Why is Malta Home to
Major Gaming Firms?

It would shock gambling enthusiasts to learn that an island in an archipelago of the Mediterranean Sea sustains the largest gaming capital worldwide. The Republic of Malta is 1/5th the real estate of London, England but supports 500+ thousand residents.

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A large percentage of those individuals are employed by gaming companies, as 10% of global operators have sustained their headquarters in Malta. This prompts the question of how the Malta Republic gained momentum with gambling-related firms.

Initially, this region would become the first in Europe to initialise regulations for online gaming. Those regulations instant-play or mobile gambling firms an operational framework, one that didn’t impose strict rules. It allowed Malta to flourish over the following decade while other nations like Spain & German created their legislative framework for online gaming. Those nations have struggled to convince gaming firms into establishing headquarters. As such, Malta has remained the priority option for gaming firms.

The reason is that Malta is one of several gambling havens for taxes in the European Union. For those sustaining a headquarters in Malta, they’ll pay out a 5% Gaming tax. That percentage increases to 35% for remote gambling operators. Regardless, those percentages are considerably lower than other jurisdictions in Europe.

Furthermore, corporate real estate in Malta has grown tenfold in recent years. Local politicians have promised that anyone operating in the iGaming Sector can be supported through the corporate real estate industry. This has primed gaming firms to locate commercial office space. However, these aren’t the only reasons why operators are interested in Malta. They’ve also found interest by instituting the following fundamentals.

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Attracting iGaming Operators

The Republic of Malta and Malta Gambling Authority has instituted legislation that’s enabled gambling operators to survive over the last sixteen months. It’s guaranteed that management firms won’t sustain notable losses, as quite the opposite has been experienced. Statistics indicated through quarterly reports suggest that Malta-based operators didn’t increase or decrease their monthly revenues. As such, it’ll be interesting to determine which gambling firms will acquire awards during the 2021 Sigma Malta Conference.

The resilience shown by Malta’s gaming industry improved the region's reputation, with numerous management firms like Entain Ltd ensuring their gambling products can move forward without financial concern. Those products include the Crazy Time slot machine, an exciting addition to PartyCasino’s games catalogue. This brand is undoubtedly one of Entain’s premium online services. It’s for these reasons and various others that Malta’s maintained a positive international reputation. As such, bettors choosing an online casino based in this region will receive gambling products that are based on accountability & integrity.

iGaming operators aren’t attracted to Malta exclusively avoid high taxation. This location is also chosen because of its legislative approach towards launching new gaming operators. Any corporate entity wanting to initialise start-ups in Malta can do so in 48 Hours. All it will require is a 20% of the EUR 1165 share capital payment, plus relatively minor registration fees & incorporation costs. For some, this might not sound very clear. However, gambling operators thrive behind this legislative approach. It’s the core reason why Malta is chosen over other regions.

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