Gozo Jeep Safari Tour

Discover the island of Gozo on a jeep

Embark on a unique Gozo jeep safari adventure - a positive winner when you want to blend sightseeing with fun. It is probably one of the best drive around the island of Gozo you can experience. We will take you to all interesting places across the island, drive through the countryside, valleys, hills, quaint villages, beautiful beaches, get on an alternate routes to experience the difference from a normal tour.

Mgarr village as seen from the Gozo ferry.

Get ready to explore all the fun things with this safari tour, in this page you will find the essential details to guide you through this page.

Gozo Jeep Safari Prices and Transfers


  • Adults (13+): €69
  • Children (under 12): €59

Group Discounts: For a group of 5 persons upwards your ticket cost will be €55 per person.


  • When booking fill up the details of your accommodation address and location to facilitate the collection itinerary.
  • Pick up time is at 8.00 and taken to the departure spot of the tour.
  • At the end of the tour you will be taken back to your accommodation.
  • Make it a point to contact the tour operator before the booked date to confirm that your booking is still confirmed.

Price Includes:

  • Ferry between Malta and Gozo and back.
  • Collection and drop off to your accommodation
  • Lunch with local specialties
  • Jeep licenced drivers
  • Safari Tour Leader
  • No other additional cost

Secure Payments Guaranteed

Secure Payments Guaranteed

Enter 'maltainfoguide' in the coupon box to get a 5% discount
eTicket (Mobile Ticket) available

A view of Xlendi village from the hill.

How To Book The Tour

  • Start by selecting he date of the tour. Remember that it is held all week except Sundays.
  • Select the number of persons according to age.
  • In the coupon code box type 'maltainfoguide' in order to get 5% discount on your total value.
  • Then proceed by selecting the click book now.
  • Fill up the form with your personal details.
  • Select the payment terms and confirm the booking.

Secure Payments Guaranteed

Secure Payments Guaranteed

Enter 'maltainfoguide' in the coupon box to get a 5% discount
eTicket (Mobile Ticket) available

People swimming at Marsalforn.

Practical Information About Jeep Safari

  • The tour takes place all days of the week except Sundays.
  • Starting time 09.15 up to 16.15.
  • All jeeps can take up to 6 persons one of them is the driver.
  • The number of jeeps available every day is limited so booking is recommended early.
  • All jeeps are four-wheel drive including a radio contact with the Safari Leader.
  • The jeep safari tour can be enjoyed by all ages.
  • The tour can be held in the following languages: English | German | French | Italian | Czech

What should I bring and wear?

  • You must wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Especially during summer you must bring sunscreen, hat, plenty of water.

Gozo Jeep Safari Route

You will be collected from your accommodation at around 07:45. You will be taken to the jeep safari departure point then head to the Gozo ferry.

  • Departure from Mgarr harbour and drive up to Qala village then to Nadur.
  • Proceed to Ramla L-Hamra beach.
  • Drive up to the quaint village of Xghajra.
  • Then proceed to Victoria, the capital city of Gozo.
  • On arrival to Victoria, you will stop for free time and also lunch (included in the fee).
  • After your stop in Victoria, you will head to Marsalforn, a very popular touristic location.
  • Proceed to the Dwejra. At this location was the very popular Azure Window which collapsed in March 2017.
  • Drive through the villages of Gozo and head to Xlendi village.
  • After Xlendi, you will drive to Gozo ferry where you will depart to Cirkewwa Malta.
  • The Jeep Safari will return to Malta around 16:30, where the tour returns to the same departure location and then taken back to your accommodation.

Secure Payments Guaranteed

Secure Payments Guaranteed

Enter 'maltainfoguide' in the coupon box to get a 5% discount
eTicket (Mobile Ticket) available

Gozo Jeep Safari Private Tour

Want to have a private tour with your own guide?

  • The big advantage of a private tour is that you can create your own route and have your own jeep.
  • You can plan your own destinations and decide the amount of time you want to spend.
  • A private tour is offered for up to 4 people per jeep. The maximum duration of the tour must be 8 hours, this include pick up and drop off.

How do I book my private tour?

  • First click here.
  • Scroll down to package offer and select how many jeeps you need (1 Jeep = 4 people). Each jeep costs €275.
  • Enter 'maltainfoguide' in the coupon box to get a 5% discount.
  • Click book now.
  • Then fill up a form with your necessary details.
  • Choose your payment method then click Confirm Booking.
People embarking the Jeep Safaris at Mgarr Gozo.

Gozo Jeep Safari Locations


Mgarr harbour is the first location where you land with the ferry boat. It was always the main link between the islands due to be a natural harbour. It is popular for this reason and also as it is a fishing port for the several fishermen that lives on the island.

This place is very active all day with cars, coaches, locals and tourists, business, but still very serene surrounded with hills and blue sea. A location for beautiful photos mostly from high ground. The port today has berths for yachts, fishing boats and other vessels used for trade. Various restaurants and bars are found here apart from the Grand Hotel at the top of the valley.


The village of Qala is located at the farthest eastern location on the island. From here you can observe the incredible sea views of Comino and Malta. You will never get tired looking at this view whatever season or weather it is. All the village is surrounded by countryside.

The word Qala means port. It has sheltered many people through hundreds of years and is the oldest villages on the island. In a small villages social life revolves around the central village square. Today here you find a variety of restaurants and bars that are visited from other localities, Maltese and tourists.


The village can be reached directly from Mgarr harbour. It lies on the easternmost hill. From the highest point there is a superb view of Gozo and Malta. During the British rule a tower was built as a telegraph link between the islands in 1848. The baroque parish church dominates the landscape lying in the centre of the village.

Nadur is popular for the many activities that are organized yearly. Carnival is the most popular, the Delicata wine festival and the village feast which is held during summer. With this locality we find the popular beaches Ramla l-Hamra, Dahlet Qorrot and San Blas for their beauty and swimming opportunities.

Ramla bay

The Ramla l-Hamra bay is the most popular sandy beach on the island with its popular golden red like sand. It lies at the end a very fertile valley attracting visitors all year round especially in summer. It is very popular for swimming and sunbathing.

The fields spread across the valley are terraced with lined stone walls built by the local farmers over centuries. The valley is fortunately undeveloped although two small restaurants serve the beach visitors.

All the bay and surrounding area are protected by law. Well preserved sand dunes are habitat for a variety of plants and wildlife. The natural reserve is taken care by the Gaja Foundation.

Ramla Bay beach from Mixta Cave Gozo.


Victoria is the capital city of Gozo which also incorporates the Citadel which is the ancient fortified city on top of the hill. By time the buildings spread outside the fortifications. All roads from the various villages lead and converge at the capital.

It stands in the center of the island but it is also the centre of everyday activity with the open market, businesses, shops. It is an appropriate occasion to observe the locals go by their everyday lives.

Originally it was called Rabat which name is still used today, The name Victoria was given by the British in honour of queen Victoria Golden Jubilee in 1887.


A visit to the Citadel is a must. Incredible views of the island over the fortification walls. Here you find the Cathedral of the Assumption which dominates the centre, also the archaeology and nature museums, Gran Castello historic house and the old prison.

The present fortification were rebuilt by the Knights of St. John to reflect the modern time warefare of the time. For many years the local population were obliged to sleep every evening within this city as a safeguard from unexpected attacks.

It is included in the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1998 with other sites in Malta.

Here you find a restaurant, snack bar and souvenir shops.


For many years it was a small fishing village beside a natural harbour on the north coast of Gozo. It lies between the villages of Xaghra and Zebbug.

During these last fifty years it grew and spread along the coast as a summer popular seaside tourist accommodation and holiday homes for Gozitans and Maltese. It all spreads up to the Qbajjar and Xwejni areas all along the coast.

Many restaurants line up the main street along the promenade. It is loved for its characteristics and tranquillity. In summer it is popular for swimming, diving, restaurants, bars and walks.

salt pans

Further in from Marsalforn, just after the Qbajjar Bay, you find Xwejni Bay, from here stretching for 3 kilometres, 350 year-old salt pans are found along the coast. All cut from the rock surface a chequerboard of mostly shaped rectangles dott all the area.

They are still taken care by locals to produce salt. During the summer months it is an experience seeing locals scraping, sweeping and collecting the crystals from the dried pans. The salt is stored in rock cut caves on the other side of the road to be sold on the local market.  A great location for photos.

Dwejra Bay 

The Dwejra area is a magical attraction attracting everyone who comes to this island. Dwejra is not only the Inland Sea and the Azure Window which now has colapsed. It extends much further with spectacular cliffs, caves and fresh water pools.

Here you can enjoy the Inland Sea quiet and ideal for swimming. A natural tunnel within the rocks takes you out to the open sea where you can take a boat trip to show you around.

Then the small Fungus Rock sprouting out high. The sea is deep and dark around. In rough weather it is all foamy with strong and heavy waves creates a spectacle.

The Blue Hole is very popular with divers who come from various countries just for this and great for swimmers around here.

Boats and boathouses at Inland sea Gozo.


Xlendi is reached from the capital Victoria proceeding to Munxar and Fontana, all villages close to each other. Going down the very u-shaped fertile valley to the Xlendi small bay very attractive and picturesque.

It was always a fishing locality. Today it has become a popular holiday accommodation, hotels, apartments, restaurant spread along the coast.  It is also popular for diving due to its reef formation.

Swimming is ideal for children on the small tiny sandy beach accessible from the end of the road.

Great sunsets are enjoyed and photographed mostly during late spring and early autumn

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