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Dwejra Heritage Park: A Unique Natural Setting In The Island Of Gozo

The Dwejra Bay area is a geological and ecological haven, situated on the western shore of the island of Gozo, is a site that has a special place in the heart of those who love the environment.

All the various surroundings are a blend of geology, landscape, fauna, habitats, shoreline, sea scapes, archaeology, flora and history makes this site an experience to remember. It is a site of rare scientific significance and of heritage value.

The Inland Sea at Dwejra bay Gozo.The Inland Sea Dwejra

what you find at dwejra bay

Dwejra incorporates the Dwejra Bay, on approaching downhill on the left side including the Fungus Rock and Dwejra Tower. Further down on the right side the Inland Sea with its 65 metres natural tunnel which opens out into the open sea.

The Azure Window which is still very popular although having been fragmented by heavy waves during a gale force storm on 8th March 2017. The Blue Hole with its underwater marvels is rated as one of Europe's best diving sites. It is visited by so many divers from around the world.

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Not the least a formidable sunset can one admire from the many vintage points, a place of relaxation, and a photographic location for special photos to take home and show to friends.

People swimming in the Blue Hole Malta Gozo.Blue Hole Dwejra

This location has long fascinated visitors, artists, geologists and naturalists for its rugged beauty, its scientific interest and its combination of unusual features.

This is one of the locations where people swim in the inland sea lagoon. Less people swim in the open sea since the rocks are uneven and sharp. There is a place close to the Azure Window from where one can have a swim. It is the place from where the divers go down for underwater dives. 

what can you do while here

take a boat trip and see Dwejra’s other gems from the open sea

From the inland sea there is a natural sea water pool known as Il-Qawra. From here you can take a short boat trip from the inland sea you will be taken out of the 60 metres long natural tunnel connecting it to open sea. You will observe the beauty arriving here with sharp high rocks on both sides and the dark blue of the deep sea.

You will be able to see:

  • The location where the Azur Window used to be.
  • At this point a light patch in the see will show where all the rocks which have fallen stand on each other at the bottom of the se before they are covered with sea life.
  • Another window carved out of the rocks is visible, which is being called as the second Dwejra window.
  • Between this window and the collapsed window you will be able to see a number of grottos whose walls are lined with star coral (In Maltese it is qroll tad-dell). The water in these caves is of a distinctive azure hue, resulting from the rays of sunlight that bounce off the underwater rocks.
  • The 65 metres high Fungus Rock. In 1992 declared a natural reserve.
  • The sharp drop of the cliffs formation along the coast of Dwejra.
  • You will see from another angle the Watch Tower.
People standing near the Dwejra towerDwejra Tower

The Inland Sea

An almost circular lagoon of sea water is formed behind a very high rock formation connected to the Mediterranean sea through an opening at sea level which is wide enough to allow the passage of boats. It was formed through a pattern of geological faulting has by time created a fantastic land forms.

The lagoon water is not so deep but on approaching the tunnel leading to the open Mediterranean sea, the water becomes deeper. On the outside it drops up to 35 meters. 

The lagoon is full of pebbles and stones but attracts so many for swimming both locals and foreigners. One other feature of this area is the tranquillity, natural features that you will love it.

How to get to Dwejra Bay Malta

by car

After you arrive with the Gozo ferry at Mgarr harbour, proceed from there to Victoria, the main and capital city of Gozo. It is located in the centre of the island. From there you will find many signs to guide you to San Lawrenz village from where you, then proceed down the valley to Dwejra, the Inland Sea.

Gozo taxi can be recognized from the red on white taxi sign and registration number. This is another way how to get here. There are fixed rates to which the drivers have to adhere, however it would be advisable to ask before you start your trip with the taxi.

A good parking area is available for whoever arrives in a rented car.

by public transport

  • To 'Dwejra' Bus Stop: 311 (Direction to Victoria)

Hop On Hop Off

The Beach at Dwejra Bay

Apart from the popular landmarks in the area, there is a beach that many people go and swim at.

  • The beach is always kept clean.
  • There is a limited rental service of sunbeds and umbrellas at the Inland Sea. If you wish you can bring your own umbrella and chairs to stay on the natural gravel.
  • Wheelchair Accessibility - The beach is all with rocks and not accessible for wheelchairs. 
  • Public Rest Rooms -They are at the main parking area.
  • Food and Drink - A wine bar & restaurant is located before you go down to the Inland Sea. It offers a la carte, snack menu, take away and pizzas. A few mobile catering kiosks are available and offer a variety of snacks, cold drinks and ice creams.
  • Parking - There is a parking area near the bay.
  • Bar-B-Ques and Camps are not permitted on the beach although there is very limited space. You also cannot obtain a permit to do so.
  • Warning: The sea in the Inland Sea is normally calm. When the sea is rough strong waves enter the arched tunnel which joins it to the outside sea.
  • Beach Facilities: Boat trips from Xlendi are available. Boat trips from the inland sea to go out to the open sea on a trip to visit the caves and the Azure Window. All diving companies provide dives at this area.
Small boat houses at Dwejra Bay.The tiny Dwejra Bay beach

What You Find Close To The Bay

other best beaches of gozo

accommodation around dwejra bay

Closest village: Fontana. It is the village from where you proceed to arrive here.

Apartments in Gozo: Offers a vast selection of properties both for renting and as a second property.  Many are those who have bought a property here settling in this quiet island like a few thousands that have emigrated from other countries. 

Cart ruts behind the chapel of Saint Anne.

Parking area at Dwejra.Dwejra parking area with view of Fungus Rock and Dwejra Tower

The lagoon is ideal for snorkelling and swimming. It is suggested to stay away from the small jetty and the cave entrance due to the flow of boats. After heavy rains, the water visibility becomes nearly zero due to the silt carried by the rain into the lagoon.

Fishermen have always used the inland sea as a mooring point for their boats and their huts to store their fishing nets. Boat trips are available to go on the outer area of the rocks up to the Fungus rock, the Azure Window and the natural formation of the rocks along the coast.

Enjoy your time at Dwejra Bay Gozo.

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