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Mdina Malta is a unique location of incredible historical value to all Maltese. It is the city that should be visited. You can take an Mdina tour either from your hotel or from many touristic area shops which offer such tours. One can also take a hop on hop off tour, or simply follow the directions by map if making use of a hired car. So there are several Mdina tours to choose from.

Various attractions are located here which you should not miss. Dedicate enough time to come here during the day or even at night to take pictures, whilst enjoying a leisurely stroll within this silent city.

Just in front of Mdina the village of Rabat. The hop-on hop-off passes every 30 minutes. The horse drawn carriages takes the tourists around the old city.

Listed below are the various museums and attractions which you can visit during your stay.

Parking of cars in Mdina is prohibited. Only residents are allowed to park inside this medieval walled city. However there is ample parking available outside Mdina, either directly below its fortified walls or in any one of the car parks located in Rabat which is  adjacent to Mdina.

As everywhere else, during peak seasons finding a parking space may present a bit of a challenge. The best solution would be by taking one of the many coach tours available incorporating Mdina where it stops you just in front of the main entrance into the city. The hop-on hop-off also gives one  the opportunity to stop at this location for any given duration.

Just outside the main entrance there are the horse drawn carriages which you can hire to take you around the streets of Mdina. This is an unforgettable experience which takes you back in time  to how people used to travel.


The National History Museum is located at Vilhena Palace which was the former home of Knights of Malta Grand Master Antonio Manoel de Vilhena during 1726 designed in Parisian Baroque style having redesigned the original mediaval Universita’. This is located just as you enter the main gate of Mdina Malta.

The Cathedral Museum is located adjacent to the Mdina Cathedral across the cathedral square. The museum treasures what had been saved after the heavy earthquake that had partly destroyed the cathedral and Mdina apart from a coin collection with some 2,000-year-old items.

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St. Paul Cathedral also known as the Mdina Cathedral, located at the main central square, is a Roman Catholic Cathedral built in the 11th century and dedicated to St Paul. It was rebuilt in Baroque style in 1693 after suffering damage by an earthquake. It is said that this was built on the site where Publius the Roman governor met St. Paul during the time that he was shipwrecked in Malta.

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Read further historical information about the Silent City

Palazzo Falzon, also known as the Norman house, is a medievel palace built in 1495. It has been decorated in the Sicilian style but has many features that were added over a span of time by its different owners. It is worth a visit to give you an insight into our ancestors’ way of life.

Carmelite Priory Museum is an experience not to be missed. The Carmelite convent shows the life of the monks and how they live with their rules and beliefs. The location of the museum and the church instill a sense of stillness and tranquility. A well stockedrestaruant and cafeteria is also available within the premises.

The Mdina Dungeons are beneath the Vilhena Palace. Entrance is just adjacent to the inner side of the main Mdina gate. Here you will have the opportunity to view the methods and instruments that were used for torture in Malta until the year 1813.

Audio visual shows

The Mdina Experience is an audio visual show that tells the story of Malta’s former capital since its foundation. Ideally you should watch the presentation before visiting Mdina, so that you will completely understand the places you visit after. There are two shows every day from Monday to Friday at 10.30am and 4.00pm.

Discover Mdina self guided audio tour.

One can easily walk around Mdina on foot as it is not a large place. The place has a sense of tranquility with all the maze-like alleys. This self-guided audio tour is worth taking as it provides loads of information about the buildings and features. Mdina has a lot of history behind it. You can start the tour from Vilhena Palace which is located near the old city’s main gate.

The Xara Palace Hotel Relais & Châteaux

Mdina Vacations

You will not find many Mdina hotels here, only one...

Xara Palace Hotel Relais & Châteaux

Unique Mdina hotel located within the silent city of Mdina with luxurious interiors, imposing building and excellent service. The hotel is a beautiful 17th century palazzo built as a residence for the noble family Moscati Parisio. It has beautifully decorated baroque architecture built on the edge of the bastion with a stunning view of Malta.

The Shops located at Mdina

There are many shops located in Mdina for tourists, especially if you like Mdina Malta glass and souvenirs which you can take back to your loved ones.

Mdina Malta - some of the place you can visit

  • Mdina glass shop (Phoenician glass style)
  • Filigree
  • Fligree shops
  • Mdina Glass shop
  • Palazzo Falzon – Norman House
  • Phoenician glass (Mdina Glass)
Fontanella tea garden for exquisite cakes

Restaurants and Cafes

At Mdina you can find many cafes and restaurants that will appeal to your appetite.

  • Bacchus restaurant
  • Ciappetti
  • Medina restaurant
  • Don Mesquita
  • De Mondion restaurant
  • Sharma Ethnic cuisines
  • Trattoria 1530
  • Mahzen X!!
  • Teh Xara Palace trattoria
  • Rosmarino – for cake and cafe
  • Gattopardo –little informal restaurant
  • Palazzo Costanzo
  • Fontanella Tea Garden (the most famous)
  • Vinum Wine Bar
  • Old Priory cafe
  • Xpresso cafe


A police station can be found just inside the main entrance gate.

Tourist information office at the entrance of Mdina.

BOV (Bank Of Valletta) & HSBC ATM are available.

Do not miss your Mdina Malta visit while you are on holiday in Malta.

Where you can go after visiting Mdina

Domun Romana (The Roman Villa) It is a villa of the Roman era with a fine display of how they used to live. It has a very well preserved Roman mosaic in the central courtyard.

Enjoy your Mdina Malta sightseeing.

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