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Malta At Christmas Transformed Into a Living Village
Of Religious Traditions And Folklore,
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Christmas is a time for giving and receiving. Here too Christmas in Malta is one of the most important events of the year. It effects all that we do and in everything we do.

The Maltese people are very religious and the religious aspect of Christmas is given a lot of importance. It is why that it has many religious traditions and folklore going back for centuries.

The Maltese are very religious and the birth of Christ is an important part of our life. During the last 40 to 50 years Christmas has taken a new direction. It has become as time passes by very commercialized and the true beauty of Christmas has diminished. But still many families try to bring the spirit of Christmas amongst themselves. 

It is a period where a lot of preparations start early. They mainly involve decorations of houses, schools, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, all that which forms part of our daily life. People get involved in organising activities, meals, get togethers, church functions, charitable collections, and most of all shopping.

It is the feast or the occasion of loving, giving, a time of presents and getting together. It is  time where families meet up at their own homes together with relatives and friends, even though Christmas is a family get together.

With the active participation of many; Nativity scenes, displays of cribs, carol services and other events are organised in each locality.

Many exhibitions of cribs all over Malta and Gozo, from mechanical ones to live cribs as that at Ghajnsielem in Gozo attract many people and also the tradition live crib in Lija set up in the old village through narrow winding streets.

Theatrical occasions are famous especially pantos held at three different theatres and with extraordinary attendance for many shows during December and January. In fact the cast start rehearsals from October.

Now a days in Malta there are also a percentage of people coming from other countries which have different beliefs and who celebrate Christmas in different ways and for which the Maltese have always been very respectful and loving about this.

The internet has in recent years changed how children look at Christmas. Various Santa Clause websites have flourished and children write to Santa asking for present at the same time interact with the interesting features of the site.

Christmas in Malta is a time of gathering and feasting and forgetting all that divides us.

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