.

- A stop at the lagoon for several hours where you can sunbath, swim and snorkel in the turquoise water for an unforgettable experience.

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What the Cruise Consists of
What the Cruise Consists of

We sail up the coast past the Sliema, front up to St. Julian's, the Casino at the tip of the peninsula of St. George's Bay.

Sailing further up to along the coast, past Bugibba, Qawra and the historical islands of St. Paul's islands. Proceeding to the far end northern tip of the island passing Mellieha bay.

From here you see immediately Comino, the ferry crossing from Malta to Gozo. Cruising along Comino it is a beauty of different rock formations and the sea colours around you.

Finally slowing down arriving at the Blue Lagoon you will be immediately astonished by the water change of colour from dark blue mellowing down to turquoise and surrounded by the various colous of the rock formation lying between Comino and Cominotto.

What is included in the price
What is included in the price

Basic Ticket:

- Complete boat trip from Sliema Marina to Comino and back
- Service of the courier
- Facilities on board
- Free Wifi

Package Offer:

- What is included in the basic ticket
- Buffet with flowing drinks during the entire cruise.

Departure and arrival time to the Sliema Marina
Departure and arrival time to the Sliema Marina

March and April daily cruises leaving at 10:00 return at 16:30.

During these months the sea is cold to swim.

May to October daily cruise departures leaving at 10:00 return at 17:30

It is the best time to swim. The sea temperature is best between June to September. Cooler weather form May and October possible.

During the peak summer months, June to beginning September, the cruises are very crowded due to the high influx of tourists to the islands.

November trips from Monday to Saturday departures at 10:00 return at 17:00 weather permitting.

The sea will be cold and you will surely see no one swimming.

December to February no cruises.

The duration of the trip is around 90 minutes each ways.

What you can do during your stay
What you can do during your stay

- Enjoy sunbathing on the deck

- You can stay inside the boat for shade

- Enjoy a cold buffet and drinks which can be included with the price of the ticket.

- You can go for walks around the coast

- You can just book the tour or including a buffet.

- If you only purchase the cruise ticket without the buffet you can still make use of the bar.

What to expect on a Blue Lagoon Excursion
What to expect on a Blue Lagoon Excursion

As a bonus you will see the coastline of Malta from the time you leave.

Join one of the most popular cruises on the Maltese islands which takes you to the Blue Lagoon, departing from the convenience of the Sliema ferries. On returning back you will still moor again from the departure location.

You will see the beautiful landscape of Malta and Comino from a different perspective.

Close-up view of Comino coastline and caves.

Sail along and around the turquoise waters.

From your mooring point at Blue Lagoon you will be able to see views of Gozo.

large boat served with all requirements for a day cruise out at sea.

On arriving close to Comino you will see the water channel crossing between Malta, Gozo and Comino. You will see the ferry boat crossings going and coming from Gozo. 

During the peak months you will not be alone at sea. You will see many other cruise boats, private charters, family owned yachts. It is the time where this location is visited and admired.

Unforgettable scenery.

More To Know
More To Know

Where do you usually find tickets for the Blue Lagoon? At hotels. They are sold by wraps at the Sliema front water way from where the cruises anchor. Here you find all the operators for cruises to Comino and Gozo.

Should I buy the tickets in advance? Yes why not. It is better to have them in hand since this particular cruise is very popular and tickets are sold very quickly especially in high season starting around May till end of September.

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